L i. if E. if; 9"";79 ii Gird your loins for a fortnight of bowel-quaking entertainment.

.ce: l: r: if? a Britain's favourite cross-dressing comedian has always wanted to be an actor. Now 35, he’s fulfilling that ambition. On stage, he starred in the world premiere of David Mamet’s play The Cryptogram, and as the ill- fated king in Christopher Marlowe’s Edward //. On film he’ll soon be seen alongside Scotland’s finest: Ewan McGregor in Velvet Goldmine and Sean Connery in The Avengers. In his latest video venture, Glorious also the

Theatre: Henry V Up-and-t oming Welsh actor Michael Sheen stars as

title of his current tour, which hits Glasgow this fortnight he plays the heroK y()t.'tl(} king in Ron Daniel’s

’myself, with an ego of interplanetary proportions.’ With a film-within—a- glibth WWW“ ‘0‘ "‘0 ROW"

. _ _ . _ _ . . , . hakespeareCompany. Eurosceptics filmabout making a film structure, its a postmodernist take on the WI“ Mg”, as (My 8% m combat behind-the-scenes gagumentary. As always, lzzard has a phrase handy to gear rout the elegantly-clad describe his inner motivation: ’lt’s like, I was in the fridge by the eggs and “WW” “1 “WOW “'5 a“ for

, . , Eagiand, mind you. See Theatre now | m by the milk and the coleslaw. (Andrew Burnet) WWW, page 63 Gmgow. Wm, Edd/e lzzard plays Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Mon 7 81 Tue 2 Dec. Royal, rim 25~Sat 29 Nov.

The G/Of/‘OUS video l5 OUt NOW on VVL. Music: Blur You’re spoilt for (mice

this fortnight as the pre-Christmas gig rush kicks off, As far as the big gigs go, take your pi(k from the Chemical Brothers, Lightning Seeds, Charlatans, Steve Earle, Texas and M People. We're going to pick on Blur for two reasons firstly, we've got a corking iritei'View With Damon Albarn and setondly, they are totally punk rock when they play live See feature on page 8 Glasgow, SECC, Mon 7 Dec.

Sport: Coca Cola Cup Final The first lildjOl dishing out of the season’s silverware occurs when Celtic take on Dundee United with one long standing record set to fall neither side has won the trophy formerly known as the League Cup in the 90s See Henrik Larsson feature, page 12 Glasgow. lbrox Stadium, Sun 30 Nov,

Books: Drugs And The Party Line KeVin Williamson weighs in to the drugs debate With both guns blazing away at .egit:inate targets As the (all for a full public debate grows louder, Williamson's book should prove a good starting pOint from \.Vil|( h to (iear away some of the bullshit surrounding the issues See reView ()l‘ page 104 Published bi,’ Rebel/lit '{6 99» Assertion Rooms, TueZb Nov, [30pm [3 See 800A Fvents

Film: Welcome To Sarajevo T"e t'..e story of a televrsioi‘. news r'enorte' wno adopted a BOSlild!‘ orphan pi'oi/ides the basis for M thae lutle W "itei‘bottoni's (lltll'(l(1("-(l"'V(‘ll drama about \.\'a' r‘ the Bamans 8\ snootaig the til'n on the devastated streets o‘ Saratevo, he gives the sto'i, an extra edge See preView and review ()l‘ pages 25 and 27 .Selet ted release 'Iom Fri 2/ Nov

Frontlines is continued over

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