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Alter part:ng company \Vllll Eternal, Louise Nurding dropped her surname rwho knows why?:, and has since enjoyed massive success as a solo artist. Her .seconcl album Woman In Me burst into the charts at Number Five last month. As she embarks on her debut solo tOur uncluding dates in Aberdeen and Glasgowi, Louise releases a new single of special interest to elderly Scots a cover version of 'Let’s Go Rocind Again' by Dundee's own wrinkly funksters the Average White Band iAndrew Burnett Louise's Soft <8} Gent/e No Sweat Tour liits Aberdeen on Sun 30 Nov and Glasgow on Mon 7 Dec. ’let's Go Round Again' is out not'r on EM/ Records.

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Ripley’s back, meaner than ever, in the fourth instalment of the unkillable monster movie sequence. Brought back to life after her fiery death in Alien3, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver, joined for this instalment by Winona Ryder) will reveal the result of her unhealthy liaison with one of our scaly chums during an earlier encounter. Clue: it ain't pretty.

Alien: Resurrection is released on Fri 28 Nov.

'5, Those cheeky c happies at 2000Al) have done it again. The comic has always been sulwersrve, topical and full of political satire. Now on its pages Tony Blair has become BLAIR. 1 Britain's first bionic Prime Minister. He has the strength of 50 men, can defeat evrl l’ories with the power of his gun and is aided by Doc tor Spin a computer whic h tells him what to do. Originally cr‘eatecl to celebrate 2000Al)'s birthday back in March, Bl .A IR. 1 has proved so popular that he

has been awarded his own four-part series, written by top Scottish comic s scribe Alan Grant. B.L.A,I.R. 1 can save single mothers from the Tories, but who can save Britain from his policies? lScott l\/l()llt(l()lll(‘l'yl

8.L.A./.R. Force One runs in ZOOOAD for four issues, starting on Wed 26 NOV. ZOOOAD is published weekly at [/20

ls Scottish ac tor Russell Hunter yet another Gallagher brother? Staff at Fdinburgh’s Traverse Theatre who drew this uncanny resemblance to our attention believe so Hunter appears at the Traverse soon \‘vOdl‘lllQ lipstick and mascara, so obvrously he's the dame in their panto. OH NO HE ISN'T! He's playing the title role in James Duthre's black comedy, Greta isee mtervrettg page 64‘». lyleanwhrle, Noel and [ram are on display at Tramway, Glasgow in Jill Furmanovsky's exhibition Was lire/e llien Based on her book of the same title, the sltc)\.‘. features shots of Oasis on and olt’stage, and should whet the appetite for the mad Manc s' two-night stand in Glasgow next month.

Greta /.s at tile lrave/‘se llieatr‘e, l'd/nbur‘gli, lit 28 Nov Sat 20 Dec Was There llien is at Tramway, Glasgo'.'/, in 27 NHL Sun 2/ (Dec, rs‘ee Reader Offers, page I 16), and is published by Ebury Books at {1/1 99 Oasis play the Si c‘c, Glasgov‘r, on Sat / 6; Sun 8 Dec