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' " " the end when the goodies win. It Christmas Wishes, Ch rIstmas curses as... am i... m. but r. 9... to WHAT FUN IT MUST BE, putting on a Christmas show for the wee ones. How they’ll fi'WORST When the C nah oes

. o n I U l gurgle wrth joy. How they'll cheer. And how you'll hate putting on that sweaty up at 2pm on a sawday and m? he“. costume for the fifteenth time in a week. In a List excluswe, the people who do It Emile my Itwcil sons are away to see

an . reveal what's good and bad about yet another panto . .. the Compiled by Andrew Burnet been doing 1. ,, panto, I've '

THE WORST: 'Doing the matinee sober; never had it «:; - crap costumes and dandruff from the written into ' " t i . ', wig; assault by deadly wine gums, kola my contract 3 - ? . cubes, pan drops, etc; smoking that I get '1‘ '- .4 consumption up to 40 a day; getting Saturday .‘ heartbroken by the stage manager; afternoons ",7 . , putting lost weight back on due to diet off to see i _ ' of alcohol and chips, chips, chips, the " chips.’ football.‘ ' 7 Andy Cameron Long-established Scottish ,

comedy star; who plays . Cheekie Chick in Robin Hood I; And The Babes In The Wood i at the Pavilion Theatre, ? Glasgow. 4 THE BEST: ‘The delight in the kids’ faces and the genuine fear when they have a really bad baddie. They . , , .

genuinely hate him and "" gr I ' they boo and hiss. Then '. f ' / they're really happy at r . ~ I

11 Dec - 24 J3

I z, I¢'~ \‘u m ,4. h . 5 I 1—! . , I," If; IV Lawrie McNicol Julie Duncanson Actor, best known for appearing in Actress with a fair few Otristmas High Road. Plays the title role in shows under her belt. Plays Pedthi Mother Goose at the Brunton in Badi Kahani at Theatre

Theatre, Musselburgh. Workshop, Edinburgh.


i5 1 r?"

THE BEST: ’You have a great laugh, largely due to the giddy effects of performing three times a day and having to sing and dance when you've just got out of bed. It was great when my niece came backstage and was amazed at how glamorous I looked with my wig and false boobies.’ THE WORST: ’Waking up in the morning to find that I am still in panto land, with a face covered in glitter and my bed full of scratchy sequins. I once found a half- sucked sweetie in my hair, which had been chucked by one of the little darlings in the audience.’

THE BEST: 'The gorgeous costumes and wigs; and losing weight because of sweating under "big" gorgeous costume. Also: falling in love with the stage manager, and getting to the pub early, then doing the 103m matinee still pissed from the night before.’


King’s Theatre and International Artistes present Edinburgh ’5 biggest pantomime

Starring Max Boyce

Allan Stewart and Ross Davidson with Siren from TV’s ‘Gladiators’


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10 Oct—23 Oct 1997 THE LIST 71