CLUBS listings


I Midnight Blue at Cafe (iraffiti. 1()..‘s()pm—2am. £5 (£4). 21 Nov and weekly. Following its Sunday night success. Midnight Blue moves to a permanent Friday slot. The club provides a home for lidinburgh’s jazzheads and offers some of the city's finest musicians. singers and DJs. See Club News.

I Moroccan Clouds at Po Na Na. l()pm—3am. Free before 1 lpm: £2 after. Weekly. DJ 4th Varmint with disco. funk. 6()s. 7()s. 8()s. hip hop and cheese at this busy bar/club.

I Mulch at The Bongo Club. llpm—3am. £5 (£4). 21 Nov. Fortnightly. New night from the designer behind nights such as Squid. Fetish. Dive and Manga. Local DJs will provide the music which will range from the freshest drum 'n' bass to the cheesiest old chestnuts from the funk selection at the car boot sale. The Bongo Club's new chillout room offers an ambient selection and will showcase material/demos etc from local musicians looking fora break.

I Music For The Masses at ()tltlfclloyvs. 8.3()pm--lam. Free. l.ocal DJs mix old classics with modern chart and student faves.

I Normal at Wilkie House. 10pm 13am. £8 (£7). 28 Nov. Fortnightly. 'l‘ech-house and future funk at this newish night. Funky techno king l.uke Slater guests with support from Gid (Korosuzo. l.ondon). See Phactfile.

I The Outhouse 5 7pm. Free. Chill out downstairs after work with chilled tunes and cheap boo/.e.

I Planet Earth at The Citrus.

llpm- 3am. £4. A busy and long-running night of 70s and 8()s sounds where New Romantics. punks. glam rockers and disco freaks relive the era that others do their best to forget.

I Pure at The Venue. l().3()pm-~3am. £4 members; £6 non-members. Prices vary when guests appear. ()ne of the most respected house and techno clubs in the [K now with sister nights in Glasgow. Aberdeen and l.ondon ~- with residents Twitch. Brainstorm. Dribbler and The Bill.

I Purple Moon at Moray House.

11pm -4am. £5 (£4). 28 Nov. Fortnightly. Tribal techno and acid trance. Residents Jtlll. and Patrick Hart. Info on ()131 668 1458.

I Reaction at The Subway. 1 lpm 3am £2 (free for students with matric card). Weekly mix ofchart. dance and classic disco.

I Scooter at The (iallery. 11pm 3am. £4. 21 Nov. Fortnightly. New and old indie beats downstairs. 6()s and early 70s upstairs with the Magic Bus.

I Scratch at La Belle Angele. Next date 12 Dec. Monthly.

I Seen at The Honeycomb. ‘)pm-«3am. £5 members; £6 others. 28 Nov. Monthly. Scotland's leading hip hop night now in its fourth year with residents lih'.’ Wun? and Nasty P in the main room. .lode and Rufftone through the back. Check the liarly‘ Doors l.ounge from ‘)pm for open mic/decks and drinks promos.

I Solefusion at The Honeycomb. Next date 5 Dec. Monthly. For info on Solel'usion or In Demand Recordings call (moo 463 362. i

I Soundclash at La Belle Angele.

llpm 3am. £8 in advance from Ripping Records. 23rd Precinct and Motion. 21 Nov. Monthly. Info on ()‘)73 142 1‘)5. Soundclash present Chris (ioldfinger lTDlll Radio 011ch Rt'g’g’rlr' I)rIII('('/l(l// .Vllr'. plus The Asha World making their debut appearance in Scotland. The Mad Ambassador and Table Manner! support. with MC Matic from Jamaica on the mic. Please note that this is a ticket only event. See llit im. '

I Sublime at \Vlllv’lc llotlsc.

10.30pm 3am. £6 members; £8 non- members. 21 Nov. fortnightly. For more info call Sublime on ()131 668 3043. A residents‘ night vv llll ldge and Kev Wright following on from the phenomenal success of last fortnight's event with Nick Warren and Paul Van Dy k.

80 THE LIST ’2) Nov 4 Dec I997

'\ f .31? BURGER QUEEN: Four years is a Ion time in clubland - especially in

Edinburgh. For notorious pants-in-t e-air, party zone Burger Queen, it's been four years of blinding hi hs and occasional lows (though probably more 'highs' I would think!). T e highs have blessed this city With some of the most genuinely memorable nights it has ever seen - especially during its 1994 heyday at The Vaults when its infamous, take-no- prisoners, 'dress up or fuck off’ dress code was to be taken at face value. The lows came during the interim period when the club was absent for almost a ear in 1995. For its loyal punters and its flamboyant resident deck 'n’ oor whores Craig and Huggy (pictured), it's been one hell of a ride one that has seen the club rise to national attention, and the hard- working pair progress onto the lucrative guest DJ, production, remix and

label-running circuit. (Jim Byers).

Burger Queen celebrate four years of partying at Club Mercado,

Edinburgh on Sat 22 Nov.

I The Subway West End 4pm 3am. Price tbc. Student-orientated venue from the same people behind the Subway in the Covvgate. The music is suitably varied. from 60s to ‘)()s. and the drinks are double cheap. ()pen seven nights a week with [Ms on every night.

I T.F.|.F. at Club Mercado. 4- 10pm. Free. Friday nights have changed forever thanks to Happy Hour 5 6.30pm. £1 drinks. £10 bottles of champagne and great. nostalgic music courtesy of Trendy Wendy.

I Triptonite North at The Honeycomb. Next date 12 Dec. Monthly. See Club News.

I Voodoo Chile at The Rocking Horse. llpm ~3am. £3 (£2 with llyer). Price includes entry to ('athouse and Katch. Full of lovely boys (and girls) headbanging to heavy metal.

I The Waterfunk at The Citadel.

lpm late. Price tbc. A selection of the finest funk ‘n' groove tunes at this new


I Atomic Baby at The Honeycomb. llpm 3am. £8. 22 Nov. Fortnightly. Big. bouncy liuro trancey-hotIse pumpers from Darren Davies. Michael Kilkic and [ammo in the main room. (iarage and deeper sounds through the back vv ith (iareth Sommerville. (iets very busy and the crowd is pretty dressy. (iood party atmosphere.

I Bent 100% at The Shooting (iallery. Next date 21 Feb. Monthly. Call the info iihe on ()1 31 467 2551 for more details. I Burger Queen 4th Birthday Party at Club Mercado. llpm 4am. £8 (£7). Dress code: 8()s. 22 Nov. Fortnightly. ()ne of the first clubs in lidinburgh to dent the national clubbing consciousness celebrates four years of debauchery vv ith an 8()s-style theme night. Residents Craig. Huggy and Stella Superstar do the DJng thing. plus a special live performance of Burger ()ueen anthem 'Bad Girls by Marcia V For more info call 0131 622 722i).

I Catwalk ‘)pm lam. l-ree. (iot'doll Whittaker and Farley Smoove playing a varied selection ofcultured beats to shake your thing to.

I Century 2000 llpm 3am. £5. See Fridays.

I Colours Of Love at (‘luh Mercado.

1 1pm 4am. £8 members; £l() non- members. Membership applications and club information on ()16‘)8 276 866. 2‘) Nov. Fortnightly. All drinks £1 before midnight. Bottle of bubbly £ 10 all night. (iirls two for the price ofone with llyer. Proper liouse music from special guests The Problem Kids (aka Rocky and Mark Wilkinson). Big party action from the dressy crowd. If you haven‘t already got it. check Colours‘ I'll/l S/m II'IlHl compilation. mixed by Farley (v Heller and CJ Mackintosh. See Hit list.

I Daytripper at The (iallery.

llpm 3am. £4. 2‘) Nov. Fortnightly. Indie with 1).] Fee on one floor. 6()s. big beat. exotica and sexy soundtracks on the other.

I Disco Inferno at The Venue.

l()pm 3am. £6. 2‘) Nov. Fortnightly. Three burning floors of hot disco action with MC ()tis and DJs l.ove and Nick Silver. ()ne of the busiest clubs in the capital.

I Earth Inferno at The Rocking Horse. llpm 3am. £3. (ioth and industrial sounds.

I The £99 at The Wee Red Bar.

llpm 3am. £3 members; £3.5() non- members. A varied playlist taking in soul. 6()s. New Wave. indie. Northern. soundtracks and much. much more. There's a very cheap bar as w ell. Free photographic membersal available on the night.

I eh1 More at eh 1. ‘)pm lam. Free. Murray Richardson on 2‘) Nov with deep. funky house. As well as the free entry and quality music. there are also good drinks promos.

I Energise at Subway. llpm 3am. £2. Various party sounds.

I The Essance at The Shooting (iallery. Next date 2() Dec vv ith guests from Whoop II (p Records. Monthly.

I FBI at the .laffacake. 10.30pm 3am. £5. Photographic membership available on the night. 22 Nov. Fortnightly. The busiest and best indie night in Scotland. I Fiesta Latina at Tev-ioi Row t'nion. ‘).3()pm 2am (free dance class from ‘).3()pm). £3 students; £4 non-students. 22 Nov. Monthly. Six-year-old l.atin

event with DJs Ana and Pancho digging deep into their collections to produce an inspirational mix of funky rhythms.

I Going Places Next date llogmanay. I Grease at Moray House. I lpm—4am. £4 (£2 with flyer). 70s. 80s and ‘)()s disco. now into its second year. lixcellent drinks promos.

I Groove Theory at The Honeycomb. 1().3()pm—3am. £7 members; £8 non- members. Memberships available on the night. 2‘) Nov. Fortnightly. Special guest Billy Davidson from Aberdeen plays two sets. one in the main garage room and another retrojazz. soul and funk set in the back. With resident garage fanatic Yogi Haughton (see DJ Top 5) in support. I Hanky Panky at La Belle Angele.

l lpm-3am. £4. 22 Nov. Fortnightly New Saturday night at La Belle catering for a shameless party crowd. Playing a mix of 70s. 80s and ‘)()s chart and dance. Naughty but nice!

I Jakkara at W’ilkie House.

10.30pm 3am. £8. 22 Nov. Monthly. l'pfront. progressive house with residents Danny Howells (Jackpot Records) and Simon James. Gordon Mac provides a lighter option in the backroom.

I Joy at Wilkie House. Next date 13 Dec. Monthly. For more info call the Joy line on ()131 467 2551.

I Katch at The Rocking Horse. llpm—3am. £3. lndie.

I The Lane at The Fame. llpm—3pm. £3 before midnight; £5 thereafter; members free. Residents Jon Flowers and Kev McGinley with a wide dance-orientated playlist.

I Le Freak at The Attic. llpmc3am. £4. A busy evening of hot disco action.

I Liquid at the Liquid Room.

l().3()pm- 3am. £5. Resident Billy James with Scott Bechelli. Alan (.loy) and 'l'rendy Wendy. A smooth blend of dance. house and club anthems in this large

I The Living Room ‘)pm .lam. Free. See Fridays.

I Lizzard Lounge at Cafe Graffiti. 10.30pm 2am. £5 members: £6 non- members. Paddy l-‘lagherty's Jazzweegans make a trip across the west/east border on 22 Nov to bring you the Jazz. Syndicate live. With DJs lih‘.’ Wun! and Mr Malik from the liast Coast Project. Soul/funk outfit Metropolis from l.ondon play on 2‘) Nov. supported by H and Dr Jon from Tribal Funktion. ()ther than that. expect a thoroughly cool Afro/iau/soul/hip hop/l.atin/funk time. As always. get there early.

I Loveshack at The Jaffacake.

10.30pm 3am. £5. 2‘) Nov. Fortnightly. Fresh mix of 70s. 80s and ‘)()s chart and dance in the recently refurbished .laffacake. l,'ltra-busy.

I Luver at Wilkie House. ‘). 15pm -<3am. Members free before ‘).3()pm. £6 after; non-members £4 before 9.30pm. £8 after. 2‘) Nov. Monthly. Special guest Rich B (Heaven. Sherbet. Trade. l.ondon) joins residents Jared. Peter James and Brian Dempster at this fun gay/mixed night.

I Made In Iguana at iguana Cafe Bar. 8pm lam. Free. Stuart Duncan ('l‘riptonite North/JDJ) plays house in this busy bar.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish.

10pm 3am. £4 (£3). Reggae. ragga and rockers upstairs. African. l.atin. salsa. soca and calypso dovv nstairs.

I Messenger Sound System at The Bongo Club. llpm 3am. £5 (£4.50). 2‘) Nov. Fortnightly. Roots reality. dancehall. dubwise sounds and upfront reggae on Scotland's one and only heavyweight sound system.

I Moroccan Clouds at Po Na Na.

10pm 3am. Free before llpm; £2 after. Well Stirred at the controls in this busy bar/club. dropping a mix of disco. funk. 6()s. 7()s. 8()s. hip hop and cheese.

I RAW at Negociants. l()pm—3am. Free. Basy underground house night.

I Red On Red at The Vaults.

llpm -3am. Price tbc. 22 Nov and weekly. Big party action and dressy crowd vibes at the recently re-opened Vaults. l.arger than life promoter Charlie Chester is at the helm. which means it's a frenzy of ‘big name' guests; Nigel Benn