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Complementary Therapy & Counselling Centre

We are a health centre in Edinburgh offering a full range of Complementary therapies including:

Acupuncture Alexander Technique Aromatherapy Allergy Testing Chinese Medicine Craniosacral therapy Chiropractic Colonic Hydro. Chi Gong Homeopathy Hypnotherapy Nutrition Osteopathy Polarity therapy Reiki Reflexology Therapeutic Massage Shiatsu Tibetan Massage

.And if you're unsure of what might help you - phone for a free info



0131 225 8092

SH IA‘I'SU Meditation and 55” CARE AND STRESS CARE . . . Therapeutic massa e, One-day acupressure course POSIIIVB Thlnklng manipulative therapgy g for beginners guns” and oginpnclasvs on counselling iY Pm 0 313 003 sugggngov tation. Meditation is the process of I81 Neylon rediscovering and using positive quali- - Tamsin Grainger M.R.S.S ties already latent within the sell. All 35‘ Pgllhp activities are treeotcharue. At: 9 entre or Natura O1 5 1 5 Contact: Brahma Kunierls Therapeutics Aberdeen: 01224 639105, 4 Craigpark, Dennist0un 631 ZNA Edinburghzllt31229 7220. Apoomtments and enquuies F0 0 O O 0 O 0 0 0 0 C . Glasgowzo1414235141 01419595433 0 O . SHEN. Therapy Centre . . . Homeopathic . F" '"'°"""'°" °" 5”“ . 92mm practitioners & courses . W P Mam. e l'tel 0131-473-4730- “We” “de28?” :P.0. scum. Edinburgh 8113!“). THE NATURAL Fullqulifltdm

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O l 3 I 228 3234 MRSS C.I.C.A Consrdtau'ms by oppoimment 0131 557 59 50 Help with anxiety, depression or stress? . . Alexander Technique 5 MARY MORTIMER .7 . " " =i- ; , , 3 Graduate of Boston and PIS I Kmesm'ogy i London Universities.

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Chartered Psychologists 0131 553 7896

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Very low tees.

Help with self esteem, depression and relationships in 10 sessions.

Tel : 0141-333 1859

allergy testing touch for health beginners courses available

0141 401 2470




Warriorpeoe‘xed therapist oflers IN DEFTHWORKMth joy and Iunour jungion Dreomwork/Croups HSF Counseling Reflexology . Reiti

Tel: The Whole Wodu 0131 225 809) (Women only) 0131 “9 "75

Therapeutic Massage

Massage provides an opportunity to truly relax; to leave aside the pressures and stresses of daily living; to allow our physical, emotional and spiritual self a breathing space, a pause, a quiet moment in which we may experience again our true nature so that we may grow.

“From within everything comes. In the search for answers we must journey toward the within."

Rob McNicholls. M.G.C.P.



M.|.A.C.T, l.A.C.T, |.C.l\/‘l, B.R.C.P

Colour Readings

One Year Diploma Colour Health Practitioner Course

Home Study

Near Edinburgh, Tel/tax 01968 678789

0131 554 0445

The Natural

HEALTH Service (Est 1989) ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢ or Registered Osteopath 9‘ Acupuncturist Medical Herbalist 67’ Aromatherapist

Spiritual Healer 9’ Homoeopath

Reflexologist I? Shiatsu 9' Hypnotherapist ¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢¢ 270 High Street, Glasgow G4 OQT

fingfl 552 442a?

I Eating disorders Help and support by qualified and experienced therapist. Get to the root of your eating disorder and . start feeling happy in your body. Details phone Louise Hay Training 0131 315 3532.

I Need help don't know where to turn? Just lift the phone! Counselling and telephone counselling available to help you deal with life. For further information phone experienced Louise Hay counsellor on 0131 315 3532.

I Relationship. personal emotional difficulties? Counselling can help you make sense of your feelings and explore options for the future. For details. ring Michael Rigg on 0141959 2345.

I Alexander Technique private lessons and introductory workshops. Stephen Callaghan. M.Stat.. 23 Westminster Terrace. Glasgow (near Chan'ng Cross). 0141 248 8737.

LOW COST COUNSELLING AVAILABLE Therapist in training with the London Institute of Psychosynthesis.

Call Mariel Brennan 0131 447 3934.

PERSON-CENTRE!) COUNSELLING Bereavement. relationships, stress. art therapy. personal development etc. Fee

negotiable. Initial session free. Susan Bittker 0131 343 3448.

I Individual and group therapy with a qualified and registered therapist. Places sriIl available in new group. For more information or to arrange a first appointment. phone Colin White 0131 555 0038.

I Counselling can help us understand and come to terms

with issues such as stress. low

self-esteem. trauma. bereavement. illness and relationship difficulties. Fee negotiable. Contact Andrew Askew 0131 443 5155.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Reiki level I and 2. Baby massage teacher (IAIM trained). Trained and qualified with the London School of Aromatherapy. Member of the International Society of Professional Aromatherapists. Contact: Sasha Cunningham. Tel: 0131 667 1239.

STRESS. ACHE. FATIGUE use therapeutic massage to soothe and refresh mind and body. Janet Bremncr DTM MSHP 0131 661 6692.


I lyengar Yoga Don‘t delay phone now for details of lyengar Yoga classes in Glasgow and surrounding area. All levels catered for. Beginners welcome. Tel 014i 945 3931.

TRANSMISSION MEDITATION A potent form of service and a powerful means of self~ growth. Next workshop: Wed 3 December. 7—9.30pm. at Friends Meeting House.

7 Victoria Terrace. Edinburgh. Admission free.

everyone welcome. Tel 0131 552 1445.

21 Nov—4 Dec 1997 THE LISTS!