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Meets every Thursday at 9.00pm in

The Scaramouche. Elderslie Street, Charing Cross.

Glasgow Tel: OH!) 883 6665 or( I4!) 632 9162

IS YOUR LIFE THIS EVENTFUL? Aerobics. Hill-walking. .‘vleals ()ut. Badminton.

Bridge. Cinema. Dancing. Tennis. Theatre. Parties. l‘ootball. lishibitions. (‘eilidhs. Weekend Trips and lots of other activities too numerous to mention!

It could be with IVC -- a self-run club for go-ahead people. Membership is less than £20 a year. You can give tis a try fora month or so with no obligation to join ~ btit we're sure you'll want to? Details from

0131 332 1342 for l'ldinbui'gh

or 01382 456403 for Dundee.

()-< lflpni.

QUEST (iay or Lesbian and (.‘atholic'.’ So are we? Quest is a self help support group. In tiriies of calm or crisis. telephone 0141 948 0397.

livery Sunday between 7— l0pm.



Initial Approach

-l Beech Roarl,l)unhlane Tel:(01786) 825777

_r2 in

Don’t miss our spectacular

Christmas Party at 'House for an Art Lover' on l8th December


(in-i ii mi

I Do you have a passion for travel'.’ Scottish Travellers lisploring The Planet (STEP) offers monthly meetings. a regular newsletter. discounts and social events. (‘all Alisoun t0l3l 551 595-1) or Anna t0l-ll 423 0796) for details.


THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation.

I Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded

w here discovered. lf you receive such material with your Hos replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads at The List.

I New in beautiful Scotland liernale. 3.3 (with three-year-old daughter) \Vlfl‘M nice people for walks. pubs. arts. laughs and intellectual intercourse (lidinburgh area). Box No

H32 III.

I Bi-couple, early 305 would like to meet a similar couple for friendship. conversation. socialising. eating m/out. Must be unpretentious. have (}S()ll. sincere. open minded and loyal. (ilasgow. Box No l5/32 l/2.

I Girls we SHAH. have a ball? Straight. lidinburgh female. 33. drowning iii a sea ofcouples. seeks more female friends for ftiii iirglits out pubs. clubs. films. gigs. restaurants etc. Box No l-'/32 l/3.

The specialist introduction agency for discreet gags and lesbians

0845 (306 3636 Low call rate

7 days lOam - lOpm

I Long-haired, gentle man (3-1) professional past. musical future. adores Hitchcock. llendris. heavenly pursuits. seeks happy/sad lady for love. laughter. late night talks. Box No 3 l‘)/2().

I English male, 28 recently realised there‘s more to life than work; into clubs (especially l’o Na Na?) ptibs. cinema. cooking. keep fit. Wlfl‘M professional female. of similar age. for ftrri. friendship. maybe romance'.’ Box No 320/5.

I Returning to Scotland male. 26. tall. blue eyes. skinny. solvent. not too ugly. loves crnema. eating otrt. fast cars. travel and interesting conversation. (jot lots of friends but looking for special female for fun and so I don't need to spend (‘hristmas alone. l’hoto appreciated (not essential). Box No 320/8.

I Edinburgh male, 28 seeks caring female to share good times. linjoys cinema. theatre. sport. reading. travel etc. Letter and photo guarantees mine in return. Box No 320/9.

I Slim, attractive Glasgow female. 38. \\'l.T.\l intelligent. tactile. caring male. l'm independent. self-sufficient but need someone for laughter. ftin. affection and mutual respect. Box No 32(l/l l.

I Happy sunflower under fluffy clouds. wants to be picked by a nice woman. like the ones in all his friends‘ gardens. Bumble bees welcome! Box No 32(l/l-l.

I Feisty Irish lassie (23) recently quantum-leapt to Glasgow. Still trying to figure out how they get the figs in the fig rolls. (iot a theory. half a brain and a (}S()ll'.’ Then get your answers on the back of a postcard to Box No 320/]6.

I Glaswegian, 30, female

modern girl. makes art/film. into

other countries. K. Vonnegut. electricity. Jungle. cookery experts. bears. seeks with-it boys to be friends with. Box No 32 1/].

I Alien, scientist, romantic samurai. poet. coward. engineer. dreamer. male. 44. seeks female partner to explore. Box No 321/2.

I Hello, 22, Japanese male liujoys music. cinemas. books. travel. eating out. Looking for ftiii and romance with female accomplice. Photo welcome. Box No 32l/3.

I Intelligent but romantic brunette. 27. in danger of becoming cynical. seeks genuine friendship (or more'.’) with honest. peaceful. sensitive. vegetarian male. 25—35. to restore her faith in human nature. Box No 32 l/J.

I Shy, nervous guy, 40 seeks 24 35-year-old. lnto football. .S'Iul’li't'lv. l.ooks not that important. Photo please. for friendship maybe more. lidinburgh area. Box No 32 U5. I Female looking for male friend to share her big. mad personality disorder. Shrinks welcome. Box No 32 l/().

I Potential Jerry possible Kramer (probably George) seeking likely lilaine for surreal capers too scary for lr'rie/itli wannabes. llurryl These pretzels are rnakin' me

thirstv. Box .\'o 321/7.

I Professional male, 49 not bad looking. interests include music. cycling and squash tiiioderately) presently ll\ mg in platonic relationship. seeks liberal-minded girlfriend. Box Ni) 32 l/.\'.

I Reach for the top I My. warm. caring. hill-walker. who likes cinema. theatre. books. blues. radio. \\'l.'l'.\l a n/s, similar male. between 57 o5. to share her ups and downs. Hos Ni) 32 l/‘).

I Free spirited, creative passionate. riiusic-obsessed lidinburgh guy. young Jo. seeks visionary. artistic angel. 20s/30s. for mutual inspiration and worship iii heady. lasting relationship. ()pen fires. open arms. open minds lios .\'o 32 )/)t).

I Nobody special to buy presents forl This attractive. professional. sensuous. kind. bi- curious. single guy (3(i) seeks intelligent. slim. understanding. attractive. l.\'+ woman tpossibly hi) to make (‘hr'istiiias slioppitig more worthwhile. and others to help make the party season go w ill) a sw mg. Photo (of you. of course) would be nice. Box No 32 HI I.

I Vivacious, attractive independent female. bloride t30) seeks (jlasgow man caring. intelligent and lusty. w itli (iS()ll for fun. romance and maybe more? Photo appreciated. Thanks. Box No 32 l/l2.

I If you are a laid-back entertaining. 30s. male. not too thin. not too short. not too desper‘atel; then send an interesting Christmas greeting

to this happy but bor'ed (ilasgow

woman. Box No 32 l/l3.

I Attractive female w iih quiet confidence. 32. seeks male friend and lo\ er to share life. liito sport. trayel and conversation. llos .\'o 32 1/14.

I Perfect man (ono) sought by imperfect optimist. I am a tltct‘ looking. 35-year-old. (ilasgow man. Interests include theatre. film. music. gym. skiing. If you‘re under 40. attractiy e and intelligent. but not quite perfect. let me know. l’hoto please? Box No 320/55. I Feminine, intelligent happy. cute. curvaceous. secure. Professional female. 26. non- scenc. inexperienced. Seeks intelligent. assertive. sane. humotir'ous woman (2.5—4.5) for cinema. eating. drinking. talking. kissing‘.’ llox No 321/50.


I Airdrie Italian man 25- years-old. likes cinema. good food. music. shopping. GSll. stitc‘ctt‘. hottest. seeks friendship. maybe l-2- |. Please send photo lios No 32 l/5l.

I Bisexuelle professionel

l apiri lilandaise a (ilasgow. 25. femirirri. aime voyager. lllll\ltlllt'. livies. sortir. (‘lierche vidn sirnilaire pour me faire t'ire. l’hoto gararitie une reponse. Box .\'o 321/52

I Edinburgh gay, 35 tall. in. professional. n/s. loyal. honest. many interests. seeks genuine guy to enioy life and share fun. l’lioto appreciated lios .\'o

32 l/53,

I Young, Edinburgh lad, 26 may g‘mnl lmtkltlg. CHI}. St‘\_\'. cool and un-professional. e\tro\ ert/iiitiov er I. happy/sad. sensitive and deep. caring arid loyal. Looking for friendship with similar lad t22 32) (normal ISA) Must loy e music. cinema. drinking. clubs. laughs. Must not be dtill but good looking arid/or outgoing personality. Bos .\'o 32 l/5-l.

I Wild and witty man of music. 25. seeks other male for cosy friendship. Loves Sunset Item /I and Min Ilill'ltl and confesses to being poly bag snob. letter“ and photo appreciated. llos .\'o 32 l/55. I A perfect date? t'd like to spend it with you. Attractive. fun. lidiiibuigh gay guy (36). l.o\es: travel. skiing. cinema. eating out. nights in. Siimlar'.’ What's your perfect date'.’ Box No 32 l/5fi.

I Fife gay male, aged 32 tall. slim. shy. caring atid honest. s/a. would like to meet similar to share life‘s adventures. I hate the \k‘L'llL'I All replies .slt'lCll)‘ coritideritial. Al.AWP. Box No 321/57.

I Gay male (31) tall. stun. honest. caring and easy-going. reliable. good sense of humour. unattached looking for someone special for friendship. hopefully l-l. ALAWI’. lidinburgh. l-ife. l)undee. Box No 321/58.

I Is there anybody there? Sincere. attractive. lidinburgh gay guy. 24. liito keepng fit. tennis. eating out. drinking and eriioying life. Looking for like- minded lifefoi'ii‘ for fun. friendship 1 maybe more). Box No 32 l/5‘).

I Bi-sexual feminine tlidiriburgh) WlffM agent provocateur r femme) 25-—35. for assignations with champagne. Interested in cinema. arts. conversation and literature. Al.A. Discretion assured. Box Ni) 32 UN).

I Edinburgh gay lad, 25 non- .scene. genuine. seeks someone isimilai'.’) to share fun times: drinking. cinema. lazy mornings with tea in bed, l’hoto appreciated. Hos No 32l/(il.

318 Bet 1997 TIIEIJSTIOI