l i i i


V I saw you rose tattoo on arm. walking tip Laurel Street. You suit and moody face. Very nice. This local male would like to shag you. Soon. Box No U/321/1.

V I saw you our eyes joined. Diane. petite. smoker. outside Royal Edinburgh Hospital. The voices in my head say you're the only medication I need. Save me. Box No 11/321/2.

V I saw you Linda. I’olo Lounge. You: small. fair. with Susan. We danced once and you left with brunette. Me: tall. blond and desperate to see your smile. Tattoed yet? Box No U/321/3.

V I saw you Alistair. looking rather the worse for drink at the BASS punch party. Glad to see you enjoying yourself. 1 don't know about the bouncer though! Box No U/I21/4.

0 I saw you . . . once. Danny from Kendall (as in mint cake)

btit never again. Where were you at Steven's leaving do? Oh


well. maybe some other Box No L732 1/5.

0 I saw you S. in Bennei's Friday 1.4/1 1/97. Went to mine for coffee btit didn‘t have any. I walked you to a cab. Afraid I gave you the wrong number. The final digit should bean 8.

Also in directory. J. Box No

U/32 l/().

V I saw you teach badminton iii The Lion. The Bitch And The Wardrobe. I'm so glad your office was open during [fris'rlz'm/erv. Here's to public conveniences? Always your friend. ML'EASA. Box No U/321/7.

V I saw you blue-sweatered guy. You walked slowly past ()ld College and then across Cowgate around 3.30am.

lo/l 1/97. l‘ew words exchanged. WlfTM again. Indoor drinks maybe? Box No U/321/8.

V I saw you Jason. Polo Lounge. end of October and Mon to Fri since. Did you see me? I‘ancy a pint sometime? Box No U/321/9.

V I saw you and our llatinates too. You are really pretty. photogenic. spicy. tidy Norwegian in Edinburgh. We aGRY that we love you. and

w e‘ll miss you honey-mommy! Box No U/321/ll).

v I saw you (.‘C‘ Blooms. Sat 23rd. 'fltifl'y' brown hair. off- wliite v-neck T-sliii‘t. there with friend? Smiled downstairs then lost you when 1 went tip. Would be nice to talk! Box No

U/321/l l.

V I saw you you at leaving party. Me the English ‘B' in the auction October. You thin. wavy hair. ls Shivone your alias? See you Arcliaos. 1 1th. Box No 1.1/321/12.

V I saw you mon Petit Prince.

V EH. Jules: dreams? Reality? UR back to your 'flower‘ and ‘little

planete' now? Sie ist zu stark. ich sollte resignieren. Take care of baobabs' roots!

Congratulations for LLM.

Edelweiss Box No

[7321/13. V I saw you P. Malcolm

Campbell's. Hyndland Road.

Can't get you out of my head. I'm head over heels in love with you. bun. Say you‘ll be mine. Love you always. II. Box No L'/321/l-I.

V I saw you walking your dog along the Kelvin Walkway. You: tall. beauty distilled into usually-spectacle-weariiig. elegant human form. Me: the boy attempting to transmit the longings in his soul through only the medium of his eyeballs and smile. Box No U/32l/15.

V I saw you sexy drummer of

Solai'is on Monday 24th. Let me

hear the beat again on Friday 5th. I'll be in a red dress at Attic Box No [7/321/16.

V I saw you L‘ul l)e Sac (Southside) Sat 22/1 1/97. You sitting. wearing grey top with

two red stripes on the collar. We

left at the same time btit not together. Thanks for holding the door open. Maybe I cart return the complement. Box No 1.1/321/17.

0 I saw you PUB in CC Blooms. Dangle your string. and let me see what's on the end —~ you can spit and polish me anytiiiiel Box No li/32I/18.

V I saw you reading the

Builder from 1920. l was ending

my day in the pages of Mortality. Immortality and other Life Strategies and other easy reads. (‘an we discuss this? Box No U/321/l9.

V I saw you Juliet. iii my bed for a whole weekend. You said you loved me. btit now you've gone east. 1 love you. so please keep in touch. My name isn't Joe. Box No U/321/20.

V I saw you kid. Like looking through a telescope the wrong way. Barbara. I need bi-focals! Box No IV}: 1/2 I.

V I saw you Jim. Polo Lounge. (Ll. Julie night. You. off-duty in combats. Me. on parade. Let's pass out together. As you were. soldier? Report back. Box No U/321/22.

V I saw you Pretty G. in the International Bar and ever since. Remember llopetoun House. 1'” never forget. Can we make it forever! Love. Tasty R. Box No U/32 1/23.

V I saw you in your blue boiler suit and workboots. walking down Crow Road on your way to the barber‘s. I was behind you. Box No 1732(1/1.

V I saw you and tried not to gaze btii. with the look of an angel while dressed as the dev il (fork?) I couldn't help myself. My imagination. tlii'tation or maybe 1’ tGlas/Edin bus. 21.30 Halloween.)

0 I saw you Steve from Belfast in April. 1 was working at the Whynot and you were drinking-not always. Sunday was your day. I left. I wish I could have said goodbye. but 1 had many problems. .\'ow I am back attd I want to see you again. J. Box No 17/320/3.

O I saw you Stuart of the wooden toys fame in (‘.('. Blooms on Halloween night. You asked me for something to eat - I couldn't give you any! Next time. you can come to my flat and I'll sort you otit there. M. Box No U/320/4.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE



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V I saw you two working at the Tartan Arms in Ealiraki. Rhodes in August . . . You were

from Paisley . . . We enjoyed the

swim. now we are in Aberdeen. So how about a jacuzzi? PS we liked your motorbikes. Box No 11/320/5.

V I saw you looking at your watch during ‘Sexual‘ at Paisley. Did they really do most of it twice? 1)iscuss over a drink? Box No U/320/6.

V I saw you Lewis 0. You have wooed me until I am head over heels in love. I hope this whirlwind romance can last a lifetime. Hugs and big big sinooches from lan ‘B'. Box No U/320/7.

. I saw you Adrian. TcscoMetro. Edinburgh. Why not take a break from those long hours of work and study. Fancy some chilli con carne'.’?‘.".".’ Box No 11/320/8.

O I saw you on the Perth—Glasgow bus. Sunday 2/11. 9-l().3()pm. You: seCond year sociology student at Glasgow. from Pitlochry. Me: the guy you sat next to and chatted to after'the bus driver scared tis in Stirling. See you in Bar ()1. for a drink sometime? Box No I..'/32()/9.

V I saw you Elaine T. in Bruntsfield on last Saturday in August. 1 may never see you again btit I enjoyed your ‘life's too short' philosophy. It certainly is. Box No U/320/10.

V I saw you in Thresher. Easter Road. Sunday 2 November. The Trio wine was very nice btit you were tastier.

Come and drink Trio Merlot

with me! Box No U/320/11. V I saw you Super Furry

Animals gig. 4 November. ; Edinburgh.

’ou: blond guy.

smoked two cigs. stood beside me throughout. near the back. joining shoulders. Often glanced

at each other. Couldn't help it. Box No U/320/l2.

V I saw you you 'wrote' tne a letter on bright orange paper. Let‘s meet. Name the time and place. You know my name.

- telephone number? Let's get together. Box No U/320/l3.

V I saw you first in Glasgow Uni (remember the maths building?) and again on 9/1 l/97 outside Grosvenor Cinema. You

I dark. rugged. Me taller. slim and

utterly smitten! Box No U/320/14.

0 I saw you Edinburgh- Glasgow train. 9am. Thu 30

October. You blonde with enchanting stare. me with work colleagues * so couldn't approach. Let's travel together sometime . . . Box No U/320/15.

V I saw you on the six o'clock

Glasgow to Edinburgh on 11/1 1.

You small. cream suit. hazel eyes. Me tall. dark hair. green eyes. two rows in front. I overheard your conversation.

you tantalising teletubby. Let's go LaLa together. Box No


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