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Scotland owes a lot to whisky. CHARLES MACLEAN has written a book about our national drink and raises a glass to its charms. lonathanTrew

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thernseives others The synonymous \‘thh S( otland and, best of all, rt tastes fantastr< Put briefly, rt rs a vast Slli)](‘(i ldrnburoh—based ir1(i(l(‘(lli knows a lot about \.‘.'hrsky He has ‘.'.r;tten about It for" over ten years, bot'r for the \‘.l‘tsk‘,’ industry and for the pubrr< He rs the (ontrrbutrnd editor of the Stot<h Hart \'.r'h;sr<\,r Souety's tSl‘.«“.".’S Nexis effe', "lies ‘o! [)e(anter rnada/rne and rs In the (‘li‘.'|(li)i(‘ positron of berno on tne nosrrtd panels for the SMWS and the Adeiphr [)rstrllery In 1991 e|e(ted the Keeper of the ()uarth, the highest honour the ‘.‘.’hl\:5\y industry (ar‘

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Mat 1 ean's new about \‘» rs a bid, handsome hardba<k titled, understandany enoad'rt, Malt Wirrsky There are (hapters on the history of rrratt, h()\.‘.' It is rnade, hov. to enjoy rt, ‘.'.hat rs distrrwtve about ea<h of the utnrsky regions and a drre(tor'y an A / of all rnalt drstrllerres and therr 'na=ts \‘.|ii‘. tastrnd notes It's a (ontprehensnm book, detaried enoudh

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25 years of traditional Scottish cooking


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Charles MacLean gets to work

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Malt Whisky by Charles MacLean is published by Mitchell Beazley at £25.

Adding water brings the flavour out