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The world’s new year festival

Tickets and information from the HOGMANAY BOX OFFICE. 77"" ' a. J

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Dec 29th, 5.30pm - magical parade of fire andmusic - carry a torch,1;~ proceeds to charity. H I ».

Dec 29th, Bath, 9pm e the HogmanayFestival Club at the Traverse. Four floors of entertainment, including the outrageous Las Caligulas from - Barcelona. and Going Places in Cafe Bar Blue. . J . ,_ '

Dec 30th. 8pm; Portohello.Cei_lidh Band,.The Wrigley SiSters-together with some of Scotland's finest traditional musicians. % Decy‘31st, 7.30pm - 8T Sgcottishfnsemble & the Choir of St Giles _ Jan 1st, 9pm é’the Hogm'anay Festival Club on New Year's Day.

Live music, dis, cabaret. The club‘ofthe year; , ._ V' I, 1"?

The Magic Mirror Tent. Dec 26th to Jan 3rd atvarious times. 3,

Mary King's Qipse onVDWec 29th l-I'Janj‘st. (31st Dec now sold out).

FREDMQCAUEAY (Dec '29th), LEE HUBST (Dec 29th), BILL BAILEY (Dec30fli),

ani ‘cMunoo (Dec 30th), CAROLKIDD (Dec 31$t). . b ' I , i ; - ' 'heatre‘on Dec-431st, 6pm. I I ' u 3 '-

‘Q .Jan 3rd, various times (315! Dec now sold out)?

on Jan ‘1 st, 7pm.

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