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The List readers’ poll

IT'S BEEN QUITE A YEAR. Di's dead. Ewan's

become immortal. Thom's stolen Jarvis's Iaurels. The Spice Girls are wobbling on their platforms, while Oasis are still topping music biz polls. Gary Glitter's been hastily dropped from the Children In Need programme; the tabloids have had their revenge on Di's brother for his funeral speech. REM are hirpling on as a three-legged dog; and

: Robin Cook's busy unravelling the mysteries of Nazi gold.

You've read our opinions of the year's events.

Now it's your turn. Just fill out this form (you

don't have to answer all the questions) and

return it to us FREEPOST (see details on next


We’ll print the results in our final issue of the year (published Thursday 18 December). and we'll enter all completed forms into a prize draw.

The first ten entries drawn from the hat will each win a f 10 Fopp token plus a f 10 Oddbins voucher:


Everyone's favourite wine merchant

Going out

Best l‘ilm ol~ 1997

Worst film of 1997

Best screen actress

Best screen actor

Album of the year

Single of the year

(iig ol' the year

Best hand

Best club night

Oasis: still at the top?


Best DJ

Best theatre show

Best comedian

Best art exhibition

Best shop

Best place to eat

Best place to drink

Top tipple

()verall hest night out this year

Staying in

Best TV programme

Worst TV programme

Best advert

Best radio show

Best video game

Sporting highlight of the year

5—18[)et 199/ THE UST 21