I L R S rrghts and needs. puts greater responsrhrlrty onto the completron of therr trarnrng may

I; Yet our exrstence rs precarrous Local volunteers apply to the Unrted Krngdom CounCrl

t government money rs never enough ; Unless there Is more posrtrve , of Psychotheraprsts or to the Institute

I " and sponsorshrp rs almost rrnpossrble * rnvolvernent from the gay and leshran of Corruplrmentary Medrcrne for

l S We fall back on our own resources but : communrty, the certtre erl at best Irrnp ' membershrp on therr regrster Such a

I HELLO SAILOR! CHRISTMAS wrll never rt rs left up to a trny number of along as It rs dorng or srnk rnto the theraprst wrll typrcally have trarnrng rn

. be the same agarn after seerng Bully rndrvrduals to organrse events and abyss counsellrng skrlls, psychotherapy and

Doll, the world's frrst anatomrcally- Sustarn such a centre Indrc'atrons are that local government ; psychology to strengthen therr prrmary (amt-z (My doll, as featured In your lt rs not possrble for such small I ; fundrng can only reduce erl rt be the skrll of hypnotherapy

I slropprng gurde last rssue numbers of people to undertake and I same small number of people dorng an ; It rs hoped (and expected) by many

Asrde from makrng me laugh, 8rl|y marntarn so much work We currently rmpossrble task7 I hope not theraprsts that the UKCP regrstratron

I Doll vxrll he popprng up rn all my have a board of drrectors operatrng at i maria Gibbons, 5 m“ become the gurdrng lrght for the

t frrer‘rrfs' stockrngs thrs year. 'Eye- a level of 80% strength - busy people I Lintmi" Terrace, I rmpendrng European Legrslatron.

2 popnrrrgly well endowed' though7 who grve therr trme freely —- ('3 DION-I : Neilston, . Th“ be“ t‘dV'Cf’ Y0“ COUId 9"“3 VOL”

I How do yOu expect us to belreve that rf commrttee and a bank of wrllrng I Renfrewshire readers rs to seek out theraprsts who

I you don't grve us the full monty7 Next volunteers . I (W? at”? W “0'6"” “If?” Naming IO

trrvre why don't you let us Judge for But the suppon grven by centre users { YOU. 8“? W0“ IIISUICd 8”“ With Whom

I ourselves If sarlor‘ boy Brlly rs hrgger and the general gay and lesbran i ; you feel at ease They should also

7 than Kerr it's all relatrve you know populatron rs sporadrc ('OIM'II'Y I)“ (WOW WOW“? “Off-“53mm

i Jon Silverstein' We have already seen the dernrse of a In your rec ent feature Body Matters on reguest

l Nicolson Street, retarl unrt rn the centre thrs year I (The Lrsr, Issue 320) the entry under It rs only rn thrs way that alternatrve

Edinburgh because of rnsuffrc'rent patronage I hypnotherapy states ' only use 5 and cornplrrnentary therapres can

Srnce openrng, three retarl and two offrc‘e unrts have ceased tradrng and

the cafe bar has changed hands. One

more tenancy rs shortly to end.

Of c0urs'e there have been successes

~ our counsellrng servrce rs runnrng at

capaCrty level and the Steve Retson

expansron programme rs a coveted

properly gualrfred prac trtroners, rnarntarn a good standard of servrce

preferany wrth medrcal or (lrnrc'al and a good reputatron.

psychology trarnrng', whrch Is very CaroIine Campbe"

“IISIL‘JGIIIQ. Hypno-psychotherapist MA, BSc, DHP, I agree completely that rt rs vrtal to AMCAp

use properly gualrfred practrtroners, but

nerther rnedrc'al or clrnrcal

psychology trarnrng focuses tor

AS MANAGER (now ex) of the prrze, even rf rt rs only a short—term rndeed even rtec essarrly Includes) I age

Glasgow Gay and Leshran Centre venture. We need now to hurld on e trarnrng rn hypnotherapy. Lettegs p\ Zine ,- . . , The LlSt daga

(GLC I, many of you wrll have seen me the rnclusron of the Iesbran Currently anyone can (all

14 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1TB

movement rn the centre But how7 themselves a hypnotheraprst and the

Past efforts have farled and the board publrc are very wrse to be wary

rs all-male However, the rnarn route to (Lmalr; editor@list.(0.Uk The unstable Irrtartc ra! srtuatron § gualrfrcatrcm usually takes the form fax: 0131 557 8500

meant managers' hours were reduced of a taught drplorna course, followed

some 40% earlrer thrs year Thrs has by approxrrnately two to three yeaIS Please include your name and

The rentre a: ts as a focal pornt, a . now reached the pornt where an of further trarnrng and prar trse rrnder I address rernrnder to those wrth the power and adn‘rrnrstrator rs seen as more superVIsron If the rnrtral course fulfrls the purse str‘rngs‘ of our exrstence, ' necessary than a manager, all of whrc h certarn regurrements, a theraprst at '




at some trme. To many who use the centre rt may appear that It consrsts solely of offrces and a cafe, unaware of the advocacy Work undertaken on behalf of the gay and lesbran

t I



:Akcxwxv ;r.\-;w (\'(.\".\'Ct 1.1;(N3t2) bUVK.

C”(\' 7 DAYS 1}. 0.30

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26 TIIE lIST r)—18 Dec I997