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Bjork Bachelorette

(TD 1 l‘eaturing l-lowie B s "Spree-rd" Mix Plus 2 new tracks.

CD 2 l‘eatures mixes by Mark Bell,

R/A, Gi‘ooverirlei‘ and Alec Empire.

Also available on MC


40 THE LIST ‘: 'U,‘



Film Listings are listed by city, then alphabetical! by cinema. Film listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.


KM) ('ltriltxtoH Roail. Muir'ertil. (ll-ll (r33 2123.

ltllit' (ll-H ()3? 26-1 1. {3 M) ii: before 5pm Mon l’rit Student: {2 It)

'.\lon 'l'htrt (‘hiltlx'().-\l’: £2

1 a Av. Alien Resurrection i 1st

l).llL\‘ 525. s to

\‘at rrrat: 12 Ill

Sat 1k Suit trial :45

The Borrowers it‘i

l).llL\. (i Ill 5 .15

Sat mat: 1 EU.

Sat ck Sun trial: ‘5”

The Full Monty I lit

I);rtl_\' (r 15

Mail} 'e\eept 'l'hut' .\ 45 Hercules t t ‘i

Sat mat: l ‘5

Sat A: Sun ruat: 3-15. Tomorrow Never Dies i lji ‘l‘hu r‘reuesxi 8. l5

iR SAY '2 "'pi’SLIAV l’rogi'arurue likel) to he similar to the pi‘exious \xeek, l’hone UN] (13" Soil t‘or‘ \h‘l;ll1\.lltti trmex.

Nets Llllll due to open on L“ IS: Tomorrow Never Dies i IZi


‘26 Sattc'lttt‘lltlll Sitc‘c‘l. ill.“ ‘3: [593. Llliit (ll-ll “3 05H ('(' hooking: (ll-ll “I 15‘): L11 '8 It) hetor‘e 5mm.

Student: L i. ().-\l’: U (‘hrlili L270.

.:. may 5. '..U:{\::j,\v Alien Resurrection t L.\l Hail}: Ill), ‘35. (\(H), 8 3i). The Borrowers it'i

miti- ixir :45. mm. sss George Of The Jungle i t ' I l);ul\: l l5. 3.35. (HS. 850. A Life Less Ordinary 1 t5: l).ul_\: (1.00.

l).ul_\ ie\cept 'l‘hut: Nit). Weekday mats: ill). ‘35 Nothing To Lose t Iii

l).ul): l.-15. 5.15.

Face/Off l tsi

L).llL\I " 55,

Hercules t t 'i

Sat & Sun mats: l.lll. ‘~ lll Tomorrow Never Dies i Ill Thu l‘lt‘\lL‘\\ .\ l5


l’rogranuue likel} to he srrrulgu to the PIN roux week. l’houe “HI “2 ‘)5l i tor th'i.‘.ll\ and times.

.\'e\\ illlll\ clue to open on Lil II: Tomorrow Never Dies i lli

I Know What You Did Last Summer



The Andre“ Stewart ('iuerua. (iilutoreliill (‘eutre for Theatre. him and lLL'lL‘\l\lt‘ll.‘)L.l11\c‘l\ll) :\\euue


Romeo And Julietitj. (tori. .\ to

WE’LFTTSxV (s "5: Romeo And Julietitl- (\(NL .s ‘~o ‘CAV 7 SEC

Orlando tL’Ur (THU. Romeo And Juliet i 1:: Rio. :R'SAY ‘2 SEC

The Tango Lesson it’tti on. .s 3o

Hit List‘

The best films this fortnight.



It's A Wonderful Life Despairing James

Stewart IS shown the values of small

town America in Frank Capra's ever- popular classic. See revrew Glasgow: . GFT Edinburgh: Filmhouse


Cop Land Sylvester Stallone is a srnall town cop faced with his one chance of

glory in a heavyweight acting bout that

also features De Niro, Keitel and Liotta.

See feature and review. General release One Night Stand Mike Figgis casts a

f caustic eye on modern relationships in : his follow-up to Leaving Las Vegas.

: Glasgow GFT Edinburgh Filmhouse Welcome To Sarajevo Western

tourmalists (and Western politics) come undc‘r lire in Michael Winterhottom's drama, shot on location Eek-Med release

Face/Off Good guy Travolta and bad

guy Cage are their own worst enemies

in John Woo's masterpiece of action rnovie-rriaking General release

LA Confidential Crime and corruption lurk beneath the surface glamour of 50s Los Angeles, in this magnificent version

? of James Ellroy's novel. General release


The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Clint

Eastwood SQUlniS into the sun and keeps hrs pistol at the ready in Sergio Leone's classic spaghetti western

Edinburgh Cameo

S:\ \, :0" . The Tango Lesson it’(;i (i on. stir

,\ ‘-\v .‘1 a\:<',‘

The Tango Lesson it’(;» (i on, s, to


I: Rt)\t‘ Sltt‘c‘l. UH] 1‘: 51:3, ('ale/har‘. .-\ll per LUl'lilJllc‘cN hookahle. [D]. [ii]. Matinees L ‘25 lL‘UllC\ £3» l-.\c'riirrgs {-1.35 rconcs L3 ewept Sat exerrrngt All \LUUL‘LC L‘ll1\ evening prices appl}

“i‘. ILW i} :\E.'

1. AWonderful Life Mir 2 4*. < to. 8. l5.

2. One Night Stand i 1m 3 oo, -1 I5. (\ ill. 5.1;

1. AWonderfuI Life it’(;i 2 .15. S to. >15 2. One Night Standitx» zoo, 415.

(v.31). 8-15.

Sq‘vSAV 7 SEC 1. Don Giovanniit’m 2.3o. One Night Stand i no .‘~ on. 8.45. lt’sA Wonderful Life mm .s 15