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RANCE Rosie Gaines

If it hadn’t been for a small independent record label in Glasgow, American singer Rosie Gaines might have given up music for good. Prior to the release of her Top Ten 'Closer Than Close’ single on Glasgow's Big Bang imprint, the dreadlocked diva was at the end of her tether. ’l was going through some bad stuff with record labels and I was thinking about retiring,’ recalls the former singer, keyboardist and musician with Prince’s New Power Generation. ’I was actually pretty depressed at the time, but then all this happened and it’s like I've been given a second chance in life.’

Gaines originally wrote 'Closer Than Close’ in 1995 for her album of the same name on Motown Records. The legendary American label commissioned US dance duo Mentor Productions (alias Hippie Torrales and Mark Mendoza) to produce dance mixes of the track. But before the new mixes could be released, Motown and Gaines parted company.

Torrales brought his unsigned version of the song to the attention of Glasgow's Big Bang Records who immediately set about trying to license the track from Motown a process which would last for almost a year.

Meanwhile, Torrales and a select group of DJs pressed up their own acetates of the track and were

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ROCK Chickweed


Chickweed: guess which one is Tom Petty?

48 THE U31 S~l8 Dec 1997

playing it in clubs up and down the UK. As a result, it became an anthem on the underground scene. Finally, on the 19th May 1997, some two years after it was conceived, Motown agreed to license ’Closer Than Close’ to Big Bang and it got an official release through the Glasgow imprint. Within two weeks, it sold over 200,000 copies and went straight into the national charts at Number Four. Even this month, it won Best International Single at the M.O.B.O (Music Of Black

Rosie Gaines: riding high with Glasgow's Big Bang


The follow up to 'Closer Than Close' is the Radio One A-Listed ’I Will Surrender’, a similar slice of catchy vocal- driven house. Also in the pipeline, is an album and a duet with Gary Barlow on a cover of a Barry White

For now though, Gaines is just happy to be back on track. ’l’ve had so many problems with record companies in the past, but this time so far at least - it's been good.’ Let's hope it stays that way. (Jim Byers)

$3 / ‘.‘-."r."r’ Surrender rs out now on 8x; 9am; Fe:

’Andy the drummer was in Japan and he went Into the Rough Trade strep m Tokyo and asked for the prexmus Chickweed smgle,’ explains Clumsy, the guitarist m the Edinburgh four-piece 'Tlte shopkeeper said "Blue ratket Girl singer Very good We have none " We'd sold out rn Japan All twelve copies. Ha ha hurgh '

If not quite yet big rn Japan, Chrckweed look set to make a mark In the UK With the release of their new single 'Sguauk' on Evol remrds 'lvlrlk chocolate rock With peanut butter centre' says the legend on the cover and that seems apt Their new singer Donna provrdes the smooth melody ‘Nllh the vocals while the Janeg guitars provrde some of the crunch beloved of peanut butter afroonados everywhere. ‘We’re not what you'd expect from a CldSSlC Glasgow/Edinburgh band,’ figures Dunsy, a man who has been rn enough classic Edinburgh bands rn hrs time, including nearly rans The Joyrrders 'We’re too mainstream for an indie label and too indie for a maror'

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Gold Blade

John Robb, lead preacher with the rock ’n’ soul, gospel mayhem combo known as Gold Blade divulges what he keeps in his trousers.

Which feels best against skin: rubber or gold lame?

Rubber 'r‘trks :zo rd, lame feels good and wrrlwnn else's skin does both perfer tl';

Can brothel creepers improve singing ability?

Brothel t r-«ep-g-rs improve everything! Just ask llte ltdres

Fat period Elvis or thin period?

Fat for the songs and thin for the sex appe 1!

Does the devil have the best tunes?

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What's your poison?


Have you ever injured yourself while performing? If so, how, what circumstances?

I've .n;ured my mul, apart from that, term super athletic and supple has saver! my frame f'r-tn naarty disasters (1-‘.C'.’ the wears

ls facial hair ever acceptable in polite society?

Na)‘ It's disgusting and bizarre but rrt-J:=.:s!a<:hroed women :s one last taboo that lrke to see broken

What word or phrase do you use the most?

That‘s e at rig." ;e:ous enough

What would be on the Gold Blade coat of arms?


Does it have to be strictly hardcore? Hell yes No tune fCr Pushy \‘rashy platitudes "r rrvusl‘.y lifestyles, t;rne doesn't (:31 (ate such decadent e, Would you time travel and where would you go?

To the height of the Roman Empire to >:. k up Edi-style (gas from Nero, the cat

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‘: "1; mi LU”. 1~-' What song ould you like played at

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Who would play you in the Gold Blade movie?

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