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Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Tourin shows are listed at the end of t e drama section. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Touring shows are listed at the end of the drama 8: dance section. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Drama 8: dance listings compiled by Ellie Carr.


Access: l’ 2 Parking Facilities. l’PA = Paiking to be Pie-Arranged. l. = l.eve| Access. R = Ramped Access. ST z Steps to negotiate.

Facilities: WC :- Adapted 'l‘oiletts). WS .-. \\'heelchair Spaces. AS = Adjacent Seats. H :2 Induction loop System. IR = lnli a Red System. (i = (iuide Dogs Allowed. R : Restaurant Accessible. (‘ : ('atering Accessible. 'l‘ 2- Adapted 'I’elephone. 'l'l’ -- 'l‘heatie 'l'okens accepted.

Help: A ‘t Assistance Available. AA :2 Advise Venue in Advance.


l‘ickets l'oi iiiaior venues in (ilasgow are available litilll the Ticket ('entre. ('andleiiggs. Mon Sat 10.30am until (villpni in person or tiiitil 9pm by phone on OH] 227 SSI l. Sunday opening is noon 5pm. Any Ticket link ho\ ol’l‘ice

Ci'rEe'iEFi—iéfiné— (iorbals. 42‘) ()022. 'l'l‘ [.Access: 1.. R.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752 l. [Accessz PPA. 1.. ST. Facilities: WC. W8, H. G. C]

Pleasure Thu ll—Sat l3 Dec. 8pm. £5

(£2). Leading linglish liy e art company

Forced Entertainment makes its annual visit to the (CA. with a new production based on its driving principles of risk

and honesty.

Facilities: \\'('. “'8. H. (i. ('. Help: AA]

(‘losed Suns.

The B.F.G. Until Stll 20 Dec.

Performances at ltlain; 2pm; 7pm; 8pm.

('all box till—ICC to check which times

apply. £2.5()-£l(). A talented Scottish cast presents Roald Dahl's popular story about a large. personable individual. adapted by David Wood and directed by

the (’iti/ens‘ director of design Kenny .‘yliller. See review. page ()5.

. cornea THEATRE 935 Hyndland Street. 357 3868.

Booking also: Ticket ('eltti'e. (‘andleriggs .see Ticket Link details above.

The (‘ottier Theatre is closed until March l‘)‘).\'. Watch this space.


()ld (‘oaeh Road, liast Mains. liast

Kilbride. ()l .552 (310le. [.Access: R. Facilities: H].

Aladdin Wed It) Fri 12 Dec. l.3()pni.

£4 (£2). .‘ylagic lamps. iovial genies and evil emperors are the order of the day

can sell tickets lt‘l other venues.

E with this (‘hristnias panto for all ages . l‘roin children's theatre specialists i . Hopscotch. TOM CONTI hasn’t been seen round these parts much since we saw him in his Treasure '5'3nd WM '7 THC 3‘ “CC- ARCHES WEATRE ' last major screen role as Costas in Shirley Valentine (pictured). Now he's back Xl’ml 3‘" 30 & 3”" 31 "1‘" 3--‘“P”‘- ’5

(£2.50). KYBO Theatre Company don eye-patches. swords and. of course.

tinsel for this (‘hristinas lainin panto

based on Stevenson's tale of the adventures of young Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver. Blind l’ew and Ben (itlllll. John Cooper Clarke Sui () l)ec. 8pm.

“MW.” 8"99" 33. '. “PM; I’Vcc‘“: l“ in his native Glasgow, in the one-man show Jesus, My Boy, which plays here 1““1'9‘“: (3‘: '2‘ '.(".UCIPI "\M s before transferring to the West End. Previously performed by its author, John 7818plninil(,ssil) (KL-i: is)? Dowie, at last year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, this touching, seasonal comedy (il;l\w\'\_hm;d :l‘hmujc H‘l‘u m'm‘ [)u'm' centres - as its title suggests on that most famous surrogate father of all . Munkl-\ “Plum mwpucm and time, Joseph of Nazareth. The theory currently being bandied around by bibli- ' ' cal historians is that Jesus was less a carpenter, more a chartered surveyer. So

power l'ul tliiee-hander about three siiiall- I _ , . mm. mm“ m u Dunk “mp plum-“IL, lhc perhaps we ll see Conti sporting a hard hat and measuring tape.

midnight robbery (ll ti c‘iiill CUIIt‘L‘llUl], I JESUS, My Boy is at the Old Athenaeum, Glasgow, until Sat 6 Dec. £6 (£3), Sm. (‘Umcdy [ix-""35. Pugc 70‘ I Your at-a-glance theatre guide Friday 5 ' Saturday 6 Sunday 7 2 Monday 8 A Tuesday 9 Wednesday 10 Thursday 11 Americanillull'all‘ Amencan Bull‘alo I I . American Bull‘aln American Bull'ale V Americanbull;an I CCA ' ' ' ' ' ' » i Citizens Main ‘iiu- BM}. The—Ii mm“ n ii l-.(i. 'i‘ht- u.i~'.(;. The MEG. ibyai 6335631611" ii;th {A}. ' ' ' i ' i " ' ' mm " (Tillifil‘tliQ-T King's Aladdin Aladdin ' ' Antitim . Aladdin I . i A Aladdin ' i Aladdin U i Athenaeum Jesus. .\ly Hwy - in“. \l-. ii \ I h D I Pavilion - i v I i i . ttohiiiiflit—md i . . Robin Heed . Rubin iimi . Robin iimti M Rating-lime u .- Ramshorn (iieek (heck i h r I. i i n H i mm“ (heck (at-ct Tramway ()h in “earn it”. on in tit-.tm int”. ' s John ('oopei (‘larke . 77 v n i V rm A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol Brunton .\lothci (iuosc \l.-'.hei \i.--.ii.-. \iuthci (ii‘ilsc \loihei (loose y H g r. iiinc'nu-wiich... iiinvqiht-wut-ii. I i . . Festival Theatre (micsigiuimi/imgicik-iivtmicszguiixztimgt- iris lz'igi.‘ unit Jingle unit - . I ' Jingle nan. Jingle Bells 3: King's u “WW.” » I r: u r i i i i i l n ii Lit-k .e 'nic Beanstalk g NGthCrbOW nation .v omit mm .v limit 5 Grease ; (hease (iiease (hens..- Unease I Grease Oyal LyCeum iiimt-i a (iielt‘l tram .e (um-i Hansel .v (nctel H.1ll\v‘it\(llv‘lcl Hansel .v (“mi ii..an .v (ilL‘lc‘l Badi l's'uhuni Badi lit-Jilin. - N . i i r q Haili‘l'sahani "u. - Ina-uh Kahani : Badi Kahani Bndl Kahdni r 1 l'Lippy(Luig'ltduusullkuliug Happy (Ling Happy (Ling 2 Greta g (Sit-ta (ii-eta (iieia 3 (ireta 1 Greta

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