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These sketches by Gillies Mackinnon could soon be yours. The Scottish film director behind Small Faces (starring Joe McFadden) and the soon-to-be- released Regeneration (starring Jonny Lee Miller) is currently working with Kate Winslet in Morocco on his new film Hideous Kinky. His own pastel drawings from all three films are among the lots to be auctioned at a special event in Edinburgh this fortnight, the Film And Video Access Centre’s Doodles From The Stars Auction. More than 60 celebrities including Scots superstar Sean Connery, Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker, film director Ken Loach and romantic novelist Barbara Cartland have contributed postcard-sized doodles to help raise funds for the organisation, which provides courses, facilities and networking opportunities to 300 aspiring filmmakers in Edinburgh. Comedian Norman Lovett (who has also contributed a self- portrait) and professional auctioneer Trevor Kyle host the event. There will also be a film quiz compered by Suzanna Fraser, plus appearances by comedy magician Reg Anderson and DJ Graham Drysdale. Bid for a scribble and fund a filmmaker.

The Doodles From The Stars Auction is at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh, on Tue 9 Dec. See Comedy listings, page 70.

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Music: The Prodigy Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear 'Sinat k My Bitt l: Up'? You we take the boys out of Essex but you (an't take l’ssex out of the boys Genuinely controversial or r‘ot, lhe Prods kit k up a l)(‘|tll‘() punk/dame 'at ket ‘.'.hi( it is gist {lie titket for (learirrg the :nevrtah‘e hangovers of the impending party season Glasgow SI ((1 lire 9 Der Theatre: Oh Les Beaux Jours legendary British di'e( tor Peter Brook hrings h.s l’arrs-hased (or‘rparry to Glasgov.’ for its only Stottish t)(‘l’f()l'tt(ltt((‘8 of Bet kett's inasterpiete, in whit h a ‘.'.()lYt(l", lives out her days stihrrrerged further and further mm a pound o‘ sand Yes, it's stati(, yes, it's .r‘. lrertth, yes, 't's prillrant See [)l'("‘.'l(“.'., page ? Glasgow Tramway, Wed l() in i/ [)e(

Art: Correspondences ( tilttiral

(‘X( hange gets hip i.'.:t'n a ftitilli- media art show by young ‘tartair art:sts' and their German (ourrteipaits lrlrnhtirglr r’v'titi()rr(i,’ Gallery OfA/t, until i’ let)

Film: Cop Land the heavy hugade Stallone, De N'ro, Keitei, liotta are out in force ,l‘. this tale of' pol<e (orruptioi‘ l'te plot ‘.'.'!l' keep you o" the edge of you' seat, the at Ito." stenes are strong and styl sr‘, a"d, as you rirzght guess, the (Ktil‘Q s brilliant See featwe, page 20 and review, page .79 General release, In :3 [Jet

TV: In Your Dreams Cove' star T'randie Newton plays a (o‘lege student whose dream date turns into a nightmare The serious issue of date rape s ntelfigently d'sset ted in a TV drama that ‘.'.’IH start heated debates up and down the land See feature on page 12 88C), Sun 74 Dec

5 18 Dec 199/‘THE lIST5