Exhibitions are listed by city and category. then alphabetical y by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.



I34 Blythswotxl Street. 332 4027. Mon—I'ri 9.30ani--5.30pm; Sat

|0aitt - l piti.

John Boyd Until Tue 23 Dec. Recent paintings.

The Island Uittil Tue 23 Dec. New paintings by (‘ltristirte Iroitside.

CCA 346—354 Saticltieltall Street. 332 7521. Mtiit»<Sat Haiti-(rpm; Sitit noon-5pm. Cafe. [D].

Waves In, Particles Out Until Fri 5 Dec. A prograiriitie of lll(li\’l(lll(ll projects by contemporary artists wltose work centres around tlte experience of sottrtd.

Beck’s New Contemporaries t-‘ri 12 Dec Sat 3| laii I998. Annual touring exhibition of work by yourtg artists. selected by international ctrrator Harts IFlriclt ()brist. Sarat Maltai'aj and Gillian Wearing. See Lectures & Iivents.


l8 Kiitg Street. 552 2540. Daily

noon -()pltt.

Joy Poppers Until l‘II I2 Dec. New work by Owen Boyle. Sue Carter. Alistair Kell. Andrew Paterson arid Deborah Rea. all recent graduates of Glasgow School All.

Thomas McMath ‘t‘ltu tit. Wed 3t I)ec. ()ver ()0 works by tltis Glasgowliorri surrealist painter.


22I West George Street. 248 9755.

Mon- Fri l0artt—5.30prtt; Sat l0artt~2piti. William Crosbie Until Sat I3 Dec. Paintings arid drawings.

FLY GALLERY 332 Duke Street. 554 I l25. Wed—I-ii noort~-()piit; Sat l0aiit «1pm: Sttrr

noon «lpitt.

Fly 3 Sat (i—Sun 2| l)ec. Group sltow featuring the work of Mark Dawes. Sarah Tripp. James Tlioriihill. Steve Hollirtgswortli. Kathy Wilkes and Sa'ad Hirri


3| (‘lirsltoliti Street. 552 7|00. Mott-Sat l0aiit 5 30pm A new gallery for Glasgow's Merchant (‘ity. in the unlikely setting of the basement of a hairdressers' salon.

Three Things l‘l'l .5 Sat I3 Dec. New work by Simon Harlow.

Marcus Mitchell Tue to l)ec- Sat 3 Jan I‘NS. New w tii'ks


148 West chcnt (St Glasgow G2 2DQ&annd

THE WINTER COLLECTION Small paintings including Joan Eardley, J.E. Christie,

Fergusson, Cadell, Morrocco, Rossi, JM. King, McTaggart, Knox, Annie French, Lesley Banks, Herman, Crosbie, Wyndham Lewis and many others.

Mon - Sat. 9.30 - 5.30pm


74 THE LIST S—t8 Dec 1997


Castlentilk Shopping Centre. Castleiitilk Arcade. 634 2603. Mort—Sat ltlaitt- 5pm Distant Relatives Until Sat 20 Dec. Irt Linzi Perth's Internet-based project. site will be connecting local families with their relatives abroad. Through protects and activities. this exciting new medium is explored and dertiysiified.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 22‘) I996. .\Iort- Sat l0aiit—5pm (closed Tue): Stiit

I lam-5pm. ()ne of Glasgow's newest galleries. with four thematic floors based on the elements: earth. air. tire and water. Featured artists include How-sort. Hockney. Campbell. Bellaity and Byiite as well as interactive exhibits and a swish cafe decorated by Adrian Wiszrtiewski. Witness To Mortality Until 22 I‘eb I998. Joseplt McKeit/ie's powerful photographs documenting Ireland in the late 60s. at the rekiridlirtg tileie Troubles. as well as unseen images of Glasgow. See review.


The Terrace. Princes Square. 48 Buchanan Street. 227 I‘N‘). Mort -Sat l0aiit—7pm; Suit noon «Spin.

The Scottish Advertising Awards 1997 Until Sat 0 Dec. Display of

competition entries.


2 Sauchiehall Street. 332 (i633. Moit- Sat lOattt—5.30prtt; Sat rtoort--5ptit topett later on concert evenings).

Art From Rostov-On-Don Until Sat t3 Dec. A group show by five artists froitt Glasgow's Russia twin city. The exhibition includes a range of w til’ls'S tit iriixed-rriedia with sortie items for sale.


The Mackintosh Gallery. 167 Rertfrew Street. 353 4500. Mott—Thu Wain—8.30pm; I-‘ri l0aiit ~5piti; Sat |0aitt~noort.

The Big Four 0 For 167 limit Hi 19 Dec. Tlte 40th anniversary exhibition frortt the GSA's embroidery group. featuring textiles and related work. Environmental Art Exhibition l‘iiiit l‘Tl I2 Dec. Work front the GSA‘s textiles departrttents.

GOETHE INSTITUT 3 Park Circus. 332 2555. Mort—Thu I0aiti—‘)pm; Fri 10am—3pm; Sat

|0aiti--I m.

Heinric Boll: His Life And Work t'tiiit Sat 6 Dec. The first major exhibition looking at the life and work of acclaimed writer arid Nobel prize-winner Heinrich Boll ( l‘)I7--- 1985).


Art Lovers' Cafe. Bellaltoustoit Park. H) Dumbreck Road. 353 444‘). (ale and design shot. Mort -Suit Ittaiti 5pm. Craig Mul olland Until 4 Ian was. New figurative paintings by the Glasgow-born artist arid graduate of Glasgow School Of Art.


University of Glasgow. I'itiv ersity Avenue. 330 5430. Mon Sat 9.30artt—5pirt.

Tools For The Shaman ()ii perittarteitt display iii the refurbished Sculpture Courtyard. Jake Harvey shows monumental works carved front Iriin basalt.

KELVINGROVE GALLERY & MUSEUM 287 2699. Mort—Sat l0aiit—5pm; Sun llam--5pitt. Cafe. [D]. Voluntary guides are available free ofcltarge to cottduct parties or individuals round the main gfilleries. Ask at the em uiry desk

e British Gas Worl Wildlife Photography Exhibition Until Sat 31 Jatt I998. Tlte winning entries of the Wildlife Pltotograplter of the Year Cortipetition. Open Sesame Until Sat 12 Apr th. A large display of ethnographic and artistic objects from the world of Islam which have never been on show before. Part of

a city -w tde series of exhibitions arid eittei'taiitrttertt celebrating the art arid

culture of the Muslim world.

LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milttgai re. 943 32-17.

Tue -I~'ii l0aiit lpitt. 2 5pitt1Sat Sun

2- 5pm.

A Patch Of Their Own l‘ittil Sun 2|

Dec. The work of over 50 artists. responding to the theme gardens and allotiiteiits,


200 Bath Street. 331 0722. Tue Sat

9am (ipiit;'l'lttr llaiti Spin.

Sun Spots And Shafts ttntit Wed 2.: Dec Paintings by Patti ('arter focusing on the constantly changing effect of light tilt the colour til the Scottish landscape MNS PHOTOCOLOUR 2(ia St Vincent ('iescettt. 22o ~l()(i(i.

.\loit l'r'r Saiit (ipitt

Ego I'ittil Sat 3| .lart l‘l‘lS \tt exhibition of photographic portraits by llat id I-Ltzstace including I-‘waii McGregor.

Willem Dafoe. John Hurt. ‘\l.’lll Rickniaii.

Radioltead. (ieoi'gc \Iaels'ay Brown. Will Self and many more


(‘entre I-oi‘ I)evelopitterttal Arts. IS Albion Street. 5.52 2322. .\l|lII'-l"l'l l0aiit 5pm

New Sites I'itttl Tue ‘1 Dec, Art interior installation designed and created by the residents and staff of the |.eiino\ (‘astle Hospital.

The Map Shawl For Glasgow t'iiiit to 5 Dec. I't‘evtouslv at Kelviitgrove Art Gallery and Museum. tlte exhibition continues, w itli actottipaity riig docuriteritar'y photographs attd 'sltlL‘t) illustrating ltow tlte map was created.


2nd Floor. 14 Kiitg Street. 552 7080. Sat & Suit itooit- 4pm.

A periitartertt collection of kirtettc sculptures by liduaid Bersutlsky.

, s'i'iies'i‘tem 7'

r 4'14"“ r, i it '5 {Way}, I" 1‘

Tower of Bable: art mags through the ages on show at Street Level

i 26 King Street. 552 2l5l. Daily

l0aiit -5.30ptti.

Tower Of Babble l'ittii Sat l7 Jait I‘)‘)S.

An exhibition of Britrsli art itiagazines front 1960 onwards. illustrating their diversity. as well as underlying ltow' art is affected by tlte rttaga/trte medium. In

addition to the show. several Glasgow- based artists have been asked to produce AI magazine covers which list influential

articles or issues that ltave affected their

careers Artists include Pavel Buchler.

David Slirigley. Ross Sinclair. Glasgow

Women's library and Peter Thoittsoit.

There will also be smaller related exhibitions on display at 'l'rartsrttrsstoit Gallery. Glasgow \\'oitieii's Library arid

Glasgow l‘ilitt (k Video \\'orksltop. See


25 Albert Drive. 227 55| l. Tue Stiit rttioit 7pm. £3 (LL50).

Was There Then I’itttl Stir: 2| Dec. Photographs by Jill l-tirittanovsky docuriientiitg the rise of one of the itiost successful bands of the decade. ()asts. lit Iter work. she uses a variety of different

techniques including ltolograitts. digitised

images and protection lasers. TRANSMISSION GALLERY

2S Kiitg Street. 552 IS I 3, Tue Sat llartt 5.30mi.

. Olympic Village ttititt Sat I3 tit-e. 't‘tie second ltalfof a collaborative exhibition

with The Three Month Gallery tit Liverpool. leatur‘iitg tlte work of Roddre .\1atliiesoit. Alan .‘sltcliael. .loaitrte .\choitigal and Padraig 'I‘irttoitey.

. W


2000 Polloksltaw’s Road. (iJ‘) 7151.

bltlllr Sat l0aiit -5pitt (closed Tue); Sun

Ilam -5piit.

Sir William Burrell's world faittous

collection of beautiful art objects front