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AN ’OFF-THE-SHELF’ APPROACH to the festive shopping list is all very well for those who think a box of chocs, after-shave, Y-fronts or the ubiquitous book token fulfils the Christmas wish list. But why not wave good-bye to the predictable and the over-packed department store? Be more adventurous this year become a thoughtful festive shopper with imagination

and heaps of artistic flair.

Galleries across the Central Belt are in festive mood. Intimate, friendly and without a Santa’s Grotto in sight, they don't require hushed tones, or financial loans and complicated wheeling and dealing, to secure something


Prints and limited editions by contemporary artists can cost as little as £5 and will add definite flourish to any interior. Ceramics and pottery, again often by local artists, can transform your dinner table. For those with deeper pockets, there is anything from traditional watercolours of Scottish landscapes to abstracts likely to blow your mind. Our guide to arty festive shopping is compiled by Helen Monaghan.



l‘l l’.nnit- Stit'cl. 552 777". Mon Sill ll.ini (ipni mpt'ii Mon Stil noon Spin dining: ,Itinu.n_\ Ulli}'l.

The Christmas Show tn 5 Dec 36 Jan Wis, .-\ selection ol pniiilings.

git-\scllt‘i} tintl ccinnncs h) llt'\\ untl regular gallery :nlists. \sllil prices sltnlin}: lllltit‘l U00,

,5»: :épresents


13-1 Bi}‘lil.\'\\'tltxi Street. 332 4027.

Mon liri ‘),3l);iin 5.30pm; Sat

ltluin lpin.

White Christmas l'nlil Tue 23 Dec. An exhibition ol‘ .ipplietl urts by leading crul'lmtikers in glass. Jeweller); ceramics. \llVL‘r. textiles and tlllltillllllll.

THE BLYTHSWOOD GALLERY 27 Newton Place. 333 1900. Mon »-l4r‘i

Sunny Afternoon by Agnes M. Cowieson, at Cyril Gerber Fine Art, Glasgow

l0;nn 5pm; Sat ltluin lpin. A Christmas Exhibition t7niil Sui 2o

Dec. Scottish paintings and drawings by

Nth century. 20th century and contemporary Scottish artists:


L'nix'ers'ity ol' Slrutliclyle. 22 Riclnnontl Street. 552 4400 ext 2632. Mon Fri l0zitn 5pm;S;1t noon 4pm. [1)].

Art On the Move l'ntil Tue 23 Dee

affordable art and design from a host of angels

Friday 12 - Tuesday 23 December Daily 10:00.1," . 6:00pm

An llllt‘l'uClHC exhibition ol‘

contemporary ;lllltlllltll;t and kinetic art

by si\lcell l'K-httst'tl :tt'ttsls‘. See Kids listings.

Christmas Present tinnl Tue 23 Dec. A Wide range of contemporary crultwure in inisctl-metliai. by over 80

c lull makers.

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5—18 Dec 1997 THELIST'H