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( i‘artes [)arx'. In ‘X/s/b/e [/ght Is at INL/(‘I/(‘lfh House, Roya/ Rota/m (ya/dens, [til/)bt/r'gr'), Sat /§[)e( Sun [‘3 le.’) See/tr! prev/em, page 7/

()H a "meet European tour \.‘."."‘. Robpe \.‘\.r’5|’1a'rs, Ute St.t)e"'mtu'ais mere sh()( Red ‘.'..".e!1 Robb'e appea'ed ()l‘ stage an the mxkfle ()f' It‘et" set 'He (awe (m stark "aketi

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Am: "01 goes Ja"‘es 80%: Ba( x " t"e s'pa (:e' "0 sfe' t“ s "(>"t'vg"?~ s gadget-pan "g P e"(e E3"<>s"a", ‘.'.?‘<)'s '0 "ed ‘0' t"e e gt‘tee'f“ 007 t) (x waste" 0', Jo'tat’a‘ Pry/{e as {0”}.1)’. r"e(i a P‘oga F' of ( a".e', Jag Dew 'i as M a" :g‘ ma'se 1"‘e atest (:‘a'Y‘O'oas B<>"(:' (; " s Best <"()‘.'." ‘()7‘ "er "0 es 1.7;) Days /.'7 The ‘."a/"ej,/ a"(: U. 's .‘x’et'.’ Adventures Of Super/mm Ie' Ham I) < taxed plays ( a".'e"s fe Pa" s a ‘ewwe ‘atate ‘.‘."()'s 2km, '.() ;)"()‘.e ‘ata to ‘fl‘e "="‘()"'.a '\e"()

I'm/710N017 Never [)Ies 1s released or; Fr/ 1.) [)e< See Mm [,Ist/ngs, page 511’

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