with Dr AJ t.-\stromotel. Higher Ground). Joni l.ery iTribal l‘unktion. Scratchi. AJ tBlacka'ni/edi and (iino l Higher (iioundi mising soull'til house with hip hop. lunk and disco,

I The Hub Club at Henry 's (‘ellar Bar. l(lpm 3am. £4 (£3i. 12 Dec. l-'ortmghtly. A Iill.\ ot~ Il\ e bands and l)Js with \arious stitllltls l'ioni indie to dance.

I Katch at The Rocking Horse.

Ilpiii 3am. £3 (£2 with llyeri. Price includes entry to ('atliouse and Voodoo ('hile. liighties and nineties indie dance. I Kerplunk at ('Iub Mercado

10.30pm 3am. £5 itwo i'oi one with student Snaplasi. 5 Dec. l'ttl'llllgllll}. Bounce on down with the 70s retro- boppei's and space hoppers at this tab night. Happy Hour Ilpiii midnight.

I Kingdom at The ()utliouse. ts’pni latii. l-‘ree, Ilappy house. garage and disco with John McDonald

I The Lane at The l.ane. I lpm 3pm. £3 before midnight; £5 llieieal'tei". members tree. Residents Jon I'Iow ers and Key Mc(iinley with a wide dance-based

play list.

I The Living Room 9pm lam. l‘ree. Andrew Moisey. Dillon and (‘hristopliei' \Viight with a l'i'eestyle llll\ of dance sounds iii this w ell-situated bar,

I Madchester at The (idllc‘l).

Ilpiii 3am. £3.50 iiieiiibei's'. £4 littll‘ members. I2 I)ec. l-ortnightly. Baggy classics l'iom Steyeii k l)el Kahuna Boy upstairs. A llll.\ or big beat and new indie downstairs with DJ I'abIo l.ee l't'oin I‘Bl. Watch out tor L‘\c‘lll\l\ e promo nights and the hugely popular Madchestei' Bosing I)ay bash.

I Made In Iguana at Iguana (‘ate Bar. .\'piii Iam l'tt‘t‘. (iaieth Soiiinieryille ((‘ieani. Hard Times. Shiiidig. Sub (Tub. Yip Yap. Atomic Baby i w ilIi a relaxed selection ot liip hop. garage and house in this busy bar,

I Magic Moments at The (‘ai t-iitlisli. 9pm 3am. £5. ()y er 25s only Smart diess. No ieaiis. no trainers I,i\ e bands eyeiy week. Sislies and seyeiities music, ('iiound lloor only

I The Mambo Club at The (‘a\endish. Illpni 5am. l’iice tbc. Swing. Iiip Iiop and soul upstaiis. reggae and ragga downstairs at this long-running night lltislt‘tl I‘} Sll' ()sslt‘.

I M3093 ill I.;i Belle Aligt‘le. Nt‘\l tlttlt‘ .‘sl l)ec. Tickets £l5 in adyance l'i‘oni Ripping Records and 23rd I’t'ecinct ilidinbui‘gli and ('ilasgow i. Monthly.

I M.l.8 at (’lub Mercado. li).3(lpm 3am. £5 l2 I)ec. l-oitniglitly. l)Js TNT and Mr H with rap. l'unk. hip hop. sotil. soca.

ragga and Rth Happy Hour Ilpiii midnight. I Midnight Blue at ('al'e (iral'l'iti. 10.30pm 72am. £4. A \ibing new I'Tltltt} night for lidiiiburgli‘s Ira/1. soul and blues l'ans. \Vith liye music lTUlll some ol' the city's linest bands. singers and l)Js. I Moroccan Clouds at I’o .\';i .\';i. l()pm 3am. I‘i‘ee below I lpm; £2 atter. \Veekly. I)J 4th Varmint with disco. l‘unk. (ills, 70s, 30s. hip hop and cheese at [Ills busy bar/club. I Mulch at The Bongo (‘Iub. Ilpiii 3am. £5 (£4 i. 5 Dec. l-'oitiiiglitly. Local l)Js w ith l'resh drum 'n' bass and cheesy old chestnuts. The new chill ou' room offers an ambzent selection and w i.l showcase new material from local musicians looking for a break. I Music For The Masses ill ()tltli’elltiiis. 8.30pm lam. l-ree. local l)Js llll\ old classics with modern chart and student layes. I Normal at \Vilkie House. 10.30pm 3am. £7 i£6i. l2 l)ec. l-‘orlmi—‘htl,\. 'l‘ech-liouse and l'utuie t'unk at this newish night. With a ll\ e l’A troni Beat l‘oundation and l)Jing l'rom liuaii Mcken/ie tl,il’t i. I The Outhouse 5 7pm. l‘ree. (’hiIl otit dow iistairs alter work with laid-back lllllt‘s ttlltl cheap I‘titi/t‘. I Planet Earth at The (‘itiiis Ilpiii 3am. £4. Btisy and long-running night ol~ 80s and "its sounds where new iomantics. punks. glam rockers and disco Il‘t‘ttk‘s l't‘lt\c‘ llk‘ era that tilllt‘ls \IU lltcll' Ik‘sl iii l-Ul'gc'l. I Pure at The Venue. Ill .5llpllt 3am. £4 members; £6 non-iiieiiibers I’rices \ ary when guests appear. One or" the most respected house and techno clubs in the l‘ls'. with residents Twitch. Brainstorm. [)ribbler and The Bill. who now host sister nights in (ilasgow. Aberdeen. Dublin and l.ondon l’ure is taking a bus to their night down in l.oiidon on Sat l3 I)ec l'or those who lancy a bit ol' .1 change and a wee bit or ('Iiristiiias shopping. ('aII (H51 558 3824 tor iiioie details. I Purple Moon at Moray House. Ilpiii 4am. l’i'ice tbc. I2 l)ec. I‘ortnightly. Tribal techno and acid trance. Residents JuI/ and Patrick Hait. llllt) on (II .51 668 I458. I Radio Forth Fridays at .Ilrs 9.30pm 3am. l’rice tbc. A lun<tilled night with the Radio l-‘orth team. ()y er 2 Is only. No denims or trainers. I Reaction at The Subway I lpiii 3am £2 il'ree tor students with matriculation card i. \Veekly llil\ or chart. dance and classic disco

Paul at the Fine Line, La Belle Angele I '

I Scooter at The Gallery. I Ipm~ 3am. £4. 5 Dec. I‘ortmghtly. New and old indie beats dow nstairs. 60s and early 70s upstairs with the Magic Bus.

. Scratch til I.;t HL‘IIC Allg‘c‘lc‘.

Ilpiii 3am. £6 i£5i. 12 Dec. Montth. l-‘uIl-on scratch-tastic action at this respected Iiip hop night hosted by l.yley and Ritchie Rul'l‘tone. Info on ()I 3! 226 2242.

I Seen at The Honeycomb. Next date 26 Dec. Monthly.

I Skuff at The Vaults. I Ipm 3am. I’rice tbc. 5 Dec. l-‘ortnightly. Respected techno night returns to The Vaults with a residents night.

I Solefusion at The Honeycomb.

Ilpiii -3am. £5 members; £6 non- members. 5 Dec. Monthly. Proper garage and l’uiiky house with residents Craig Smith arid Mikey Stirton. ()ld skool yibes through the back with The (‘ricket (‘Iub boys Sugar Ray and Styler. For info on Solet'usion or In Demand Recordings call ()7()()() 463 362.

I Soundclash al [a Belle Angele.

Ilpiii 3am. £5. l8 l)ec. Monthly. Info on 0973 I42 195. Boombastic daiiceliall ragga/hip liop/swing and RéeB from residents The Mad Ambassador and Table Marinerl,

I Sublime at \ViIkie House.

10.30pm 3am. £6 members; £8 non- members. 5 Dec. l‘ortnightly. Hard trance actioti at this extremely popular night. Residents Key Wright and ldge are

jtillic‘tl by a liye PA from Yum Yum

tSperm RCL‘tit'tIs’l. (iordon Mac and (iary Maclntosli do the chunky house atid garage thing iii the back. With yisual enlightenment from Delta 9, l-‘or more into call Sublime on ()131 668 3043.

I the Subway West End 4pm 3am. l’rice tbc. Student-orientated yeiiue from the same people behind the Subway in the (‘owgate The music is suitably

\ aiied. lrom 60s to 90s. and the drinks are double cheap. ()pen seyen nights a week \Hlll l)Js on every night.

I T.F.|.F. at (‘Iub Mercado. 4- 10pm. I‘ree. I‘i'iday nights have changed forever thanks to Happy Hour 5 6.30pm. £1 drinks. £ 10 bottles ol‘ champagne and great. nostalgic iiiusic courtesy ot‘ Trendy \Vc‘lltl}.

I Triptonite North at The Honeycomb. Illpm 3am £6.50 members. £8.50 non- iiieinbei‘s. 12 Dec. Monthly. Hard-ish house w ith Andrew (ialea. Adrian I)a\eiipoit and (iareth Somnierytlle. l’re- club party at lgtiaiia ('at‘e Bar from 9pm. I Voodoo Chile at The Rocking Horse. I Ipiii 3am. £§ i£2 with llyeri. Price includes entry to ('athouse and Katch. l‘ull ot~ onely boys iaiid girlsi Iieadbanging to lieay y metal.

I the Waterfunk ill The (‘iiatlel

lpm late. l’rice tbc. A selection of the linest lunk 'ii‘ grooy e tunes at this new


I Atomic Baby at The Honeycomb. Ilpiii 3am £8. 6 Dec. l‘ortniglitly. Big. bouncy. liuro-trancey. housey party punipeis tiom Darren l)a\ ies. Michael Kilkie and [ammo in the main room. (iarage and deeper sounds through the back w ith (iareth Sommeryille. Busy and dressy w ith a good atmosphere.

I Bent 100% at The Shooting Gallery. Nest date 2| li'eb. Monthly, ('all the into line on (IIKI 467 255I lot more.

I Burger Queen at ('Iub Mercado, Ilpiii 4am. £8 t£7i. 6 Dec. I‘ortiiightly. I‘or more into call (ll RI 622 7220. Notorious pants-in-the-aii‘ glam Iiouse party Iieay en tor a dressy and loyal crowd. Your hosts are (‘iaig. lltiggy and Stella Superstar. Dress up to gel in.

I Catwalk 9pm lam. l‘iee. (Jordon Whittaker and l‘ai‘ley Smooye playing a \ aiied selection or. cultured beats to shake your thing to.

I Century 2000 Ilpiii 3am £5. See l‘iiday s.

I Colours Of Love at (‘lub Mercado.

I lpm 4am £ls’ members; £l() non- iiieinbeis. Meiiibei'sliip applications and club inloriiiation on ()l6‘)h’ 276 866. [3 Dec. l'til'llllgllll} .'\II tlt'lltk‘s £I bel‘ore

Edinburgh listings CLUBS

H it list Catch the best Edinburgh clubs this fortnight.


Lizzard Lounge Basic Collective return to the evergreen Lizzard Lounge With Nicola King On vocals. Apart from the fantastic live music, get down to Joseph and Al’s thoroughly cool Afro/jazz/funk/disco/Latin/soul fusion. As always, get there early doors! Cale Graffiti, Sat 6 Dec and weekly.

Vena Vena celebrates twelve months of blindin' parties with a guest spot from Renaissance man Nigel Dawson. He’s also iorned by Andy Lekker and Joel XaVier from Whoop! Records/Whoop it Up' in London. For those seeking a deeper vibe, head up to The Chamber. where you'll find talented local producer Aqua Bassrno putting in a rare DJ set. Wilkie House, Sat 6 Dec and monthly. Big Beat Down To The Bone. one of the tightest, fiinklest, hippest dance-floor I822 acts in the UK, play live at Big Beat. Expect a unique fusion of hip hop, and even housey beats, hammered out with an explosive improvised jazz edge. La

Belle Ange/e, Fri 5 Dec and monthly.

midnight. Bottle of bubbly £ It) all night. (iir'Is two for the price ol‘ one with flyer. Big party action from the dressy crowd. Jeremy Healy and Richard l-‘ord guest as part of the DISIIIICIIVL‘ Records Tour tpr'oltiolilig the l)i.rrint‘rii'e Sou/id Of Home lb/ 2 compilation mixed by Ford). It you haven‘t already got it. check ('olours' I’ll/l .S‘pt't'truni compilation. mixed by l-‘arley & Heller and (‘J Mackintosh.

I Daytripper at The (iallery.

Ilpiii 3am. £4. 13 Dec. Fortnightly. Indie with [M Lee on one floor. 60s. big beat. exotica and sexy soundtracks on the other.

I Disco Inferno at The Venue.

lt).3()pm 3am. £6. l3 l)ec. Fortnightly. Three burning floors of hot disco action w ith M(‘ (his and l)Js Love and Nick Silyer. ()ne of the busiest clubs in the capital. Now into its sixth year.

I The Drop Out at The Bongo Club. l()pm 3am. £3 before midnight; £4 alter. 6 Dec. Monthly. Rock 'n' roll. surf. sleaze and shadoogie. \Vitli Iiye music. I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar.

I lpiii 3am. £3 members; £3.50 non- members. A yaried playlist taking in soul. 60s. New \Vaye. indie. Northern. soundtracks atid much. much more There's a \ ery cheap bar as well. Free photographic membership ayailable on the night.

I eh1 More at ehl. ‘)plll~l.’tlli. liree. No admission charge. quality music and good drinks promos in this pre-club bar. I Energise at Subway. llpnr 3am. £2. Various party sounds.

I The Essance at The Shooting (iallery. Next date 2() Dec. Monthly.

I FBI at the Jal‘l‘acake. l()..‘~()pm—v3am. £5. Photographic membership ayailable on the night. 6 Dec. Fortnightly. The busiest and best indie night in Scotland.

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