It was the year of Diana and Dodi; Tony and Cherie; Noel and Liam; Geri, Victoria, Emma, Mel and Mel. M.P.s were ousted from Scotland, and a debate over the location of our parliament ushered in. All year, we told you what we thought. Now it's your turn. We gave you the right to reply in our Readers' Poll, and these are your answers. This was your 1997. Compiled by: Andrew Burnet and Siobhan Cunningham

Best screen actor: Robert Carlyle gets his kit off in The Full Monty

8 THE “ST 19 Dec 1997 8 Jan 1998

The Full Monty

Peter Cattaneo's porgnant comedy about Sheffreld's unemployed makrng novel use of therr tackle swept the

board Runners-up Included L A ('onfrdent/a/ and Romeo And Ju/ret

Batman & Robin

The preserve of swoonsorne ()(‘OTQO (looney was not enough to (onvrnce you drscernrng (:nema-goers, who also damned tl‘e Sprce (rrrls' answer to Hard Day’s Nrght before rt's even released Men In 8/a( k and G / /ane also took a drubhrng

Cameron Diaz

Desprte the drsapporntrnent of A We Less Old/nary, you reckoned lVls Dra/ to be the hottest woman rn the rnovres Others who prc ked up a farr few votes were Kathy Burke, Judr Dench and Scotland's Danrela Nardrnr

Robert Carlyle

The star of Face and your favourrte frlrn The Full Monty trumped hrs fellow Trarnspotter Ewan McGregor, wrth almost twue as many votes. Keyrn Spacey drdn't do badly erther, but the Scots came out on top

-\ .r 1‘ f'3 ’1' Y" r: "1

Urban Hymns The Verve

Whrch Just goes to show that whrle breakrng up rs hard to do reformrng rs a lot more profrtable Next rn lrne was Radrohead’s OK Computer (our own wmner), whr( h (ame rn ne( k-and-neck Wrth Blur"s eponymous frfth album

n z" -"" '* r‘ ': w ~ ~ r -~

.. ., is, r . my. -. ,

‘Perfec Day' - Various artists The BBC swept the floor Wrth the (()rnrner‘(ra| (ornrnert rals, and lou Reed's song as performed by numerous musrcal lurnrnarres for the ad shot to

the top of your srngles chart The nearest contender was Chumbawamba's 'Tubthurnprng'

Blur YOu drdn't specrfy whrch of Blur’s two Glasgow dates thrs year you meant, but Damon and (o rornped home rn the lrve stakes, \Vrth Parrsran funksters Daft Punk a nose behrnd


You farr-mrnded lot drs’tr‘rbuted the honours evenly, allowmg Thorn and the other ’headers past the post rn thrs category, prpprng The Verve by a slender margrn Good to see local support for Belle And Sebastran, who came equal thrrd Wrth Wales's‘ Super Furry Anrmals. Some band called Oasrs' got one vote.

., T A“ ,.

Going Places

ere a brt of glam, don't you7 Edrnburgh's dressrng-up chests must have been ransacked thrs year. The clear wrnner rn Glasgow was Archaos, though plenty of you crted nrghts takrng place at The Arches

Chris Evans

Hrnmm . not really a club-goer's response, though most clubby types share Mr Vrrgrn Radro's vrews on gettrng out of bed rn the mornrng. Runner-up was Pete Tong, who rs so well loved among Scotland’s clubbers that he's been rmmortalrsed rn rhymrng slang . or a merrngue?

i: 13" r»? curry"

The Suicide

A wrde drvers'rty of answers rn thrs category, but Communrcado’s lrvely Russran comedy whrch played at the Traverse for the Edrnburgh Frrnge, then toured, polled most votes, Close behrnd (arne Grease and Wallace 8r Gromr't, Whrc h proves you‘ve got a brg heart.

Ewan McGregor and Cameron Diaz shag of the year meets best screen actress