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actor/uorkshop leaders lone

DEGdS male. 20s. \\ iili strong guitar - OFFICE ASSISTANT Restaurant revnewers

30s. \iith strong \ocal skillsi.

Eating & Drinking Guide

You will have excellent secretarial and 0”" I)"“‘ll'“l“”‘ “mug” presentation skills. The post combines day-to-day ‘C'L‘f‘l' ‘1'“ “‘14 l"9"“,“W‘f'i'l l FOLLOWING THE SUCCESS Ol OUV DFE‘V'OUS QdII'OOSI secretarial work, providing suppOrt services to (9 Bl!” .Yl’onnrehG'I'esp'e' The List Eating 8: Drinking Guide 1998 IS set to the organisation with office duties as part of a busy Insiimetlgs'ga'a G e Pearced expand again. To be published on 16 April, the new administration department, Glasigow 6501VgBU08 . Gurde Will feature even better coverage Ol restaurants, Please write in confidence with a CV and (‘losing date for applications. bistros, cafes and pubs in Edinburgh and Glasgow covering letter to: Carollne Notman, Scottish Ballet, (i .lantiar) was. 261 West Princes Street, Glasgow, G4 9E5. ' We are looking for a few new contributors who have erasing date for applications; F,,~day 9 January 1998. Vollllankteersirlileefied li )l'tlit; .\C C it Ct Cl! C. 'UU CUlIt 1C t i‘ 1’ ' extenswe experience of eating 0U: 0 reV'eW SGIQCIed , , involved in a protect looking at restaurants in both Cities during February. ReViewers Will I W Wmmmhw.” long mm mm.“ “drugs. All be allowed to dine wrth a partner free of charge at each i - _ i ' enquiries treated as eiiiii’iileiiiiiil. restaurant rewewed, and \Nlll receive a small fee fOr ‘1'”0 “(will ( “Hill-‘- 7 Bank eaCh leVlewi bUl Will be expeaed to pay lOr drinks. If you're gay or lesbian and want to give some time M‘IISIOH' (llilxguw ('75 A l h Id d h k I d f to a good cause, why not apply tojoin Dfama student. 19 years pp 'Cams 5 CU emonStrale t 9” “OW 6‘ 99 O ' - lookiiiL' for professional iiL‘tIllL’ food and the restaurant world, as well as an ability to . Lath'an Gay and Lesb'?" . role in films and television. write lively, conCise and Informative copy, by submitting SWItChboard / LOthIan LGSbIan Line Very determined. extremely . , hard-working. with ex ierience. two sample ’eV'ews Of 150—200 Words! plus CV to" Our trained volunteers offer confidential help, “inn. 1,, [lau‘m g (“mime information and advice to gay men and lesbians. Avenue. Iliil'tlgtllc. (‘lytiehank The Ed'tors Our calls cover a vast range ofsubjects including: (“ii-‘9’“ 03‘ (MW 0'33" Eating & Drinking Gurde . O _ 890097. The Llst Ltd 0 relationships 0 sexuality 0 stress 0 bereavement I Auditions Hugely popular 14 High Street 0 sexual health 0 alcohol 0 abuse 0 self-esteem Cilbili‘L‘l/Vims‘li' “mint! SUCK“ . . . . new. refreshing and qualitv acts. 0 o r o z _ c . Edinburgh support soc1al groups inform ition mm] [hc mm“, m the

EH1 lTE Our next training programme starts in january estr'aoi‘tiiiizii')l bl” “KN (ll 11“ s o y o I I 3 n v 1 (((i 1998. Places are limited, so applv now. \‘t me to m“ “mum???” ll” U)“ . . SCZISUII “’ S 1‘ C1 5 I()\\'.\. The Training Officers, LGLS Ltd, PO Box 169,

magicians. street performers.

_ m_ In" Edinburgh EH1 3UU, or phone (0131) 556 8997. dancers, balloon sculptors. Punch and Judy shows. poets. Lothian Gay and Lesbian singers etc. Please contact Box swi'chboard l\() 3..._/R./I ltil illitlltltiii (ILliiiIS. TABS. (The Every night from 730.10”, Ifart-time bookkeeper atid . . oilice help for expanding Acting Balms from Stonehousel require , Lothian Lesbian Line 0131 '557 0751 Internet business. (‘irca eight 3 new director for their junior 6, Senior Every Monday and Thursday from 7.30.10pm hours per week. flexible. Mac'- sections which have a total of 60 based. I’AYI‘JVIA'I' experience 't-e Ac’ng Barnsiror-i enthusiastic and lalemed local desirable. Call 013! 447 347‘). 'OVHC‘JSF . child , "i" 33“ 8 ‘0 '7 Yea“ O'd- ARCHAOS COURSES/TUITION NIGHTCLUB . . o The group have put on a number of successful musical requires I Cello and piano tuition by WWW“ '" “meme 0"" "is '85! 3 years. and tun/port time stewards itiiifliiltii‘i‘Stilt-iii are ma ' ° c. . i t . hi d '33ng by a Fhaqtable commmee OI Parents and Experience in o bor/club performer. (‘hildren and adult en 5, in partnership With the Halls and Arts Sections of environment essential bcgnnwrg‘ ,HUH-nu-S and scum LanaMhire Comm“. References may be reqUired‘ advanced students all welcome. Although educational qualifications are desirable, much Agggfigfigfifle‘fign Cl's‘illiVC-l}ill illigl Syljltiil'liz'c more important is a commitment to help the Children 21-35 preferred [C‘mmg' M 0 1“] ‘1‘“ 45' I' develop the" abilities in a fun and educationaI way. For an interview please I w k h m 1 ~ _ ___V__ W __ _ _ . . . . W i Chlo'l beeogib aphiC abilities would be helpful. Remuneration telephongglg49‘ and whergrvowuflli322% 130 pelrm , l BECQOIIN . . V" y negotiation on a fee basis, and Will be based hour. You need a car and a Ikzngfil? :12? :lllhiillliilill} onIf hours requrred for script, rehearsals and telephone. if you're interested. Thc “(hugmuht(in”, Smdm pe Omance- a give me a call. Paul “illllillllS. Sung-alum” and [mum freephone 0800 026 6613. gumumccd For an opplication form and/or informal talk please reqUIred for HOgmonOy _ 30322291313 , call Gillian Annetts, Arts Development OfllCCf, Arts evem - 600d rates Of envelopes. liarn £200 per 100 , , , , Centre, Old Coach Road, East Kilbfide - Telephone pOY- Phone Adam or envelopes. P/iiiiie. f/tiine. no I P'ano and, darmet tu't'on OIJSS 261000, closing Date , 24 I . E experience “coded. H“. m” Adult and children. beginners. practical lntCI‘VlCWS held nd anua’y I998, wuh mmo details quote MS} 1 Pl S \ii to advanced and re-learners all on . ..... ...I . I“ in“ Edinburgh liHJ IIIX. )' M


98 THE UST 19 Dec 1997—8 Jan 1998