Japanese Acupressure Massage I


MASSAGE fully qualified and registered practitioner AUDIClA LYNNE MORLEY M.R.S.S, Cl CA. 0131 557 5950

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ecc £2.19?

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE Reikt level 1 and ? Baby massage teacher ll MM trained). Trained and dualit‘tet‘ with the london q'h’ttml of A romatherapv. Member of :he International roietv of Professional Aromatherapists Contact: Sasha Cunningham.

Te" 0" 3‘ 667 039.

I Eating disorders u.elp and support by qualified and experienced therapist Get to the root of your eating disorder and start feeling happy in your hody. Details phone Louise Hay Training (U31 3l5 3532. I Need help don". know where to turn? lust lift the phone! Counselling and telephone counselling axailable to help you deal With life. For further information phone esperienced I."'!tS‘C.HZl\' counsellor on or 3! 3 l 5' 15.12. I Relationship, personal emotional difficulties? Counselling can help you make sense of your feelings and explore options for the future. For details, ring Michael Rigg on 0141959 2345. I Alexander Technique private lessons and introductory workshops. Stephen Callaghan. M.Stat.. 23 Westminster Terrace. Glasgow (near Charing Cross). OH] 248 8737. LOW COST COUNSELLING AVAILABLE Therapist in training with the London Institute of Psychosynthesis. Call Mariel Brennan 0131 447 3934.

I Counselling can help us understand and come to terms with issues such as stress. low self-esteem. trauma. bereavement, illness and relationship difficulties. Fee negotvahte Contact Andrew Askew 013! 443 “‘5.


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PERSON-CENTRE!) COUNSELJNG RCFCZIK'CHICIIL. .‘:lz.ti.i.t.~:l:ip.-z. .': lie-52.03 is.

personal Jessmpnmn. :2: x:

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:‘zeeotitthle lniti" ~'::‘.~‘;' ?‘ free. Quart Rih’rkm- Mai 24,: 244;;

HOMOEOPATHY HELPS Scar-NI ‘1‘ .‘.‘.5'.lll.‘;’ I" ‘JI' concentration? Rec .nenaoz‘y'.‘ Acne. asthma. I’MT catiasz iisot'Llers S'tti'J-en: discounts ::.'::itahl :. Contact lininke wondbridge “I.” 22‘? id";


KENMURE RlDlNG SCHOOL Forget Aerobics and Soil!

Whv not trv....

HQRSERIDWG? .4. fun and challenging way to stay fit.

Indoor and outdoor schools. only 15 mins to city centre. 014-1 .772 3041 All abilities catered for.

SK! C LU B “NEW MEMBERS WELCOME” Meets every Thursday at 9.00pm in

The ficaramnuche, Elder-site Street, Chafing Cross.

lasgow Tel: Old. 1) 883 6665 or( '4') 617 0761


The club for all seasons“.

Join now for the best in skiing, sports and social

events all year round. Non skiers welcome! We meet every Tuesday from

9 300m at the Royal Circus Hotel, Edinburgh. For more information write orphone. 2 Howe Street, Edinburgh

* Tel: met 220 11.21

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i. .\:.I',-I . ‘. IL-lelc‘iA. v).) w) .. I fin‘ bl -\ 'x\\ .. .\.:t.". i s . . . .. I I..'..Ut. H ’II

0‘?” 3"“ "Fl-:7." W; Ii tiant't'ui.

.i.’ “3.29.. 15540? .i i.’ I _ in”.

' .' Mil GLASGOW I Modern Glasgow flat to l;';. L.. " 'tt‘l: h:;lt' min. :llt ‘(.l.‘.;'..;‘l‘.l. par. ..';.s.1:t'. cl.‘_':i'. ens

.\..».I l\ .‘.I'..u!i»~. )cJ-quU.

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1'59: 3

EDINBURGH I t‘alt'v Tan ;!t::i.)le. an; ‘3'.

. .311 \ *- I: .i’t " s~o\; J , a ""L)

a)._. In: .. I‘ .l.‘.|l$.]v(l.\)\‘h

;.l. ' Tnotlctt.

t:: t.‘ 23'7" 9 :2; plus deposit. «\ "‘5" RF”...

I Beautiful flat to rent a. ' of .i"i:iht:rul:. T‘s-t

moms .‘Ltli\ Titratile

.‘.':.; "a". """"2 .' N9" [)'.‘.';l‘.1t!llt.:.s‘;‘. ills/CT .u'i'. pxot‘xseima. .‘oanle. .‘ Hint-3s Z‘ mtac. Curls.

.3 ‘t’i‘itltotzztttatt Jl‘. (H3. 5."-(,

I Flat to rent in Stockbridae fain‘o'it'ui ".t-touhl:

I’I'H'LLEIXI, 1"”) t" ' "NW

....~.t. .‘LL. L‘HWL, pct itaintt. pills/CT. Wml: ;:.t. "'apl-s. .3.:.\>:::t::""'.tl;;ti .l..‘- l 5.” fruit“, I .Lhartntnaly decorated Llotthte .ipp": 'azvay Getireiat. :13. "t"; .m c‘i‘uhl: ot-r'r ‘-"-:'.‘.<‘ of?

eitt‘. .lztlzs {2.1. ..;t.:.iec-, :Lt'.t:t'~. sl‘." :" :':t'ee lol. sp-zc -. ‘c‘!"" '

. 7s~ s;tp-.-.‘.n:tr.--;::

zinc .i‘s . ..l a“ f.“ n:.:. 1.:ls. ?. .,\3\‘l‘."1‘.(.

l’ _ mat. Escorts. at. .(. sis "H


I West End ficotstoun Two sinult‘ rooms a .‘ailahle to snare witl‘ two others. 5‘th furnished. GCH. security entrance. non-smoking. F.".'.".".lz:'ll for public transport £50 my including: bills p'us deposit. Tel: 034! 954 8933 alter ()ptt‘.

I Rooms (2) :l‘. beautiful ilaz. Situated ‘t‘ hear: ot“.‘i'es. End. close to all Ryres Rose z‘tncntties. Sharing lounge. kitchen. hatla'a )m. shone: :‘oon‘ he'n sci". m; £300 pent/£290 pent. Professional. non-smoker preferred. (ll-l. 334

.~‘ 7‘3""? Tom).

I Fiatmate wanted an .ltar:

.:t.': on: . .u‘o status

I . .11: :11 i‘.‘;Il\“‘tll‘.‘ lf‘. .arue 3.3.: :t'.s .1.‘.si'_. leca.“.l.‘:l

- : L"‘. asking .i'.;::t:i.:-: 7"}; .:!e ilzotte. .‘325

rti. tit! ails. ::.‘ITZ;.I.‘ ~ttt \.-:-3 ' Incl-finc'... Lall 322». ‘.':l_ (Col.

I Lesbian slanted .3.»- Lyle:

'_\'.;._‘ .‘t‘.‘:‘.. 2:. .:.i‘~:: it‘r.:i‘.'. .t;:~t:::‘ic‘:.~. 1'11, ...t;;li.t~: ..'i.l. on: th' ""

\ \ I; ‘s'l‘ ‘: .CA- \ I

l ~ 3‘. i I

I Modern flat alien-cit .x'ttl.


.‘It' .‘.‘.lI.'.' ..t‘_' 13.3153." \II‘I‘V- " ._. _... fill,‘ "1‘ lv‘ln’t

‘Ul‘tiaiy. (It'l' “C'c'ii mt ‘lIJx V3 'UJ.‘ ti I/l'slluim Ull ill-ll 204 490‘).

I emild-friendly mature Tsiticl: sttzzieal ~.-3; a: (Ilasetm ..|'. SCII1»0I,.\J.‘:.:\ c‘JIlIi'Ll.

out. .‘.T<>i.t:a..‘ pit. a; Pitta" art). gem. .i;ttc. from. .thl‘.

- ’(l( . a .CcAC \uII \/I(\/>


5.“ Aid Ja‘fc‘s‘c‘.

I orofessional person a, shat: watts; pr:s:::t only par. .izns, .uxaxy. {war ilt)1‘.:'Ilt‘..‘I‘.l. Zlvtaltaiit; fizz: Large :louhl: mm. heau'ifiztlg' furnishes. All mot: cons. Ciav friendly. mm smoke: will. icicz‘xtcx. 't“::i:'li;.t: 3.215;; iII)’ pcm linc "Tax, .- .iLl's ',‘.~‘.. 3:77 .795).

()37‘7-163W‘F Slim"

I Comfortable spacious ."xtzt‘. .‘.|T .l‘."""1).'t.“. Caruetiien. "'t .\':s. Lia“ it'lt.

' .-.. .c. "71” p.11; :tt'a sitar: a“ 'titip bills Tet 'l;~.l 3'34 383! IJ-'.‘.\ an: .wcadsi.

I Wanted ..;:r~1e .‘octt‘; ill eay Il'inzzzflu Il:.tsh;‘.r.‘ tutensil. ~' guanine student. E’F‘f‘a' .lill.t.-:.:./l}‘ re". 5’

- A!) .r .uqu). n tccsfifl land]. "‘1 ')r7q(‘, . ’I,.~..‘

massage .I. as a

I Charina 'Zrnss Rtxm‘. a; is:

ll: .3 "\/.:]:_. H c KAI. ...l\

~- 1‘s”: .)O.:" \ \Llitycl la.\ ‘n' \I..I.\. . mm: n....2.. .. mu -2:

-203. tlttltlctllaic' -nt. ..


I ‘tylish Dennistoun flat .=.‘:!l‘. on: empty room. All mod ; ms A. :nil" lion .‘ll‘.’ centre. -' . st; pm. 014: 5% 5313. I Ynunq, professional female. i‘./.\‘. seeks .‘cozu it Bright. spacious. beatttil'tti flat {wooden floors/Inuit ceilinusl. Quiet. teary l'.)_‘"'.l0!‘. idea! - 'lo'sanlall. Kelvittstrle iipunts/tier: or :tcnt‘hy "U880 s“roe; (Hos 761347 gitiobtlcl. I .arge double mom aatlahl: Lt. ‘A'oootancts area -\ll .110}. .xtns. loads 31' nailing .‘Joalti suit mun: professiottal .i.‘ .‘tiatur: stun-ea. l-‘i .c minutes from .llltIL‘I'}:"')"lltl_ 30 seconds “on. tittl‘ .tjl‘l.‘ out". + hills. (lull ’l‘J' 33? 963." latter 6pm). I Kinning Park area l-lat/mont wanted. I'm male. 2‘). ltg'ol'csstonal Ccssnock area also :at‘.si:l:.‘:". Pleasn .‘ontac: Max on 0.4. 550 2375. or ’II 'tzzscatia‘ lit)11!l;tll.,‘"!‘l I Double room it: Sotitltsttle flat: ‘.‘."tt‘.tcc 37.)." professional tenant.- and eat K.‘Hs: be near pupil" :rattspart Phone Louise ‘t‘. ‘. i; 556 676‘). I Wanted accottttziotlatiot‘. in '3!as~;ou; are: from 3nd of january. souuiit by nor:- .sl}l\)i\'iil_L'. prof-:ssi ‘Zt'tl topple 71:35; Sonta‘rjt 3135‘ €726.79. I Wanted llatshar; West End. Sotztltsitle or central by professional til-'ll'.’ .=.itl‘. out! f'ttt‘niII'r" and thousands at nooks. To start 'Ji"‘l\'/!!lt’I lithium"; Call ()3 33:7 “.3 l‘ll executes or email to loltti :it {go/0 .‘illltl7lut;.'.‘t).llli I. Large hed ;:: large llat lll Wis: lino. newly "rittrliisltetl. 375i.) pen. plus: "’3" Jcposit. For any kind. 3 can, relitti‘te .‘Lli-i:)»'lll! people. preferably intt, :tt'ts :tnt‘ :t‘nf.‘ ‘Itlllc‘lllltl it"ll. (£42 335: 33‘“. I Southside flatshare it: quie. Sit:;.l‘.n::ttgo never heard at it) h". :zose a; amenities. pubs etc. (SCH. phone. parking. Nine ain'ttrs1':"‘;:‘.C~::tt:‘:tl Sttttton. Cali (ll-i; 636 0085.


iniZSL‘i's'LlIIL‘Ii‘. ClT'JLl -


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