CLASSIFIED i saw you m

V I saw you and thought you would be a refreshing change for Christmas. Your tall dark exterior and your warm smooth inten'or. Mixed with some bubbly lemonade and a bite of lemon you are perfect. Oh Sauza be mine. Box No U/322/50.

V I saw you Seattle Coffee Company. Waterstone's slim. dark. tattoo on arm! Would really like to buy you a coffee! Box No U/322/I.

V I saw you Matthew in Alloa. 25/11/97. You blond in Next fleece. ex Garvald. We spoke at end. You had a lift. Let's meet. Box No U/322/2.

V I saw you in your kill playing with a pile of wood sticks on 28/11/97 at one of Dumbarton Road pubs. Let’s meet. Box No U/322/3.

V I saw you behind the counter in the off-licence. Saltmarket. next to Tanning Studio. 30/1 I. Said you had a double. You smiled. sent me wild. Let's meet!! Box No U/322/4.

V I saw you One Night Stand matinee.GFT. 30/11/97. You: front rows. fair hair. worn up. black bag. new book. I hoped you'd drop something. even a hint. Box No U/322/5.

V I saw you at Cottiers. 28 November. Green. pink and silver. Mr Bija. Box No U/322/6.

V I saw you working in Edinburgh shop on 29/11/97. You enchanting smile. lovely all round. Me buying throwover. wishing to give you 3k kisses. Box No U/322/7.

V We saw both of you Ivanhoe. 5/12. You were drunk. so were we! Fancy another 'average' banana milk soon?! (Just follow the yellow brick road!!!) Box No U/322/8.

V I saw you Veronica. Tron 29/ 1 1/97. You gorgeous. charming and intelligent (Gig Guide. Counting House. Nobles. Honeycomb etc). Me kicking myself since and totally smitten! Drink and tour of Edinburgh? Box No U/322/9.

V I saw you Scarlet. in a northern Scottish town. You had too much style to mention. I swam around at your feet like some spilt lemonade. you were beautiful and dangerous. The

jailed man's dreams lay pale beside we two. Box No U/322/IO.

V I saw you David from Aberdeen. Queen's College 91. brother Donald in Edinburgh. You taught me how to do roll ups. Irish Claire has some juicy gossip for you! Box No U/322/I I.

V I saw you mad woman with the tartan car. You helped push start my triumph. Let‘s get together for a laugh. No complications. just fun. fun. fun. Box No U/322/12.

V I saw you Stuart at Jeff‘s party. Fri 28/11. Best laugh I've had iii ages. Thanks for the lift home. Hope I bump into you again. Box No U/322/l3.

V I saw you too briefly. small but perfectly formed O.T. student. bouncing in your outsize T-shin. I need your therapy. 1 want to explore life inside your Guernsey. Your smile haunts me. Robert. Box No U/322/14.

V I saw you Yvonne - Euro- Walk 2000. Falkirk. 1 really do think you‘re gorgeous and I'd like to get to know you. if you‘re free??? Love Norman. Box No U/322/15.

V I saw you Mark through my shattered lens and then again on 26 Nov. Me: missing you! You: just lovely!! Pop in next time you're passing and I'll make you a cup of milky tea. Ix. Box No U/322/16.

V I saw you Danced with you. kissed you. Kerry at Flow. CCA. 7/12. Thank you. where are you? I've been 147ling you. hoping you've called. please let‘s meet again. sober! Box No U/322/17.

V I saw you jigsaw girl. Happy Christmas from cress man. Box No U/322/l8.

V I saw you Motherfunk. 9/12/97. You drink with The Wannadies. Me: red shirted. babbling and English. You reminded me of an old flame. We were interrupted. Must see you again. Box No U/322/19.

V I saw you Brian at Waterstone's. Glasgow or at least I will if you pick me up at the airport in January. Love Cindy. Box No U/322/20.

V I saw you in Insomnia. Sunday 7 Dec. lunchtime. You: goatee beard. fair hair with three friends. Me: goatee beard. dark. We made eye contact. Hope to meet for a coffee. Box No U/322/21.

V I saw you Zen (double bass playing friend of Sophie?) 10/8/97. Bute Hall. then in the college club before the fireworks. You: short dark hair. black leatherjacket. See you again sometime? Box No U/322/22.

V I saw you Soldier Soldier at Going Places. Are you ready for active service. This Wren would like to know. Box No L7/322/23.

V I saw you rose tattoo on arm. walking tip Laurel Street. Yoti suit and moody face. Very nice. This local male would like to shag you. Soon. Bo\ No L732 1/1.

V I saw you our eyes joined. Diane. petite. smoker. outside Royal lidinburgh Hospital. The voices iii my head say you're the only medication 1 need. Save me. Box No L732 1/2.

V I saw you Linda. Polo Lounge. You: small. fair. with Susan. We danced once and you left with brunette. .\le: tall. blond and desperate to see your smile. Tatioed yet? Box No L7321/3.

V I saw you Alistair. looking rather the worse for drink at the BASS punch party. Glad to see you enjoying yourself. I don't know about the bouncer though! Box No L732 l/-I.

V I saw you . . . once. Danny from Kendall (as in mint cake) but never again. Where were you at Steven's leaving do? Oh well. maybe some other

time . . . Box No L'/32l/5.

V I saw you S. in Beiinet's I'Tltltl)’ 14/11/97. Went to mine for coffee but didn't have any. I walked you to a cab. Afraid I gave you the wrong number. The final tligit should be an 8. Also in directory. I. Box No L732 l/(i.


V I saw you teach badminton iii The Lion. The Bitch And The Wardrobe. I'm so glad your office was open during [itis‘tlfrii/t'ri. Here's to public conveniences! Always your friend. ML'FASA. Box No L7321/7.

V I saw you blue-sweatered guy. Yoti walked slowly past ()ld College and then across Cowgate around 3.30am.

I()/l l/‘)7. Few words exchanged. WLTM again. Indoor drinks maybe? Box No L732 1/8.

V I saw you Jason. Polo Lounge. end of October and Mon to Fri since. Did you see me? Fancy a pint sometime? Box No L732 l/‘).

V I saw you and our flatmates too. You are really pretty. photogenic. spicy. tidy Norwegian in Edinburgh. We aGRY that we love you. and we’ll miss you honey-mommy! Box No L732 l/10.

V I saw you CC Blooms. Sat 23rd. ‘lltiffy‘ brown hair. off- wl'ite v-neck T-shirt. there with friend! Smiled downstairs then lost you when I went up. Would be nice to talk! Box No L7321/1 l.

V I saw you you at leaving party. Me the English '8' in the auction October. You thin. wavy hair. ls Shivone your alias? See you Archaos. 11th. Box No L'/321/12.

V I saw you mon Petit Prince. EH. Jules: dreams? Reality? L'R back to your ‘llower‘ and ‘little planete' now? Sie ist zu stark. ich sollte resigniereii. Take care of baobabs' roots! Congratulations for LI..\I. Edelweiss. . . Box No

L732 1/1 3.

V I saw you P. Malcolm Campbell's. llyndland Road. Can't get you out of my head. I'm head over heels in love with you. bun. Say you'll be mine. Love you always. ll. Box No L'/32l/l-1.

V I saw you Ctil l)e Sac (Southside) Sat 22/11/97. You sitting. wearing grey top with two red stripes on the collar. We left at the satne time btit not together. Thanks for holding the door open. Maybe I can return the complement. Box No

Ll/32 1/1 7.

V I saw you sexy drummer of Solaris on Monday 24th. Let me hear the beat again on Friday 5th. I'll be in a red dress at Attic. Box No Ll/32l/lfi.

V I saw you walking your dog along the Kelvin Walkway. You: tall. beauty distilled into usualIy-spectacle-wearing. elegant human form. Me: the boy attempting to transmit the longiiigs in his soul through only the medium of his eyeballs and smile. Box No U/32l/15.


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V I saw you at the Christmas tree - then you slowly unwrapped me. Let me re-awaken your senses into 1998 at the Tartan Tear up on Hogmanay. See you under the mistletoe - Love Sauza. Box No U/322/51.

V I saw you PUB in CC Blooms. Dangle your string. and let me see what's on the end —‘ you can spit and polish me anytime! Box No L'/32l/18.

V I saw you reading the Builder from 1920. I was ending my day in the pages of Mortality. Immortality and other Life Strategies and other easy reads. Can we discuss this? Box No L732 l/l‘).

V I saw you kid. Like looking through a telescope the wrong way. Barbara. I need bi-focals! Box No L’/32 l/2l.

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