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Sex, violence and dangerous driving. The fashion world has launched into cyberspace with Web sites tailor-made for outrage. Words: Peter Ross

Associating your clothing with violent crime and Japanese under-age porn may seem like an odd sales- pitch for a fashion house to make. but it‘s just this near-the-knuckle angle which streetwear trendsetter Firetrap is taking with its Web site. And they‘re not alone: the cool labels are increasingly reluctant to jeopardise their carefully- constructed image with a s te which is little more than a piss-poor online catalogue.

At the Firetrap site. you play a ramraider. nicking a motor and cruising the neon- soaked city. maybe stopping to read about the Japanese sex industry before checking out this season‘s fashions by smashing through shop windows.

'l‘here‘s even a link (fake) to nude schoolgirl pictures as an incentive to get you to key in your details. The site comes with a cheeky disclaimer. warning off anyone under eighteen or without a strong mind of their own.

‘We want a powerful. raw-edge feel. because that is what we try to put across in our collections.’ says l‘loward (‘uthberL assistant head designer at Firetrap. ‘But the site is also sophisticated in its construction. lt‘s thought out. fun. and should be taken with a pinch of salt. All these elements say something about our clothes.‘

For Brit designers Red Or Dead whose site is created by Wax (Tommunications a Web presence is about attitttde not sales. You can order clothes modelled by sex dolls. influence the plot of a tongue-

’We're trying to get across what we stand for, which is irreverence, irony and not being afraid to stick two fingers up at accepted fashion principiesf

Wayne Hemingway, founder, Red Or Dead

in-cheek photo-romance. link to a cow-tipping site or take part in a striptease quiz. where Sheffield housewife. Shirley. becomes progressively ungarbed as you answer questions like ‘What the fuck is Gorky‘s Zygotic Myiici‘P'. Miss Selfridge it ain't.

‘We‘re trying to get across what we stand for. which is irreverence. irony and not being afraid to stick two fingers tip at accepted fashion principles.’ says Red Or Dead's charismatic founder. Wayne Hemingway. ‘You couldn‘t imagine John Galliano having a site like ours.‘

‘But anyone working in design should have a Web site. It isn‘t costly. so you can take risks and do things you wouldn‘t do in paid advertising. You can really experiment and get the flavour of the brand across.’

One of the more established fashion Web sites is also among the most inventive and impressive. Diesel. which recently opened a store in Glasgow. has had a Web presence since l‘)‘)5. updates at least once a week. and records 24.000 hits every single day.

You can download the company‘s innovative print and television ads. check out the latest collections or run- through recent fashion shows. So far so sane. but Diesel also give you the chance to rid yourself of ‘a whole host of dangerous bastards‘ in their teach-yourself-self-defence pages.

Bob Shevlin. head of the Diesel virtual department. explains. ‘Diesel has never appeared desperate to sell its goods. We wanted to do things on our site that didn‘t make much obvious sense and present our clothing in an elaborate and bizarre way. Our adverts are hyper-visual with amazing amounts of chaotic things going on. and the Web site takes the same approach.‘

It‘s nice to know that as we progress. Millennium bug aside. toward a situation where we can shop without leaving the couch. that there is still going to be room for the maverick and the experimental. Get ready to download your trousers.

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