Best comedian

Eddie Izzard

No rear (.ontest he"e The (ross-or'essng absurdist, vvho played Glasgow earl:er this montl‘, (harmed his vtay onto many a ballot paper Stotland's ovvn waste“ of the surreal, Phil Kay, trailed some v.'ay behind, but still ahead of the ‘ield

Best art exhibition

Eve Arnold Retrospective

Onte again, no serious (ompet;tioi‘ for this attolade Ms Arnold's magi‘it'ltent photographs, displayed at Edinburgh's National Portrart Gallery, \von vvth flying colours Edinburgh's Raebtlrn shox'.’ and the fotot’ms festival of photography which took pla(e ll‘ potl‘ (it es also got a respettame snare oi' the vote

Best shop

Marks & Spencer

Ready meals and sensible unoemear are obvrous‘ly popular (hoites John Smiths, Oasis and Fopp stored highly too, so we have deduted that you also read, dress up and listen to musit

Best place to eat

Pierre Victoire

The empire struck batK, as reasonaby priced French t'ood topped the pols again Other strong contenders in a large field were Glasgow's Tron Theatre and Kama Sutra Curry house, and Edinburgh's h’lGXICal‘-I'llged BBSE‘lTTGDi

Best place to drink Bargo

Glasgow's Style bar scene scored he;

Eddie Izzard: it's a drag being funny

l‘ere ()I'TO" (()".I(‘l‘(l(‘r‘s ":(lt.(l(‘(l the iron again‘ and Ba" lvlr'o in Gasgoxr, tne Basement -agal'l and the nev. JO-Q,‘ 8. llyde bar in l:d.n:)a"gh Sadly, unite a fev. ot' yoa pat "loine'

Top tipple


\".'e «e to ("‘(()L."(‘:(}(‘ a votmge' "(‘(‘lUO'S't‘p llov.e\.er‘, to see age" t'a "g [3.3% per "(1 \.'.as "‘a'mlv (:ep'ess :‘g At .east "o one We": oneo Bat Cast

Overall best night out this year

Going Places

Edinburgh's S\'.<l'li\\,’ t'anty dress hashes vvzn out again Referentes to ‘my l)"‘t'lday' as'de, Blll' and lddle lx/a'd lbotn Deter'lber were the best yoti." H()()( l‘-so//led 'nernorzes (ouid dredge til)

Best TV programme

This Life

One aga n, a (tear ‘.“.~llll(‘l, vath Dai‘iela and her flatmates storing th'ee tunes as n‘any votes as the toffee-sm "g (o- d\'.e?.e"s Ir‘ Fuends Other popular shows were US nied (a drama E R and the tragita y /e:tgelsty (omedy "fie/l Behav/ng Bad/y

Worst TV programme Blind Date

You’re as fed up wth Cilza and he" flirt- t'renztes as v. e are, it seems Te/etubb/es t nd Aergrdbours also stored l‘ gr‘ly, brat r‘ey, there are other t'mgs to do our ng the day

Best advert Perfect Day

v\r/\ r|'~lt I‘ s ~- n n t « s, t 5; \1. tik'xi t (‘A 3K -- . t S '0” S .

<<>""‘t t a Vot. .oted ‘o' a d ve'se

a get) ads "to 1" net" Boot: ‘(:to"s t (1 Ct ""tss " .s' ' ave "‘t (:e voa

' 'st‘,

Best radio show Chris Evans

7" e t; 'tge' "at st ores agar", his: peat "g t"ose mean (7- Northerners l‘vla'x ti .-ar'o Rad o S( ot a"ds Bebop To Hlp Hop a so

Got a 'espettan e sl‘a'e o‘ the vote

Best video game

Tomb Raider

La'a C 'o‘t's apptwar‘te o." the U2 tour (ll(l "er and "e." ("eators "o harm at a. \Irt': Tomb Raxder' 2 Just oat, t"ey ‘oo.-< set to s‘.‘.ept the board agan Rune N's— up were I'll/l ’97 and Pat/nan

Sporting highlight of the year


Cl'eat nun te hope 'ls'n llenrnan d (int pal o‘l tl‘e big one, but yot. enjoyed stipport "g 'l 'n lntne." that, or you mere last play 'rg Irum kerspottmg Formula 1 tame a (lose setond, despite the ‘urore ore" ('garette advertising

Sports personality of

the year

Ally McCoist

Several of you po2nted out the

(()'lI."(‘:(t ( tioi‘ l.": terms here, but yoa" l‘earts unarmed to Ranger's st"i,-<er turred talk snov. host l\l<('oist \N’lrnbledon heroes Herman and Ri.sedsk: reat hed (leute l'l setoi‘d plate


No winner

There's s;i( h a ‘.“.|(i(‘ variety out there that no I\".() 0‘ you voted for the same vvebsite Intriguing nominations

{l( Itided l\.l()l()((<ltl Tourist Board', ‘Virtua Bubbleurap' and ‘At the pipes beside r"y s'i‘I-t' llmmm

New gadget of the year Cyber pets

Remember luds, a tamagot< his not Just ‘or C 'lristrnas, 't's yours untrT the battery 't.i‘s out


Novel of the year

Brid et Jones's Diary Helen Fiel ing ‘5 e (I "g s to"‘ess out "me about

a s "(re v.o"‘a" a":: -"e' st't

\\i ‘n -\ (i. \f t 'L“ S \‘\, (1

s 5\\/ct\r

-t>v a .o"<; ("a a

otrv ous v stat s a t "U'ti "eade's Setor‘d td"‘(‘ N (x Hornpv 's d s-t-snott "g \dr" wig/7 Fde. t‘, r"(:t st' ttv t"‘s vea',

."oag'fi 0 ss

Author of the year

Iain Banks

is this "atior‘a t)" de, o' do vot. a set'etv e",.ov (2 s"‘e'noe' "g r‘setts‘ Anvvzav, 5((lf‘t‘:"(18 "‘ost p'ol ‘lt novest ta"‘e 'st, ahead 0‘ St >pl‘en ‘l'y and lidlr‘btngh drug. 't suetla st Kevm

\‘.' an‘so"

Woman of the year Diana \‘t'ho else7

Man of the year Tony Blair

Your votes vent to the ma." vvho ousted the Tories, then (or‘t 'xied irnpiemei‘ttng their pol:( .es Plus ta mange, e"7 Evtan l\l< Cl'egor (an‘e setor‘d again, vah (l‘ no. es hes a me guy

Shag ot the year

Ewan McGregor

At ast' Top plaung for Hollywood's favourite young S(()t, vantn sparrng partner Robert Car yle fal. "t; lr‘to setohd plate Dan ela Nar'dini was We woman "lost voters ‘.'.ai‘ted to sample tl‘ezr oedsprrngs 'lhose vxho pat 'l\le' vaerent (ounted, but t'leir names and addresses have bee". f .ed ‘or fiattire l'(‘i("'(‘ll( e

lhteirriational tritirrtpty ol the year

The Spice Girls

Wit". the Spite ba<~<lash .71 full svving, many of you ".aihed the famous five in t'ls (atego'y You v.erer"t repressed vvtl‘ Saddai'.‘~ l~lasse.n's aht (s, either, and some of you even expressed (o'ltempt for our beloved leader Tony Blair Poor little \'\./.il:anx Hague barely got a ()()K "

Blur: live and kicking

8 ,a" 998 THE “ST 9

‘9 Ile: '99]