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Calder's Cream Ale

The boffrns at Carlsberg-Tetley-Alloa have dreamt up a new wheeze to enc0urage drrnkers to sup more of therr Calder's, At WrnstOn's Bar rn Edrnburgh and Vodka Wodka, Blackfrrars and Waxy's rn Glasgow, every trme someone buys a prnt of Calder’s they trrgger a grzmo whrch blurts out a varrety of drfferent norses. A srren means you get a free half prnt, an alarm bell gets you a Calder’s T-shrrt and a fanfare of trumpets wrll get you the top prrze of a moleskrn Jacket. Whether punters wrll become so accustomed to the nOrses that they start exhrbrtrng Pavlovran droolrng every trme one goes off remarns to be seen.

The Real Ale Almanac The frfth edrtron of CAMRA’s Rea/Ale Almanac parnts a healthy prcture for the future of cask ale When the almanac was last researched two years ago, Protz documented around 750 commercrally avarlable real ales, thrs year there are over a thousand. Protz has grven tastrng notes for each ale along wrth rnformatron about the brewery whrch produces them, rncludrng the avarlabrlrty of brewery tours. Thrs rs very much a book to drp rnto rather than read from cover to cover but rt should prove very handy for the travellrng beer lover,

I The Real Ale Almanac rs published Neil Wilson Publishing at f 7. 99.

Jim Beam Blues

Does anybody else out there wonder why drrnks companres keep dressrng therr products up rn ever more elaborate drsgurses? lrm Beam Blues rs the latest creatron to be presented to a bewrldered publrc. It comes rn a gold coloured 275 ml bottle and rt contarns . . . you guessed rt . . .Just over a measure of er Beam and some cola. Imagrne that! PeOple who regularly drrnk bourbon and coke wrll frnd therr lrves revolutronrsed as they no longer have to put the person behrnd the bar to all the trouble of puttrng bourbon rn a glass wrth some rce and tOpprng rt up wrth coke. Who rs thrs armed at?

List Eating 8r Drinking Guide 1998

The List rs preparrng rts annual Eatrng 8r Drrnkrng Gurde to Edrnburgh and Glasgow. As usual, the coverage wrll be extensrve, detarled and rnformed. We need restaurant revrewers to help us do thrs. If you eat out regularly rn Glasgow and Edrnburgh, and can wrrte clearly and concrsely, then we want to hear from you. Turn to the classrfred sectron for further detarls,

& drinking



l Bann's 5 Hunter Square. 226 1112 Voted best cheap and cheerful meal rn

Edrnburgh by Lrst readers, Egon Ronay recommended, 10am-11pm every day.

The Basement 10a-12a Broughton Street. 557 0097

Restaurant qualrty food at pub-grub prrces, served 'trl 10pm rn lrvely, colourful surroundrngs

Q The Bookstop Cafe 4 Tevrot Place

i 225 5298

New bookshop/cafe. Promrses book-browsrng, plus, extensrve coffee menu, smoothres and delr snacks.

Cellar No 1 1a Chambers Street. 220 4298.

For superb atmOSphere, wrnes and

food, late nrghts and lrve musrc, the Cellar rs No 1!

Common Grounds 2/3 North Bank


Kaffe Politik 146/148

Sun 10am-4pm } Excellent vegetarran

Amerrcan-style coffee

I. Ar ) house on The Mound ' A ‘5‘ Food served all day. Lrve musrc most evenrngs

Cyberia Internet Cafe, 88 Hanover Street. 220 4403

'One of the best cafes rn Edrnburgh . . .' Scotsman. Wrth the fastest rnternet access rn town

Dial restaurant/cafe 44/46 George IV Brrdge. 225 7179

'Wears rts style wrth a caprtal wrth food to match ' Conrad erson, Modern Scottrsh Cursrne


Filmhouse 88 Lothran Road. 229

. 5932.

' Relaxed, atmospherrc cafe bar, servmg great value fr snacks, FILMHOUSE

salads, specrals and brrllrant cappuccrnos 10am till late.

Helios Fountain 7 Grassmarket

(wrth shop) 229 7884

Mon-Sat 10am-6pm, coffee house servrng really tasty food

lsabels Cafe 83 Clerk Street (below Nature’s Gate) 662 4014

Stone walled, smoke-free basement oasrs servrng homemade veggre/vegan food fresh, delrcrous and cheap!

52” Food specrals all day 'Worth

the trrp.’ 10am— 10pm, 7 daysm .

Khublai Khans Mongolian BBQ 43 Assembly Street

555 0005.

Lunch (Frr 8 Sun) £5.95, drnner (seven days) £13.95. All you can eat DIY BBQ Unrque and fun.

Marchmont Road. 446 9873.Espresso bar. lurce bar

Ndebele 57 Home Street 221 1141 A cafe and sandWrch delr wrth an rmpresSrve range of culrnary delrghts from Southern Afrrca.

chensedbrstro and t; --


Negociants cafe, bar, restaurant 45-47 Lothran Street 225 6313 Eclectic Medrterranean menu, superb range of drrnks, coffees, cocktarls, wrnes and beers Open 9-3am

Pancho Villas 240 Canongate

557 4416.

Mexrcan-born owner Mayra Nunez says ’If you're gomg to eat Mexrcan, then don't be bland.’ Lunch untrl 5pm, drnner untrl 11pm

Passepartout 24 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbrrdge. 332 447%. ,. . c "

coffee house New, excrtrng, eclectrc! Cosmopolrtan cursrne wrth darly set prrce lunch/drnner menus from £5.50/£12 50 (bookrng advrsable).

La Piazza 97-99 ShandWrck Place.

221 1150.

Stylrsh ltalran restaurant wrthout deSrgner prrces. Open 7 days 11am-mrdnrght.

Pyramids 16 Haymarket Terrace. 337 9979.

For a completely drfferent taste thrs Chrrstmas. Egyptran and Sudanese Cursrne Brrng y0ur own wrne

The Sanctuary 38 Blarr Street 225 6885. New bar/cafe excellent food rn unusual surroundrngs Wrth cool sounds. 6pm—late Tue-Sat

gaze Stack s3-ss Broughton Street. 556 6032. Much more than burgers and steaks at

thrs stylrsh but friendly new chargrrll


Tabula Rasa 90 Haymarket Terrace 474 3446.

It's Latrn rhymrng slang for a clean

plate Yours er| be! Try rt'

Back Alley Restaurant 8 Ruthven Lane. 334 7165.

World wrde cursrne, weekend breakfasts, Happy Hour, lunch menu, evenrng

. specrals and Glasgow's best burgers!

Balbir‘s 51 West Regent Street. 331 1980,

Not brg, not desrgner, not sexy, Just

brrllrant Hrgh qualrty lndran cursrne at affordable prrces.

Brel bar: restaurant 39 Ashton Lane 342 4966

Belgran beers (draft Leffe

and Hoegaarden), frne { wrnes, rustrc food, cool musrc, relaxed atmosphere

Cafe Del Mar 94 Queen Margaret Orrve 400 5560

A relaxed and frrendly atmosphere New Medrterranean brstro and coffee house rn the West End Students always welcome BYOB Take-away avarlable all day

Grassroots 20 Woodlands Road

353 3278

Scare-free food, organrc grocerres, excellent bread, frne cheeses, herbs and sprces, wholesome foods yum, yum

Kama Sutra 331 Sauchrehall Street 332 0055

Buffet on down for a

qurckre at lunchtrme, £5 95. Monday evenrng buffet £9 95 I (untrl 10.30pm)

O Alprne grotto of delrght,

Le Petit Pain 239 Byres Road 337 1118 (phone/fax)

Coffees, qualrty sandwrches and pastrres to go or to stay. Outsrde catering

Mama Miska 1321 Argyle Street, 334 0594. Mama

Lashrngs of paprrka, v Miska

pasta and przza. 'An hrghly recommended.’ The Lrst.

Miro's 36 Kelvrngrove Street.

353 0475.

The new look Mrro offers a fresh vrew to European drshes, Open from noon trll late, 7 days a week.

Mojo 158a Bath Street. 331 2257.

Much acclarmed M O

stylrsh bar -- a unrque blend of modern

brasserre cookrng rn an rntrmate settrng.

Mungo Jerri's, American Sandwich

Cafe 25 Parnre Street. 552 7999

Over 30 ways to get

(phone/fax). Chorce of 33 varretres of Amerrcan food rn Amerrcan style Wrth Jazz and R88. | Murphy's Pakora Bar 1287 Argyle Street. 334 1550.

/ stuffed at the great Murphy's buffet. Darly 3- 9... F '

7pm only £3.95. Ocho 150 West Campbell Street.

332 1032, D A vrbrant new bar, provrdrng relaxed meals, noon-7pm, funky musrc, great vrbes and darly

. drrnks promotrons.

Rab Ha’s Restaurant 83 Hutcheson Street. 553 1545.

: Tradrtronal Scottrsh cursrne offered rn rntrmate Surroundrngs, wrth a chOrce

of pre-theatre and a la carte menus from 5.30pm, 7 days a week.

Ristorante La Fiorentina 2 Parsley Road West. 420 1585.

Savour the flav0ur of Tuscan cookrng wrth our extensrve menu rncludrng

y many vegetarran drshes.

Restaurant Splash. at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 2 Sauchrehall

' Street, Glasgow, G2 3NY.

Tel 332 3163.

Stravaigin 28 Grbson Street.

334 2665

Fresh Scottrsh rngredrents, authentrc and orrgrnal reCrpes, award-wrnnrng cookrng, lrvely and rnformal atmosphere

The 13th Note 80 Glassford Street. 553 1638

Bar/cafe/venue WIIh a totally vegan menu of wholesome food wrthrn a relaxed atmOSphere

Tron Theatre 63 Trongate. 552 8587. 'A whole lot more than great theatre’. Voted Glasgow's best bar The Lrst Readers Poll

' Thgl—Jbiquitous Chip 12 Ashton

Kv‘dluk (U


334 5007

One of Glasgow's frnest restaurants servrng modern Scottrsh fayre

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