NME Miller Genuine Draft Tour

'_ It’s that trrne of year agarn when the NME and Mrller Genurne Draft get

r - g. a- together to produce the NME Awards wrth “I L mwg-Imlmh

Mrller Genurne Draft the musrc awards that truly matter As well as the controversy-cluttered Awards ceremony rtself and an entrre week of grgs at the London Astorra, NME and Mrller Genurne Draft also organrse a ten day natronwrde tour featurrng four of the most eXCrtrng new bands to be found currently clarnberrng up the pop ladder to superstarclom Thrs year, The Stereophonrcs, Asran Dub Foundatron, Warm Jets and Theaudrence wrll be pullrng up to Glasgow's Garage on 15 Jan

We have ten parrs of trckets, ten NME lvlrller Genurne Draft Awards T-shrrts, ten

record bags and ten cases of smooth, clean tastrng lvlrller Genurne Draft beer for the readers who can answer thrs Name the Stereophonrcs' debut album Answers on a postcard by Mon 5 Jan Mark them NME MILLER COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

As wrnter draws rn, Met/ rs grvrng The US! readers the opportunrty to defy the cold weather and wrn a free case of Metz, the premrurn chrll- frltered schnapps drrnlc. Also up for grabs are a number of other Metz goodres.

Metz, the chrll-frltered pure schnapps drrnlc has been one of the great alcoholrc success stones of the year. To round rt all off, they recently launched a revolutronary poster advertrsrng campargn usrng a

,,; The Promise

" A rornantrc eprc set dur’rng the use

thermo-chromrc~ rnlc whrch "£74935 , only bemmos vmble when ' and fall of the Berlrn Wall, The Prom/se the temper n'umidrops bo'low spans almost 30 years of German hrstory, 3 degrees (“mgr me the perrod berng reflected rn the fate of two

When thrs happens the promqonms SOPhw' advertrsrng begrns to drsplay the Who “(‘03 to the

' message. ’At 3 degrees C Met/ WOSI’ ‘md hm comes alrve’, rllustratrng the fact boymmd Komdd’ who farls to escape and rs left rn the East Irr c)rclc)r tc) authentrcate the produc'tron, the

that Metz rs best served at a temperature your toes frnd unbearable. To celebrate thrs rc'e-breakrng advertrsrng campargn, Met/ rs offerrng frve readers the opportunrty to wm a case of d'mmor' Margarethe von Trotta, met wrth many peOple of varrous backgrounds sc‘rentrsts,

Take along this magazine and present it to the relevant box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to refuse admission.

Metz and an exclusrve fleece Jacket. An addrtronal frve I . runners-up wrll recerve a fleece r’ Jacket, and a further twenty entrants wrll wrn a Metz hat and

an exclusrve srlver-thermal blanket ,,

II. “Mdfl‘midgl‘ud \VrllCrS,

TO Wllt one Of these idiiidStK, m.“ ClergYIHOH onoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo prrzes, all you need to do rs answer i ' thrs srmple questron: A d'SS'dems “"d

even requested a rnrxed frlrn crew taken from both srdes of Germany. Cc>rrsequently, The Promrse rs a

What message rs drsplayed on the revolutronary thermo-c'hronrc rnk

The Vrrgrn Megastore on Edrnhurgh's Prrnces Street

f 3 , advertrsrng posters for Met]? (m it hmom 1mm “mm is we” 18 hem 3 opens at 5am on Mon 22 Dec g. , .2. I”? r s A) At 10 degrees C bears go rnto J 8‘ ' it, y " " g and won’t shut agarn rrntrl "1 In H; hrbernatron - (k (ply mov'ng low SIOW’ 5pm on Wed 24 Dec Vrrgrn are r W .‘ B) At 3 degrees C Metz comes alrve we have “V0 ('Op'os 0f the who togglve offerrng a {'10 grft voucher to the frrst 3" . " . 3‘3 Cl At 6 degrees C yOur car refuses to (“'de to anyone Who ("m ‘mswer my three readers through the doors wrth r ' start i In What year d'd the 8mm wall (ome a copy of the maga/rne after mrdnrght , Answers on a postcard by Mon 5 Jan down? _ on Mon 22 Dec and Tue 23 Dec ,, ‘1 Mark mom. Answers on a postcard by Mon 5 lan I MHZ COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Mark. them PROMI.SE COMP, The List, Edinburgh. EH1 "E 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 115. m


'lhe sandwrch and coffee

shop on 239 Byr'es Road,

Glasgow rs offerrng a free

coffee when you buy a sandwrc h wrth thrs voucher

R U L E Only one entry per person per competition. If you are entering more than one competition, you need

use only one envelope, but please make sure that your name, address and voucher are attached to EACH entry. Competitions are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 in alcohol-related offers). No responsibility can be accepted by The List for prizes which cannot be obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The List Competition Winners, stating which issue(s) results you require.

Cut out competition vouchers below and attach to answer. Entry invalid without relevant voucher V


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