Form an orderly stampede. Because, featuring long-exposure

photographs taken from a movmg vehicle, Gunda Forster's

(HANUI is a real spectacle. It employs four prolectors to create

a dynamic, disorientating; enwronment. It's Ferstermama! See

It at the Scotland / BOFIIH exhibition, CORRESPONDINCES

29 November '97 1 February '98. Adini55ion free.

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Committee and Panel Members External Advisers

The Scottish Arts Council (SAC) is looking lor people with a commitment to the l‘uture ol‘the arts in Scotland and

willing to make a contribution to their advancement.

New members are needed to serve on the Council‘s artl‘orm and lotterv committees and panelsfl'heir role will be to advise Council on policv and make lunding

recommendations and decisions within the artl‘orm: COMBINED AR'I'S CRAI’I‘S DANCI-I DRAMA LI’I‘IiRA’I‘URIi MUSIC VISUAL ARTS L( )T’l‘l-IRY

Also required are individuals to act as external advisers, reporting on arts events for SAC as part ol~ its assessment procedure. Advisers normallv work within an agreed area

and artlorm.

Appointments to committees and panels are for three and two vears respectivelv and members will be asked to attend

between two and six meetings a vear.

Applications are invited from people with relevant prolessional experience in the arts or with an in-depth knowledge ofcontemporarv arts in Scotland. The posts are

voluntarv, but expenses will be reimbursed.

Further details and application form available from:

Denise (iihhons

Scottish rim Council, I2 .llunor Place, [Edinburgh [fl/2 7DD 'lcls0131 226 (303/

c- muilsdcn isc.(t/il>l)ons. le CCU; urLjh. or”. uk

website: http://wwwsac.org.uk

Closing date for applications: 26 january I998

The Scottish Arts Council aims to create a climate in which Arts of quality flourish and are enjoyed by a wide range of people throughout Scotland.