Ground Control lo 1 1pm. (iet read} for an tip-for-il mi\ of hip hop, drum 'n' bass and reggae. (iround (‘ontrol are \sell-kiioun from .\lc('huill's \Vediiesda} hip hop/drum ‘n‘ bass night.

Peter Parker I I l I.4Spiii. .\'iii it) he confused \\ ith Spiderman. Peter Parker from (irand ('entral Records is a hip hop reiolutionar}. straight outta Manchester. .\ \ irtuoso l).l. he has imented a lien

st\ le of scratching called ‘turntableism'. Jenga Heads 1 l.45pm lam. l-ormer Volcano staltxarts. the .lenga Heads are no“ resident at the Tunnel. \\ here the} put on the big names of drum 'n‘ bass: (ittltlic, (it'mn L'l'ltlc‘l' tllltl Doc Scull,


Bell Street, 9pm-12.45am, running times tbc.

George Bowie Radio ('lylc's Breakfast Shim DJ pla)s to the crowd.

Trevor Reilly .\ long-standing figure in the Scottish house \c‘c'ttc'. Tremr is current!) resident at Metropolis in Saltcoats.

Simon Foy Resident DJ at The 'l‘iiiiiiel‘s legendar} lirida} night The .'\rl\' and Inside Out at The Arches, Simon has pioneered the speed garage sound in Scotland.

SCOtt Ritchie and A] Residents of The

Arches c’lll loose.


Watch out for performances from the likes of SheBoom. The (iutty Slippers and The liltis ('leaning ('ompany outside The Strathduie on Blackfriars Street and Bar 9] on ('andleriggs.


Hutcheson/Wilson Street, 9pm-12.45am, running times tbc.

Colin Tevendale To be eiiiil'iriiicd. l'suall)' seen spinning the disks at The Tunnel. ('olin treats its to a set.

The Space Brothers Hai iiig jiisi scored a dance chart Number One \\ ith

‘l-‘orgh en ll l‘eel Your [.o\ei'. the follow-up to the massix e ‘Shine‘. The Space Brothers are feeling prett} astral and their performance promises to he L'ostttic‘.

Bruce Wayne What is il \sith l).ls llin ing the same name as superheroes in ci\ \ ies (see Peter Parker. hip hop stage l'.’ Bt'tlc‘c‘. a protege of Sash. \\ ill be fun ing it large in the usual Wayne manner.

Dave Pearce The presenter Hi the Radio I \xeekend breakfast shim and a Sunda} dance programme. spins house anthems and broadcasts (ilasgtm ‘s Hogmanay lixe to the nation on f)? ()‘)l".\l and the Radio I Web site. ll).3()pni l2.3llam. l-‘ollim ing the Dance Part}. Dave will pla) at set at The Tunnel. see (‘luhs listings. page 9 l.


Virginia Street. 9.30pm-12.45am. Academy Street Records showcase 0.30 l()..‘~()pm. Featuring Queen Nadine. Blue Dream. l)e('aprio and Nicholas. Wild Women Of Wonga

ltlfill 10.45pm. Sass} house duo whose "l‘hank You/Natixe l.o\e’ single shot up the dance charts last _\ear.

ICON HHS llpm. (ilttsgtm -hased purve) ms of iipheat dance music. including the single ‘Sweet lieeling'.

DJ Michelle I l l 1.45pm. Fresh from l-‘Iesh. [.me Boutique. Jo}. Poptastic and the Polo Lounge Friday nights. SheBoom l l.45 midnight. See ('hristmas Tree Stage.

0] Ms Alston I115 12.45am. I)J .\ls :\lslolt Ia) s down a hard house \‘ihe ewry Sunday at :\t‘c‘httos.


Pure lllpm late. £15. Renowned for running qualin parties. l’ure remix llogmana} higtime..ioined h} Stephen ‘liarl' Broun.


Tune into Glagritrr

Radio 1 could have those.“ ariy\.'~./l‘.e"e to broadcast .;ve from on New. Year's Eve They could have had I large !ll Trafalgar Sguare, they could".e been massive r" Bristoz, they could even have gone to Edieburgh But, no Radio l are coming at the nato". live "‘oni Qasgovfls Hogmanay, I" a shoe. f'ro'iteu a, We station's :ia"(e DJ Dave Pearce The r'easO"7 Giasweg ans a'e n‘ar: lo' 't

'We"e (orr‘ ng to Glasgow because, .'."ier‘ we were try at; to find otit had the maddest new yea' parties " the <oaetry, Scotland always came out tops,’ says Pearce Glasgow's a mac e wnere people rea ly go ‘or it '

To help you go for :t, "it-'3 be sow" "g a sweet selecton of be: house anthems 'Everytiiv‘g "on By'o" Stingiy to Sasr‘ to the Pot". K.ngs' T."(‘ show, which takes place at the Jtlll(i|()l‘ of llutcheso". and \"J' Ison Street frorr‘ 9:)n‘, will be boosted by sets ‘ro't‘ The Space B'()’..’l("'S, Bruce Wayne art: The ltirtr‘el's Colin Tevendale

‘i want to get everyone A: the nee. year woe] says Dearc e 'We'll create a party atmo-sphere on the street, so as ma"y as possible can come cilOHQ and have a i.'.i|d

tir'ie \.'.itl‘ some cool lt‘...‘S:( '


Martian already: The Space Brothers

A gay H0

New to Glasgow’s Hogmanay celebrations this year is The Pink Stage, featuring extroverted and outrageous DJs and performers from Glasgow’s happening gay scene. The only criteria for acts on this stage is that they have to be ready to party.

The Pink Stage, in Virginia Street, is intended as a reflection and celebration of the sizeable gay community in Glasgow's Merchant City. Accordingly, many of the gay businesses in the area are sponsoring and supporting the stage.

First up on the night is a showcase of artists from Academy Street Records, a Scottish label specialising in commercial dance. This is followed by performances from dance groups Wild Women Of Wonga and Icon and an up-for-it set from DJ Michelle, veteran of the legendary Flesh and Poptastic nights. Funky drummers SheBoom will ., , be banging at the bells, and DJ Ms Alston (Shirley's Temple) will start V

January on a high with his hard house thing. Ghsgow gets its fist pink number at Hogmanay

Pure is not a word that readily springs to mind when preparing to celebrate

It: Hogmanay But the club of that name a one of the big success stories in Scottish dance lTlUSK are going to be seeing in the new year with a

storming session in Glasgow Pure have been running guality parties for seven years, '.".(itl(ilflq regular spots a'. Edinburgh’s Venue and Glasgow's Sub Club Its regular Dis Twnt h, delllSIOllY], Dribbler and the Bill have built up a solid reputatior‘i for purveying slamming beats of the techno, electro, dub and house variety Pure \‘Vlll be lorried on the night by Stephen “Earl” Brown, who will play live Brown released 'l-low I feel, one of 96's Top Twenty dance tracks, on Pure's own T628 imprint 'Everyone's going to be double mad for it,' says Twitc h ’The Friiitmarket is a brilliant space for putting on parties ' Pure are no strangers to playing Hogmanay shows ’In the past we’ve rriarked the bells by playing ridiculous Scottish music with techno beats over the top,’ says Twrtc h ’We’ve got a few ideas for this time, but it's a surprise ' Prepare to get mad for it to ’Donald Where’s Your Troosers'

Pure rs at The Fro/(market, Albion Street, G/asgow, 70pm late, {/5 See Information box

Twitch of Pure

l9 Dec l99/ 8 Jan1998THE llST15