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12 days of TV Christmas films

CHRISTMAS EVE FILMS continued s Mrs Miniverttmcli

ll.35atit slalSptii. (it‘eer (iai’son won ati Oscar for her performance as the mother of a troupe ol‘eyeryday heros. keeping the British spirit aliy e during World War ll

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? t(“5i l.|tI 3.50am. A seemingly kiiid oid w idow oI'I'eis to take in some orphans t'or (‘hristnias But when she starts to believe that one ot the girls is her dead daughter. e\ents take a sinister tiiiti. A Damsel In Distress it‘s r 3.50 4.40am 'l‘oe-tapping l'red Astaire is an .-\tneitcan composer in l.ondoii who irristakes a \ltlll} heiress tor a showgtrl. Night Nurse t(‘-li 3. l5 4. itlatii. A Baiham \'tanw yck douhle hill opens with the actress play trig .t prtyate nurse who unco\eis an ex rl scheme to stai'ye the two girls iii liei care to death and steal their inheritance

Baby Face t( it I 4M) 5.55am. Barbara Stanwyck is iii quintessential lemme [ti/tile mode as a woman using \arious men like rungs on a ladder in her clitiih Ii'oni the gtrtter to the top ot' society. Christmas Snow t(‘i ) 4.40 5.30am. l-eel-good l'ilrn ahout a Scrooge-like landlord w ho mysteriously disappears when he plans to ey ict a widow from the sweet shop she has run tor it) years.


A Christmas Carol t titu‘zi 7 s. Itianr, Sc iooge and ('o go through the paces iii a cteals} l‘l ‘5 \ei'stoti ol' Dickens's classic.

David Copperfield I BB( ‘ZI H II) lillfiaiii. .‘yloi‘e Dickens li'oin .itls Holly wood, (ieoige ('ttkor sttc‘cessl'ttlly liiriigs the spraw ling story to the screen. aided hy lltt‘ llkcs Ul- \\'.(‘. l'ieltls as Mt .‘yltcawhei' Dr Dolittle ((‘sil ltlam i3.4llplll. 'l‘here's plenty olcolottt' and a couple ol- good times as Re\ Harrison talks to the animals. hut it's way too long to keep the ktds tIIlc‘tL‘slt‘tl Honey, I Shrunk The Kids tScottishI Ill. Want noon i’allllly ad\eiittrr'e with tiiiriiattrirsed children lacing outsi/ed dangers

Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory I BB('l I I l (Haiti Ilsltlpm. (iene \Vildei plays clioctdate-genius Willy \Vonka in this tantasy hased on the Roald l)ah| noyel. A surreal and sortietirnes cruel niorality tale.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (Scottish) H.350. lllpiri. Two dogs and a cat -- yoiced hy Michael .I. lios. Sally Field and Don Ariieche

trayel a long way to he reunited w itlt their human owners.

84 Charing Cross Road ((‘Si l.()5~-3.t)5prii. Anne Bancroft and Anthony Hopkins star iii this true story ol' a low al‘t'air ot' letters between an outspoken leiitale w rtter' from New York and the titale owner ot' a bookshop in London.

Slapstick ((5) 3,05 4.2(lprii. (‘oiiipilation ot' some ot' the truest moments from the silent lilrii era.

White Christmas IBIK‘ZI 3. It) 5.05pm. Bing Crosby and friends head to an run in \"eriiiont and croon away the days.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (Scottish) 3.10 4.45pm. Brilliant \ersion of Dickens's seasonal tale with Kermit and (_"o causing Michael ('aine‘s Scrooge to haye a change ot' heart.

>- The Flintstones l Imc‘tt

4. It) 5.30pm. Bedrock is estruisitely recreated in this hye action update on the popular cartoon series. .lohn (ioodriiaii is Fred and Rick .\loi‘anrs plays Barney iii this esuherant Itioyie. Who cares ahotit plot when it looks so great" Moonwalker ((‘SI III) (iptti, Michael Jackson datice and music \ehrcle. Madame Butterfly l Imeli 5.20—7.3(lpiir. A nice. hut rather straightl‘orward \eiston ot' l’uccini‘s classic opera about the price paid hy a Japanese woman when she gryes her heart to art American \"rng lluang. Richard Troxell and Richard (‘owan are the yocal .stat‘s.

Kind Hearts And Coronets r(‘.ti 5.30- 7.30pm. ()iie ot the yery hest lialing comedies teatures Alec (itimiiess in no less thati eight roles. each time on the receiving end ot‘ l)eiiiiis l’rice‘s murderous intentions. Delightt'ully cynical.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York



The Confessional .1}! him (it'liltl is 2i last amt-'i/z s'. a

;).\~\ ,‘

l-r'ttthrtXhS‘asrl Itfi't‘tt‘til '

x'yi \]



The Mask (BBC 1) 6.SO--8.30pm. When a mild-mannered bank clerk puts on an ancmnt mask, he becomes a superhuman cartOOn character wrth amazrnu powers of transformation Despite thrusting the horror that is Jim Carrey upon an unsuspecting public, The Mask is actually great fun and top-notch eye candy

tScottishI "will ‘l-lSpni Once again Macaulay (’ulkiti is separated tiont his parents. and once again he comes across the same inept criminals Neil Simon‘s London Suite t(‘<i ‘) illnilll‘lll 'l'\' nioy ie pieiiiiere starting I‘M/iii /"s Kelsey (iiaiiiiiiet Seyeii .-\niertcaits. all stay trig iii the same London Hotel. lose luggage. t'titd new hegiiinrngs arid are tempted hy old lo\ es La Reine Margot r Imcj. Ill.2tlpm lliiiiit. Superh l'rench epic that hriiigs yoti tip closet to the sweat and dirt than your usual costume diatiia Politics. religious persecution. hypocrisy and hloody tiiassactes keep the action arid the screen tilled w rtli colour lri l-iencli w itli suhtrtles

About Last Night its

stars tit this tortiaiitic coiiiedy al‘ottl two lU\ c‘ts Dracula, Prince Of Darkness tt‘ 1- ll.()5pirr l: Jinn ('lirrstophet | ee s second outing as llatriirrei 's |)iactila is liillll_\ t'oitiitilaic sttitt

Mortal Thoughts I Scottish. Illipni l _‘Ilain Henri Home plots to kill her al‘ttsiy e hushaiid in one ot the actress's hest irroy tes

Airplane! IBB(‘II ll .zspm I Ill.r".t A classic disaster itio\ te spool. w rtl: eycess haggage ot innuendo and wac k_\ antics Does anyone know him to Ily a plane ’3’

The Asphalt Jungle t Hist? l2 ‘6- .-\ ciiiriinal niasteinnnd gathers together a team tor a rewel store rohhety. hut .i douhle cioss hinders his plans Summer 0f'42 it‘s» I: to 3 “am -\ teenage hoy e\perierices the lust Ilush ot lo\ e arid se\tial aw akeirrng when he talls tor a w idow ed war hride

Lust ForA Vampire it‘ti IIJS :Ml‘tttt 'l‘he no\el (.tllllll/ltl is a wry loose inspiration indeed lot this llaritnier nii\ ot liorrot and nudity. as a lt‘ltltllt‘ \aniptie preys on a British liriisliing school tor girls Carry On Loving t BB(‘lt I In 3 roam The usual stiiutty shenanigans Iioiii the ('tri'i'y UH teatii

Front Page Woman ititi 2


18 THE LIST 1‘.) Dec 1097-8 Jan l998

ltl.-lllpiii l2.~ltlanr A young “L‘lltl .\loo!e

-4 “Sam Bette I).i\ is is a reporter in lo\ e

liirii h it i. to Uitt‘lit‘t, ‘.'.ll("tt* he (itsr overs his ;:

Tia-Wit'e it't-t 'l-T >l‘-'.'l lt'rgiite'x 'rc rim-sf T: ' um lirrrtit‘. illtlltl‘. isf' waseli,’ i!l‘.i.("tl ‘.'.’llll Allied to» ‘7: -‘.‘..'t l i‘et Ibo/1‘ I


w itli a ll\ al newspaper iiian. doing her liest to dispel his cli.iti\rtiistic l‘eliels .tl‘Htll the iiidtistiy \ spaiky cottiedy, Lord Jim t(‘*i 1-1” 5 l5ani .-\daptatiori «it-('otttad‘s rioyel ahout a cowardly sailor who is appointed leader ot art Asian \ illage atid is pit! to the test Fashions 0f1934«(‘-II~I n5 52min -\ncient comedy with \Villiatii l’owt ll as a designer passing ott' other people's

w oi k as his ow tl.


Gold Diggers Of 1933 I Iitit‘ji " ill ‘) |<arn (‘lassic ptittiii' ott-a-sliow spectacle liotii niastei clioieogiapher litlsi‘y iit'lis‘c‘lt'} The Princess And The Goblin it‘FI ‘l lll .itlatii -\iiitri.ition III which the tarry tale lite ot a pretty princess is thrown into that“ .t S't'l‘llll lk'\\‘illil|‘ll Rt‘ati “ital you w ill ot the class slltt}.'},'lc' tiito that Oliver Twistrtmt'joi I< II tifiani loiitlori‘s \ ictorian sliiriis come to lite iii llay tdl cairs e\cellent \ersioti ot' the Dickens time]. with -\lec (itittitiess as lagiii Superman III BBt‘l lit lllairi l.‘ lllptit ('lrzzstoplier Reey: ptills on the cape and trs'lrts to do hattle with Rol‘ett \attz'hzi's wit iawl tycoon atri Richard l’ryot s greedy hacker Freaky Friday . scoursti~ lIl 5tlani l3 Utprii Needless ieiitake ot the 1‘)“ irtotliei daughter holy swap Thoroughly Modern Millie Itiit‘l. ll “5am I :llt‘ltl ltilie \ndrews stars as a l‘lllls tlapt‘ei in this cnioyal‘le musical \Pcitll Jack The Giant Killer it ' it ll Harri lpni t'lirltliett s .tii\t‘llllllt'. as a Iartiiei is sort tights o!t .i two-headed ‘._'t.tltl. a dragon and a monster in his clllt'llll‘l lit lc‘u’llc' .l [‘llllc'c'\\ Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm eScottrsli; I it) Illlpiii i‘t‘altlt’c'dt‘ltg'lll episode troiii tlie .iitiiiiated Battiiaii series which hoasts eIIectiye gothtc designs. hut is a hit weak in the story departitient. Hook t BBC! i3 III .1 35pm l’royirig that a lot ot' inoiiey arid a galayy ot' stats Il)tlslltl llott'iiiati. Rtti‘ttl \Vrllranis. .ltilta Rol‘ettst do not a good trio\ ie titake.