12 days of TV Christmas films



Grand Hotel (Cd) 2 10-4

the stories of a riroup of hotel quests.

SAT 28 FILMS continued

The Red Light Sting r(‘5i

|050pni |3.JFam. 'l‘\' lllt)\'lL‘ in winch a young district attorney is giy en the dubious ioh ol purchasing a w hor'ehouse in order to gather evidence on local niohsters.

Carry On Again Doctor r BB(‘I l ||.sl0pni |.l0arir. Strllice to say .lini Dale's character is called Dr James Ntitik'c‘y.

= The Incredible Shrinking Man 038(3) Midnight ~ I .20ani. (‘aught in a strange nirst. (iiant Williams starts shrinking and lriids new dangers in ey'er'yday situations.

The Lost Capone t(‘5r 12.45 2.35am.

; ScarltrceK younger l‘ri'tllllc‘t' has become a ! respectahle Iiiarslrall in a small Midwest i lt)\\ll. Needless lti say he ends up

clashing with his less legit gangster brother.

War Of The Colossal Beast ( BBC‘Zi |.20 3.35am. Sequel to The :lnrun’rre ('u/murl .llrrrr (shown Bosirrg Day). with more giant-sr/ed destruction.

The Picture Snatcher tC‘J)

2.05 ~325aiu. l-ast-uioy'iiig melodrama

t with James (‘agney as an es-con photographer taking reyeahng news pictures.

Chief Crazy Horse r(.‘5i 2.35 --lam. \"ictor .‘ylature plays an idealistic Sioux lighting lor the sury'ry'al ol his trihe.

Taxi ((‘Jr 3.35- 4..l0arn. The second title in tonight's James Cagney dotihle hill casts hrnr as the owner ol an independent tayi company who leads lellow cahhies against a powerlul syndicate.

Prisoner In The Middle t(‘5i sir—5.30am. Drama about nuclear weapons lalling into the wrong hands.


Custer Of The West t BBC I r 7.|07-<).35anr. Robert Shaw is the ill-lated (ieneral ('trster in director Robert Siodinak‘s last lilrn.

Meet Me In Las Vegas t BBC‘Ii

l0. l5ani~ l2.05piii. liilties musical .set in the casino town. featuring l-"rank Sinatra. Porridge tBB(‘ti l.55-~3.35pm. Film \‘C‘I'Sltlll ol the classic 70s prison comedy. with Ronnie Barker“ as cynical con Hetcher.

Jason And The Argonauts ((4)

3.30 4.30pm. Terrilic (ireek‘ legend adventure. with our hero in search ol the Golden l‘leece. lillects wi/ard Ray llarr‘yhausen conjures tip a seven-headed llydra. lighting skeletons. hat-winged

20 THE llST 19 Dec 1997-8 Jan 1998

thrn Greta Garbo (suhiett of torrrriht's late double bill) rs a Russian ballerina in the famous portmanteau movie what u :rrterweaves

Harpies arid other trry tlrrcal toes.

The Mighty Ducks tSeorirslri

5.35~ 7.30pm. Au arrogant lawyer sery es out his community sery ice coachrrrg a hopeless kids’ ice hockey team. A big coninierical success. htit utterly lorrnulaic.

Legend t B B(‘3i (150 s. I 5pm. ’I‘oiii Cruise is the peasant hoy say mg the last pair ol unicorns and hauling demon 'l‘rui Curry in Ridley Scott's lantasy.

Nuns On The Run ttltr .s 0.15pm Rohhie (‘oltrane and line Idle are small- titue crooks who resort to cross-dressing disguises and hiding in a commit to ththl gangsters and the police. .-\ rather cliched screw hall comedy ot the ininiitahle British school.

Three Fugitives (Seoirisli l ll.l5prri-I.05aiu. ()yer-ernpliatrc comedy: an es-con hecorires a suspect when he's taken hostage hy a hunglrng hank rohher.

s Colonel Chabert t BB(‘2r

ll.35prn— l.30am. (ier‘ard Depardreu stars as a missing war hero who returns alter ten years to claim his i'ightltrl title. despite the legal challenge lrorii hrs remarried wile. .\'ot as compelling as the similar Return 0/ ,l/trr'lrrr (irrerr‘t' In French with subtitles,

King Rat ((3) 13.20 2.50am. (irrpprng war drama about prisoners in a Singapore l’()\\' camp.

Sixteen Candles rBB(‘Ir I ()5 2.35airr A .lohii Hughes teeri-llick starring wart lor it —- Molly Ringwald. What a shock. L‘ll'.’

Terror From The Year 5000 1 BB( ‘5 l.30»2.~15anr. More 50s sci-lr, more hotched experiments. and a dislrgrrred woman lroiu the lntnre alter pie atomic genes,

Danielle Steel‘s Fine Things (Sc'olltshi 2.05—4.40am. Melodramatic romance with weddings. ltrriei'als. court hairles- the works.

The Hound Of The Baskervilles it‘Si 2.50-4.05am. Another retelling ol the tale ol the riitrtt on the Illnut's starring Stewart (hanger and. hi/arrely. William Shatner.

Anne Of Windy Poplars r(‘5i

4.05 5.30am. Anne ahandons the (iieerr Cables to take up the post ol \ ice- pi‘esident at anew school. But she struggles to lit in.

As You Desire Me rm i .1. l0 5.25am. Romantic drama with (ir'eta (iarho. w ho capitalises on her errigrnatrc persona by playing an arunesiac lotight oy er hy her presumed husband and a scheming novelist.


The Golden Hour r BBC)

SJS l0.05anr. James Stewart stars as a poor niusrcran trying to get a l‘reak in this tl\ erage c‘titltc‘dy.

Mr Smith Goes To Washington tBlK‘Zi l0.05arn I: l0pnr. ()ne oltlre late James Stew art's best. in w hich he plays a narye young man sent into the political arena w here his idealistic \ reyss coriie under pressure.

The Ugly Dachshund I BBt ‘Ir l0..‘stlani noon. .-\ (ireat llanc ptrppy thinks ll.\ a Dachshund \nd why riot'

The Princess Bride iScottrsht l0 Warn l3 30pm ls’ol‘ ls'errrer ‘s twist on lairy tale adyerrtures hrrrrgs a know rng attitude to the story ol a young hero rescuing a princess trorri an unwanted weddrrrg The Land Before Time t But '1'

I.“ 3 -l0pni. -\nruiated teature .rl‘tittl the adyerrluies or Me young dinosaurs on a quest to lirid a peacelul new home w rtlr plenty to eat. l)on llluth's tollow up to .-l/r slurt’r‘rt (III lirr/ is an cirioyahle and educational kids" rnoy re

We Dive At Dawn r BB(‘2~

l55 §,.“ll[‘lll, \Vartrme suhinarrne saga with John Mills.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken rsc-oriislrr 2 ‘s.-l0pnr llrsirey drarrra about a stuntwoiuarr in a l‘lstls trayelhng show Secret Of Treasure Mountain dis.

3 i.35prti. \\ hen a young hoy drscoyers part ol an ancient Spanish tieastiie nrap. he dreams or liecorinng rrclr and helping his poor neighl‘ours.

The Way To The Stars mm '3.

i ‘0 5 l5pm. 'l‘he 'l‘errence Rattrgan script l.l'r\t‘\ this l‘l-l< drairra set in an R:\l- horiiher hase trout srrrrphstrc

patriotism to a w ell»acted character study Prancerrt‘sis is s Aoprrr..-\rrt-gt-trry heart-warming tale ol a young girl who nurses an minted rertrdeer hack to health and so restores toy and goodwill to her hometown.

Flight Of The Navigator r But ‘1 » M10 5.05pm. 'l‘welye year-old llay‘id takes a nasty tall and. on regaining consciousness. drscoyet’s he‘s heen trayellrng through space w rtlr important star charts in his head It's not long helore he’s l‘ack l‘ehiud the wheel ol a tlyirrg saucer Return Of The Pink Panther .s'eorrrslo i 10 5 slllprrr l’eter Sellers is hack as Inspector (‘louseau searching lot a diamond and ayordrng rrrurdci attempts l‘y lll\ l‘\l\\

Zulu i lllt( ".‘r S l“ .\prrr .\lrchacl ('arne and a harrdltrl ot lirrtrsli soldiers lace up to a mass ol /ttltr warriors at ls't‘tlllst‘K |)rrlt Ill this historical adyenture

Blue Sky r('lr l0 i l <<pru .lessica I ange won an ( )scar tit 10‘): tor her pet Ioiruance as the manic depressiye wile olarmy scientist 'l'oriniiy lee lones When the larirrly are posted to a dull camp in .-\|al\anra. her allarr w rtlr an ollrcci leads to tragedy Carry On England r BBt ‘li II. l0 l~lllarrr ’l'he (‘rrrir' Uri team are past their peak in this saucy wartime romp Deadly Care u('5r I: *5 _‘ I‘anr ('heryl I add stars Ill this true story ahout a nurse who turns to drugs to get her through the \ltl.\.

The Take rseorrrsrri I_‘.."

Made lore‘l'\‘ crrrr‘rc llt!!ll ahotrt a security guard caught up with drug dealers

Vampire Circusrt'tt r to

5 3 ;"Kurt



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