Cronos .: (lilt‘ti' I twath'Ia.) Uta T-t.

(I aim; :II, tart -.'.’."Itl(' (’l!(l' van";


()ne of llamnIeI 's best contributions to the vampire genie. focusing on a troupe of shape-shifting animals and humans III l‘)t|I century Serbia. (ienuInely atmospheric.

Blue t lflfCll l.~l(l iattt .lttdd Nelson Is out to ayenge his father's IIIIIIdeI III this pacy If forIIIIIlaIc thriller.

Little Dorrit: Nobody’s Fault it‘fii 2.35 Sltlatn. Critically acclaimed two- paIt \eIsIon ol Dickens’s IIIasteI‘pIece. Intrigued by his IIIIItlIt~I"s seaIIIstIess. .-\Ithur (‘lennian InyestIgates her backgiound and discmets the until about I Ittle l)oIrIt's past l’aIt ’l'wo'l‘ue .‘itl. Son Of Dracula IScoIIIsIII 2,35. tnfiam. l.on (‘haney .lr dons the cape as the \am ‘llL‘ comes to l (llll\l.tllit.

C ina Seas t(‘-li i 4.35am (’argo ship caplatt‘. ('l.IIk (ial‘le ts attacked by tIIodeIII-day' pirates III this entoyable romantic adventure.

Susan Lennox: Her Rise And Fall «(iii -1 35 bani (ireta (iaibo t.\ the IllegitIIIIate

'danghter ofa hunter who finds love with ('laik (iable when her tathet tries to many her off.


42nd Street 4 BB( ‘ZI Sill Illtlfiam. The tlc‘lllllll\t‘ backstage IIIIIsIcai. III which .I plucky chorus girl gets the chance ot fame when the leading lady breaks heI .IIIkle I The Shaggy Dog Itttit‘ti l‘HHaIII noon Slapstick comedy from llisney III which a boy Is transfoI'IIIed Into a cIIIIIe-tighttng mud The Stratton Story i BBC."- ltl..‘stlam Ill‘ptn Baseball bioptc. coIIIplete w Ith e\p-.-cted highs and lows. staIrIng .larncs Stew .II‘t. D.A.R.Y.L. iScoItIshI ill. Want l2.2()ptII. l'tlltll'hllc‘ drama about couple who (llSL'IH c‘t lltc'll' lt‘\lL'l c‘lllltl IS it llllllltll') llll‘t‘l. We’re Back: A Dinosaur's Story IBBt‘lI ! i5 IJHpIII -\IIIIII.Ited .Idyetittne from SIIIt‘IlIc'Ig."s studIo. l’our dinosaurs tI.I\el thtough time to the Illth century. Joe Versus The Volcano tsconislii l.-l(l \. ‘ittptn. Terrible comedy w tth Tom Hanks .Is a ter llllll.tll_\ til IIIaII w ho makes

, 'z.’ 2C" Ztii'll .Alliti.’lll(]ly poettt inoVIe tItItIed \.‘.'llll horror from young .-\ 16th tenttiry deVIte for blood-drinking turns up III Its owner With eternal life, It demands a [I‘lltlliffi i'l!!()ll" ruit pixie I". Spanish ‘.'v’tlll subtitles,

a bizarre deal with a billionaire. Holiday Affair ((5) 2 3.35pm. Romantic drama about a widow w Ith a young son who finds two may different IIIeII vying for her attention.

< The Crimson Pirate Ititst‘zi 3.20 4pm. Colourful. \ Ibrant swashbuckling adventure w Ith Burt l.ttltC;tslc‘t’ III particularly acrobatic form as a charming buckaneer.

Running Brave ICSI 3.35 5.30pm.

Dramatic life story of champion runner Billy Mills. a Sious lndian who abandoned his resery ation in the (itls to pursue ()lympic glory.

The Three Amigos ISeuIIishI

3.45 SJUpIII. There‘s a shortage of decent laughs when Cheyy Chase. Steve Martin and Martin Short team tip as failed western stars.

Vera Cruz t BBCZ) liar—(min. two American adventurers agree to guard a consiginent of gold on the torn e III Mestco.

Dr Who And The Daleks (Ni

5.30 7pm. Off at a tangent from the BBC series. l’eter CtIslIing plays the Time lord who helps a peaceful tribe against the fascist Daleks. \'ery ()lls,

The Man Who Never Was (BIK‘ZI

(i 7.40pm. The .-\||ie.s prepare for an attack on liurope during World War II by de\ Is'ing a complex plan to IIIIsdIrect the Get mans.

Mrs Doubtfire tBBCl I .s‘ tipiii; USU - It).3()pm. Divorcee l)aIIIel Hillard misses his kids so much that he gets made up as an old lady and lands the Job of nanny in his e\-w Ife's house. with hilarious results. Robin Williams stars in lltc‘ slttttslt-ltil farce.

Little Shop Of Horrors WM

9 -l().5()pm. Rick Morants Is the uber- nerd who plants a seed w hIch grows up to be a titan-eating IIIonster betIt on world domination. Puts the fun back into IIIIIsIcaIs. and there's some great cameos from Steve Martin and .lohn Candy.

: ValmonttBBCZI 10.35pm 12,.‘i5am. Sesual shenanigans among lSth century l-rench aristocrats from the same story that Inspired Dunc-(mm [hum/II. Here. how e\ er. the spectacle ts more lavrsh. but the characters aren't devious enough.

Unlawful Entry (Scottish)

12 days of TV Christmas films

% Bugsy Malone IBBCII t.45—.‘~.I5pm. Musical gangster fanstasy with a cast consisting entirely of children. including a young Jodie Foster. In 192‘). speakeasy owner Fat Satn enlists the help of Bugsy Malone in a feud w Ith his rival. Nothing too violent. though: the guns fire Ice

Hoosiers (Scottish) 24.10pm. A new school basketball coach ahenates players and parents with his attempt to turn the team‘s fortunes around.

Biggles (CS) 3.30 4.20pm. The classic

I l.25pm—l . 15am. Ray Liotta is the psychotic cop who turns a suburban couple's life into a nightIIIare.

is Carry On Up The Khyber tBBCl) ll.5()pm- l.l5am. The film that inspired Briti't'ltt'urt‘.’ Certainly the kill-raising climax (ooh!) Isjusl one highlight of what could be the best ('ttr/‘r ()II movie. Too Young To Die ICSI |(l.3()73.3(latlt. Juliette Lew is stars as a young woman facing the death penalty for the murder of her lover.

Women In Love IBBCZ)

l2.35~2.-l()am. Alan Bates and ()liver tales by Captain \\'.l-'.. Johns gets a sci-fi Reed get to grips with each other III the makeover. famous naked wrestling scene from the E us Back To The Future Part III tBBCli DH. Lawrence novel. but it's Glenda l SIS—5.10pm. The final Instalment of Jackson‘s free-thinking ('judrun who’s the Robert '/.emeckis's escellent time travel most fascinating character. i saga delights in its exuberant plot twists A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley i as Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd Square (BBCI i l.l5--3;Iltt. Crime caper I take on the western genre. starring Richard Jordan and David Niven. i K9 (BBC! ) ()'~7.35lllll. James Belushi Is a Little Dorrit: Little Dorrit‘s Story (CS) I no Tom Baker and the eponymous pooch 2.30-5.25am. Part Two ofthe acclaimed : is certainly no cool robot dog in this Dickens adaptation. See Mon 29. l patchy comedy. Brother Orchid tCJ) 3 4.35am. titlw-ard ; s Bend Of The River Itmt‘lt (1. Robinson is III comic mode as a l (i-~7.3()pm. Classic western. with James gangster supplanted by Humphrey Bogart Stewart well on form III the type of role while on a sabbatical from crime. he made his own a reformed raider The Hatchet Man t(,‘~li 4.35—-(iam. whose new morals are severely tested lidward G. Robinson again. this time as a when his past catches tip with him. Chinese businessman who has to reyet't Sabrina, The Teenage Witch ((‘SI to his previous career as hit man when ! 7-78.5tlpm. TV movie premiere spin—off Tong wars break out III San Francisco. | from the poular series about a young girl who discovers she's a w itch. m l Danielle Steel’s A Perfect Stranger

(Scottish) 9 40.45pm. The wife of an older man finds solace III the arms of a lo\ er while her husband Is dying. Murder By Death ((‘SI 9 40.50pm. Neil Simon's spoof whodunnit. with a group of fictional detectives solving a murder. Official Denial tBtIt‘BI 10.30 ll.55pm. Science fiction dratna about a man abducted by aliens and unwillingly recruited by the Air Force when they nab one of the little green men.

Lost And Found (CS) IZJo 2.25am. Screwball comedy about a couple whose red-hot hohday affair soon ices over when they decide to get IIIarried.

Vivacious Lady t BBCZI s 35 -It).t)5am. : A nightclth singer weds a professor. but i they have trouble consummating then I marriage.

The Nutcracker Prince tBBCl )

l().3()~-l 1.40am. Animation version of the li.T.:\. Hoffman story with the voices of Kiel-er Sutherland and Peter O'Toole.

s The Shop Around The Corner tBBCZ) It).3(lanr |2.()5pm. A sentimental. but utterly charming romance starring James Stewart and Margaret Sullavan as bickering co- workers III a Budapest gift shop who are blissfully unaware that each is the other's ; anonymous pen-pal.

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The Appartment (4) 5- 7 20pm Classic comedy from director Billy Wilder, In which Insurance clerk Jack Lernrnon tries to Impress his supervrsors by Ioanrng them his flat for their extra-marital affairs - only to fall III love With the girl seeing the boss of the company. Magical stuff.


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