that weasel that did the Goober Patrol l'a‘\'|9\.‘."

We get four Ks rn Kerranq, ya nonce OK, we have p90ple ll1 that racket I was doing to set yOu up ‘.‘.‘lll1 a nice but ot fluff thrs Xmas »~ It's all off

Undrlutetl hatred,

The Newtown Grunts. PS lt WOuIdn't be that for Pink Kross 'tos they’re lassres


Smart thinking

IT WAS 80 r‘efreshrnr; to read a ‘enrale at tress", artrt ulate oprnmns about sornethrnr) that matters Thanrire Newton llssue 321 i had some smart and illt)Utllll-l)l()V()l<!ll() tltrnns to say about date rape and her role :r‘ the BBQ rirarna In ‘r’(:1/I Urea/ha Anti she lor fazed great on your front rover,

whiz h prwes lirarns and beauty (an (it) toriether Surprise, surprise More please

Jane McKeown,

High Street,


Gay and lesbian support

OK, SO WE tlon't all flaunt our sexuality buy the T—sh:rt and support our local nay tause in response to the letter (Say And Leshran Centre Crisis (Issue 321), there are those of us who

Jonathan Trew replies:

IT’S ALWA Y5 a pleasure to hear from the New/town Grunts especial/y th/s‘ t/rne around since their message came

with a p/t'ttrre of so/nehotf',”s arse and

5 a (apt/en whrth sa/d 'K/ss this, Trew'

Corry :ou tf/(fn't /rke the review hut / wasn’t a// that keen on the a/ht/rn Hell, even the we man at the second- hand rerortf shop wouldn't tale It off

I my hands Next tune, stir/spit the fluff (whatever that rs) frrst Have a merry

Christmas and don’t (fr/nk tori) flfift‘

~‘f «U

.<~ W

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The List MagaZLne


hope there nt:-:;ht just be a day and 1 4 High Street lmE ) z \. Fl -/ 'r \ Yxl . . ' v .L l(VSl)ldllttl1ll(‘ rt. chasm)». ll m, lit t r. Thand'e Newton: brams and beauty can go together, Eclnburgh EH 1

ll, wrthout havrnn to fund ll all year round If the relevant authorities are listenznq, please r;rve the (entre your support and stop putting the ontrs on Joe Puhlrt it)('t‘/."1F'lli)‘.‘.r'lil‘:illt‘tl()(>(l8 Gavin Semple,

Pollokshaws Road,


e-marl: editor@list.co.uk

7 8500 album) \‘Vplll 77w L’s-y ISSUF fax.

wasn't as thrrllrno as Issue 320, but It rnroht also be \.'\/orthv-./hrle notrnr; that . the lrstrnris \'.'er‘e titrrte useful {give rt one star and you one month for a full puhlrt apolody and a farr revrew by

R' ht t I Mr Shrtey Trev”

Thanks fer the -'t"»it“.'.’ atixrt e Nev-.rtown Grunt's [)a.’ Of The lake;

Please include your name and address


Where are the leading

lights from this Christmas?

Tony Strachan, Jock in "Mother Goose”, Perth - from Queen Margaret College, 1997. Katherine lgoe, Cinders in "Cinderella", Inverness - from Queen Margaret College, 1996. Gail Watson, Beauty in "Sleeping Beauty”, Dundee - from Queen Margaret College, 1995.

Vicki Liddelle, Gwen in "Merlin", Stirling - from Queen Margaret College, 1994.

Andy Gray, Wishee Washee in "Aladdin", Aberdeen - from Queen Margaret College, 1979.

5 And lots more leading lights year after year after year. All from Scotland’s capital, professional acting course.

A unique drama education in a unique city. If you’re interested in a career in Drama call 0131 317 3247.



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