BBC to air Iain Banks songs

SONGS ‘JVRITTEN BY noveltst lain Banks are t:) be atred at the Arthes m Glasgow and m the senalrsatrrn ol [Spedarr Street on Rat’er 4 1n January

The best-sellrng (trthnt of The lt’asp Factory and Comp/rote wrote the lyr:(s and some of the tanes when he was an asprrtng mus-t can and author ill the 1970s

Now they ":aye been lt*t(>ltl€7(l as the sOundttat‘k to the radn produrtlon of Espeda/r Street, Banks's novel about a hugely stztressful {jlasrtoxz rotk band of the same era

Banks tlarras the )t‘litll may not have gone ahead, rl the BBC had not agreed to ill(_lUll(.‘ the 'it was a large part of lzjllllltl the tlztng happen m the lust plar‘e they were thmkrng about the soundtrat'k and l sard “all thrs stuff does at‘tually exist", he told The Lrst


Dave Battltelor sad the been staggered at the drst‘overy ‘Tlte btwk rtseit' tantams some lyr':<s, but when met la:n he arrrved Wrth a lolro (:l 6t songs, stuffed rnto ald Sttrlrng Unnemty landers‘ Some of Banks s tunes h Lt? been rewrrtten and others adar‘ted Hue and Cry gu:tarrst Nr'tel War}, to provrde a soundtratk It’st‘ttaltt of N703, Batchelor explamed '\.r‘.'e've got songs that sound ltke ng Crrmson, Jethro Tull and Led Zeppelm, With trtles like ’A< ross from the moon and day/r" tt ended up l~emg hke an entyt lopaeil'a of 70s rotk, he said DJ Paul (lambatthr was unwolyed In the radio ;,rrodt.:tloe, whrth rs presented as 3‘ It rs a genurne retrospettwe dnrumentary of the band

PtOUUL er team had


Former Radro 1.

Banks: singer-bookwriter When nt-‘lanzsers or T-or't.’ert)/s, a tht r: y ment at the Arthes, heard

thntlt the hand, they booked them to take part Now 'Ern/en Gold' VJIll

appear alongside the lukes of The Beat Poets and Fred MatAulav with proteeds norno to Enable

'l keep tellrng Nrgtl Clark he's gemg to spend the next ten years tn a tnhute L‘t nd to a group that r‘eser exrstetl,' Batrhelor adds

Banks yall not be present, ll(;'\‘.(?‘.'t‘l and he revealed he may not even lrsten to the radto adaptatrtrn of Espedarr SUM}?

He explamed ‘l drdn't hear the radra yersrnn of The li’asp ,‘iattory and I (ould only watth The Crow Road after several people had told me how good It was

'You out of tentrol someone else adapts your work I tend to avoid tt,‘ he .hitletl Naysmrtht I Foldero/s rs at The Art hes, Sun .3] Der, 8pm onwards, [S Esiterr’a/r Street rs on BBC r'x‘atf'rt) ‘1, heg/nn/ng Thu 8 jar), llr‘rn

are when


Law change could lead to return of the video ‘nasties’

A GOVERNMENT CLAMP‘DOWN on home ‘.’l(l(?()S and (omputer games (r‘uld lead to a new explnsron m ’yrdeo nastres, a((ordrng to mdus‘try ('hrels who have Iaunt bed a totrnter-oltensrve

A study ('ommrssroned by the Home Olhce rnto the lrnk between ytdeos and yrolent‘e Will be publrshed ll‘. the new year, but the Vrdeo Standards Countrl (VSCl rs warnrhg legal thanges tould have dangerous repert ussrons

'lt'S totally lltllClllOtlS to contemplate further regulahon,’ asserted \JSC secretary general Laurie Hall, who warned that Over-rertulatlon would only ald the blark market, sparkrng a return to the vrdeo extesses of the t980s, when tttles suCh as Drr/ler Kr/ler and /

Spr: On Your (3/()-'() '.‘re'e 'eleaserl

The those (ones party In resp ‘ or', MP lulran Bram“ s demands to: reform of the Httluslly-ttltlilerl Burt. Board of ETIer (iass-txaf-of‘ BEL": together \‘.:t.". a U l(lt.'l.¥.’.." r: " and teles'rslon prearanantes depthth

yI-13lt,*ntear3d porn-mgr l_{).'“y

The 88K is rrutnttestly ‘a.§.n-:; e." duty,’ Braner alleged Violent Images ta." Insertmme, .trtrf trrgder att‘ rut ler‘te

HlSlOlelly rt ts a t ‘~rtt.'t,.-xrs a’ l99~1Lind/Web(Ite’lstreer‘ ..r "Vt; w as a major thuger In brutal tort-es 'rit t, l‘f‘} the rrrurdt-r of tedslier ,‘a'nes arr: called for all antt (ertrfrcate udeos to be banned

lvilt'i'l‘. z’tttl‘ft’t‘lt

NFI. cashlureforscots cities

THE NEW YEAR (ould brmg an unexpected rash wrndfall for Edrnburgh, wrthout any of the usual confltcts attached to lotal authonty ltnant‘es‘

A anC of $50,000 rs on otter to UK Cttles under a scheme run by Amencan Football’s NFL Th:r’ty UK otres have been parted wrth the US game's 30 teams and the side whose twm eventually mm the Superbowl ~ the Amencan game's (up tmal stoops the Jackpot

The prize, worth about £30,000 wrll go towards a t'ommunrty l)l()l(?(l and Edmburgh has been handed a strong Chance, haymg drawn rergnmg Superbowl Champrons the Green Bay Packers who recently gualrlted for thts year’s play-offs

Scotland's team the St’ottrsh Claymores are hopmg Edtnburgh, Glasgow, Dundee 0' Aberdeen strrke rt lucky and all four are Strll m \ylth a Chance Glasgow has been parred wrth

24 THE UST l9 00L 1997-8 Jan 1998

the Washmgton Redskrns, Aberdeen wrth the New York Jets and brzarrely, Dundee ls twmned mth the wealthy sun-ktss‘ed resort state of Meant;

tStephen Naysmt‘I'

Claymores: hoping for local win

But the :tf’lltl'h‘lll saggestmg a tame- H‘-rrt‘-latron between what and then l‘vehayrour, has trrtrt rsm from

at‘rl-et’teat people tome tl‘. tr" repeath at wit-mu s tl‘e industry 5' e'e ' 'l“ (Al‘tl'zszn‘r p'oot at all that stair 'trnt: x'atertt rn.tter:al makes people more rnt'zrte«,l t" <emm=t Violent arts,’ S’rt’hn, lt<turer rr‘. lrlm and Naprer ‘.-f’.. he belt-ems ralls fer :nr reased


tialnts Paul



'h ‘3» Improved t ft» m exlstr ’; :'t;?ud:nrt the r",' ,;:t.x:tr-;n 1 a r‘atzanaé prophet-

age tarrt, ttinether wrtl‘. wide-stale

rnstaiiatrt,~h tn :rdeo retailers of cash trlls

drsplaymg 'age-rest'utH" based on )tll('()(l(‘s These were su<tesslully Implemented m hranthes of Our Prrte, VllQ'll and Woolworths throughout Bntarn earlrer llhs year

Vrdeo games are ttlflr'llll'y’ a grey area, but Hall bei;eves they w:!l be next under the muros<ope At present on'y vrdeo games wrth a ’sexual or grossly vrolent (ontent' less than 10% of all games are regurre-rl to be (lassrlted by the BBFC tn the same may as Videos

A spokesman for the Home Offhie sald the Government was x'xartrng for the results of the study before announ: .ng any plans The whole area has been :nadeguately researthed,’ he sard tClarre Prentrr'er

\‘Jtll'lllll }\

Beeb seeRSnewdrama chief as Calderwood moves on

e-seC‘L‘MM/Co nrao \l

x}, 3” I 38‘ 5\ x}, -\ . \4\l\ .H. ;-"';‘yraf:<‘." ta 137:". g‘rttlan-baseit

Dathe turns _‘:s head at t‘roduttzon

J‘ MK‘ \,’.l _11...\‘/t: ) <l,_IK/\t\--tt 10- .,

x' ".4 I" was "‘et salt.“ sushi-ti (I'udl e's n st rrtlano, 58C Sif‘fld'lfl “as

I established reputatmn ‘or heglt


<and The Cris. Road

\4\I(l 't‘y, :1\\1\,‘>n 1 A (l :1

has see

H(}.’T113-’) c:()\ 507‘

Ct'te' Huesses ease nUuu‘ed '.7rs 5V" '- »‘e:: it"tma lt em a' lrs ' p: ett ‘tr-r an Cs;ar, and Car; 1 t‘r'rest, "‘e s'xrt-hxtd t‘at

.' \ \(l r'( ‘41.." ‘vTHS

Rsberf Creep-3, t‘t .'."-(,\‘.:(" The Fal’ "-.7;,‘".'. .‘«.‘tEat:';:er‘. Burnt," lg

T’PC mitts. I ‘2’ LA)“ N a.” are :rtltirf‘fl

those who one thee ('ar'eht populartt, at part .0 aer

’3 felt from the start that there a

l,go"‘ l) q

str(:n:: no of \.-.a_sn't a".'.ays {301W} #1.”; ;rt:irsed,' she sard " we been ab.’e to remgnrs‘e st‘rr‘e of that talent and hrrhg :t or: '

BBC Scotland as expected to advertsse for a replacement shortly, though Calderwood may be a hard act to follow rStephen Naysmrthl