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An Evening of Contemporary ‘- ' Scottish Variety in aid of... including Comedy/ram... Mr Fred MacAulay “Have known the evenings, Theatre/ram... The Brewster Sisters mornings afternoons Music from... The Beat Poets , , M . from” Mr Steve Lindsay I have measured out my life

with coffee spoons.”

plus direct from Iain Ban/cs’EJpedair Street, FROZEN COLD featuring Monica Queen (Thrum) 8c Nigel Clark (ex Hue and Cry)

Spinning tlze Platters... Mr David Beleher Mistress (f Ceremonies... Ms Janice Forsyth ———-=>ec«=-—— e e ant the Mines use

30 mltland summit Sunday ‘21 December 1997


The gourmet tea and coffee house

Doors open at 8pm in the heart of the Town Showtime 9 m Tickets £5 from the Arc es Box Office. . . T01101412214001 21 George IV Bridge, Edlnburgh

W 0131 220 5355 I ;

14 February - 21AMarch

new moves

new territories

open your eyes and your heart

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cca 350 all Vlggvlafiflfi'lflmation (0141) 332 7521 Tickets: (0141) 287 5511

26 THE lIST 19 Dec 1997—8 Jan 1998