l Baley

Possrhly Brrtarn’s harrrest cornedran, rnusr<al wr/ard Brll Barley Is back In Edrnburgh the week after Chrrstrnas, Contrary to what you mrght expett, thrs has less to do wrth Drurdrc ceremonies to mark the wrnter solstr(e,' and more to do wrth the fact that he Just fancred berng In the (:rty for Hogmanay. Whrtih rs understandable_ It's also a bonus for Barley’s Edrnburgh lollowrng, If you rnrss the 919, there’s always a TV arrrng for hrs Irve show, recorded In

London earlrer thrs year.

8/// Bailey is at the Queen’s Ha//, Ed/nhurgh on Tue 30 Der. See Comedy, page 63. B/'// Barley Live Is on Channel 4 on

Fri 2 Jan.

2THE HST l9 DOC l99/ 81a". 1998

The Comte Stir ll p lil’rrelrr

They were the finest sons and daughters of alternatrve (ornedy. Ade and Rrk, Dawn and Jennifer, Ben Elton, Aleer Sayle, Rohhre Coltrane, quel Planer, Kerth Allen . It was the seedbed of some of Brrtarn's top (ornedy talent. In The (Torn/t Str/p, Frye Went Mad In VdTIOUS (rrturnstantes, a Supergrass was hounded by both polite and threves,‘ and then there was The Strike. Thrs post—rnodernrst polrtr<al satrre wrth (‘onm Str/p rrnqleader Peter Rr(hardson as Al Pd(ltl() playrnd Arthur S<arqul (pktured) took an rrreverent vrew of the great rnrners' strrke ()f the rnrd-80s, portrayrnq It throth the trrvralrsrnd eye of Hollywood. The Strike and Five Go Mad In Dorset are streened thrs month as part of Gromnq Up WIN) 4, a season of re-runs to (elel)rate Channel 4’s frlteenth hrrthday Other hrdhlrghts lll( lude an rntervrew wrth s(reenplay—wrrter Dennrs Potter retorded rnonths helore hrs death, and The Last Resort, the (harrnrndly rnept (hat-show that ldtltK hed Jonathan Ross's (areer. Ahhh happy days.

GrOW/ng Up With 4 beg/Its on Sun 2/ De( The Str/ke /.s s( r'eened on Sun 2/ De(,' F/ve Go Mad In Dorset on Wed 24 De<