MUSIG rock 8t pop

ROCK 8r POP: SUN 21 continued


I Bungee Kittens, Atlantis and Dallas Motorcade The Venue. Calton Road. 5.57 5075. 8pm. £5. Three local indie hands for three measly quid. What more do you want'.’

I Never On The Sabbath The Bongo Cluh. New Street. 556 5304. 3pm. Free -- {I donation encouraged. .»\ relased recovery session offering live mirsic. hoardgames. coffee. croisants and family fun.


I The Seahorses and Third Eye Blind Barrowland. (iallow'gate. .553 4601. 7.50pm. S()l.l) ()l ‘T. No age restriction. The Seahorses choose to conclude their higgest tour to date in (ilasgow, w here they've been received rapttrrously since their first tentative outings last spring. Like Cast. they appear to have a strong commercial foothold despite the less- than-thr'illed critical reception to their disappointingly hasic ploddy tunes. It is still early days. so hopefully patience will he rewarded. Third liye Blind are a rocking pow-er trio who have made an impression in the States.

I The Abba Experience Christmas Party Bourbon Street. George Street. 553 0l4l. 7pm. SUN) OCT. Scotland's Ahha impersonators host another Christmas do. I Counterfeat .\lacSorley.s. Jamaica Street. 573 010‘). ()pm. l‘ree. Honky» tonkin' l.ittle I‘cat trihtrtc.


I Travis Queens Hall. ('lerk‘ Street. 668 30l‘). 7pm. £7. (ilasgow hand fresh from supporting Oasis and well on their way to world domination hy the looks of things. They deserve it as well. See Scottish hand feature.

I Slacker and Fireball 8 The Attic. Dyer‘s Close. Cow gate. 335 8583. 8.50pm. £3. The hand formerly known as Bench play their unique hraud of alternative funk rock. With support from the more rocky l-ir’ehall 8.

I 2/4 Blues Session Tron Ceilidh House. Htrnter Square. 330 I550. 8pm. Free. (irah that Inoollitel



I The Seahorses and Third Eye Blind Barrowland. (Tallow-gate. 553 460|. 7.50pm. S()I.l) ()l'T. No age restriction. See Mon 33.

I Jonathan: Creeping Bent Seasonal Adjustment Party The l5rh .‘s'ore Cluh. Clyde Street. 33l 04I4. 0pm. Donation on door to The lire Issue. A variety of Creeping Bent hands and their celehrity friends will pay trihute to the wayward genius of .lonatharr Richman. while simultaneously celehrating the season to he jolly in avarit-punk style.

I The Abba Experience Straw herry l‘ields. ()swald Street. 33l 5‘)I l. 8pm.

£7. See Mon 33.

I The Snorkels, Clan D and Multiplex Cineman Nice 'n' Slea/y'. Sauchiehall Street. 555 9657. 0pm. .\lultrple\ Cineman feattrre Bis's .Iohn Disco in 'ofl‘slioot project. mode.

I The Honeyflys, Juicy and Salvador (ilory‘ Box. Curlers. Bytes Road. 554 I384. 8.50pm. l-ree. .»\ Christmas estr'avagan/a for the (ilt)l_\' Ho\ night I Jinx MacSor'leys. Jamaica Street. 5 .53 0I‘N. ()pm. l'r'ce. Billed as 'llre original .linx'. so imposler's hewarel

I Vagabonds Kilkcnnys. .lohn Street. 553 5505. ()pm. lice.

I Glasgow Songwriters lilaekrirars. Bell Street. 553 .5034, 0.50pm. l-rec, The Songwriters' Christmas party the one trrne ofyear‘ when cover versions are permitted? l’lus open mic guest spot. Arrive L'Ltl'ly' IU hook your space; l‘t'lttl'll) is given to first-time performers.


I Songwriters' Showcase Troll Tavern. Hunter Square. 8.50pm. Cl. Information: 66l 5375. Weekly forum for Iidinhurgh-hased singer-songw riters. with anyhody welcome to perform a I5 mimrte set.

I Crow Road Canon's (iart. 353 Canongate. 556 448l. 8.50pm. I5ree. Blues.



I Million Dollar Band and Napoleon 4 Nice ‘n‘ Slea/y. Sauchiehall Street. 555 9657. 9pm. Rocking funky sounds from

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AUTHELIST 19 Dec 1997—8 Jan I998


The Seahorses ride the crest of a wave at Glasgow Barrowland, Mon 22/Tue 23 Dec

the Million Dollar Band.

I The Cobramatics Met‘huills. High SII’L‘CI. 553 3l55. lllpttl. l‘il'c'c'.

I Tin Tiers MacSorley s. .lamaica Street. 573 (II‘N. 9pm. l‘ree.


I God’s Monkey Canon's (iait. 353 (‘anongate 556 448l. 8.50pm. Free. ()ne of the hetter' puhhiug rock hands in town at this Xmas eve gig.



I Big Vern 8r The Shootahs and The Bloody Marys The lierry'. Clyde l’lace. 5530588. 0pm. £l3. 'l‘r'aditional Bosing Day do for Glasgow's hlues hrother's CtlllCCIHC.

I North Star, Supernova and Lukas Nice 'n‘ Slea/y. Satrchiehall Street. 555 9657. 0pm. .-\ tenuous stellar theme to this local hand triple hill.

I Big George And The Business MacSorleys. .lamaica Street. 573 (MW). ()pm. I‘ree. Veteran hlues outfit.

I Get Fruity Wasys l)arg|es. Bridge Street, Paisley. 848 033.5. 0.50pm. Free. 70s sottl illltl disco covers.


I Normal \Vilk'ie House. Cowgate. 335 5585. l0.50pm. Cl01£8i House and techno cluh night with a special live l’.-\. I Midnight Blue Cafe ('iraffiti. Mansfield I’lace Church. Corner of Broughton Street. 557 8005. I0.50pm. £5 (£4). Suhie Coleman and her hand are joined hy guitarist Barney Strachan who has formerly played w llll Basic Collective and 5 Bag Brew and now sll‘tlllls w ith the hand Tam. See review. I Hub Henry 's Cellar Bar. Morrison Street. 33l I388. 10pm. £4 (£5), The last of a great season of alternative nights from Iluh. .\Iuch festive merriment is guaranteed as the hand play live and also take to the decks to play their rock‘tastic fay es. look out for Huh at a new ventre ne\t year.



I Soundbuggy, Speeder and Cherry King Tut’s \\'ah \Vah Hut. St Vincent Street. 33l 537‘). 8.50pm. £5.50. See Sun 3| for Soundhuggy.

I ltchycoo Park The l‘erry. Clyde l’lace. 5530588. 9pm. £6. Tribute to the mod era.

I The Scottish Dead Kennedys, Nerve and Cosmic Sofa Nice ‘n‘ Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. . 55 9657. 9pm.

: Tribute to .lello Bial‘ra‘s politically-

aggressive punk hellraisers.

. I Fred Quimby Quartet Met‘huills.

High Street. 553 3155. I0pm. l-ree. l.atin and funk from the sharp-dressed collective.

: I Hugh Reed And The Velvet

Underpants Wasys. ('andlerrggs. 553 8717. 0.50pm. l’ree. Spoofing all and sundry. with particular reference to Iou Reed's hunch.

I The Woofnicks The Hall Bar. \\'oodlands Road. 564 I537. 9.50pm. Free.

I Jamie Barnes And Cochise

MacSorleys. Jamaica Street. 573 (II‘N. 5.50pm. lr'ree. Blues.

I The Deep End MacSorley s. Jamaica Street. 573 ()I‘)‘). 9pm. l‘ree.

I MacFloyd Clyde Bar. west Clyde Street. Helenshurgh. 0I456 675 357. 9.50pm. £4.50. Pink Floyd trihute. proving that the Scots can copy as precisely as the Australians.

' Edinburgh

I Christa Hughs Henry’s Cellar Bar". Morrison Street. 33l I388. 8.50pm. £4 (£5 ). The self proclaimed diva of deep throat (honest. that's what we were told) comes on at midnight.



I Gerry Lyons Acoustic Christmas Party Nice ‘n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 555 9657. ()pm. An invitation to inflict your favourite Christmas tunes on a mer'r'ymaking crowd. How ahout Adam Faith‘s ‘I.oner I’up (In A Christmas Shop)‘.

I The Commercials The Hall Bar. Woodlands Road. 564 I537. 9.50pm. Free. See next issue for a review of their single '\\'hen I Saw Her Face. I Jam Session MacSorleys. Jamaica Street. 573 0I‘)‘). 4pm. Free.

I The Beatles Beat Harleys. Quarry

Street. Hamilton. 0I6‘)8 458174. 0pm. £4. Fab Four tr'ihute.

I Brown Famin Waxy l)arg|es. Bl'itlgc‘ .Sll‘c‘c'l. Paisley. 343 0835. 9.50pm. Free.


? I Never On The Sabbath The Bongo

i C‘luh. New Street. 556 5304. 3pm. Free

£1 donation encouraged. See Sun 3 I.

I The Loveboat Big Band The Bongo Club. New Street. 556 5304. Itlpm. £5. A ten-piece phenomenon specialising in heautiful duets in the easy listening style. With musical assistance from the Now Generation l).ls.