i Robin Hood And The Babes In The Wood

Glasgow: Pavilion, until Sat 24 Jan.

When King John croaks it, the Sheriff of Nottingham takes in the orphan babes, planning to kill for power. But he reckons without Robin Hood and his merry band of light entertainers?

magic: and adventure 3 slapstick and kll()(k8bOUI 5 Jokes and rapes 4 love and romance 1 smut and innuendo 3 badclies and bounders 4 celebs and soap stars 3 top tunes 3 singalongs 2 sweetie showers l glitz, glamour and p7a7/ -‘-

‘All-vound entertainer' Christian is more singing gypsy than Robin Hood, and his gutsy pop ballads irk But energetic performances from Gary Denis (Nurse Poltiss) and Maurice Roeves (The Sheriff) lift the show, while Andy Cameron's Ful/ Monty dance is a surprise highlight He may be a blue-

magic and adventure 4 slapstick and knockabout i jokes and tapes 2

love and romance (only platonic love) smut and innuendo ~-

baddies and bounders 2 celebs and soap-stars 1 top tunes 3 singalongs

sweetie showers glitz, glamour and pzazz

An imaginative and slick theatrical adaptation of the Dickens tale, ideal for anyone who wants a bit of festive cheer without the panto trappings lFiona Shepherd)

Hansel And Gretel

Edinburgh: Royal Lyceum, until Sat 10 Jan air 35: its as

Worn down by poverty and hassleci‘ by his wife to cut down on the family Mod bill, a voodcutter takes his two children intO the woods and leaves them there Help comes in the form of a mystic al Circus group who int/ite the kids to ]()lll their gang, but lead them instead into the clutches of an eViI witch with no

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Stars and bars: Billy Boyd and Irene MacDougall in Hansel And Gretel at the Royal Lyceum Theatre

,iol:es and Japes "'

ham black teeth and an edible house The Gang-S Fantastic Funhouse

nose radrie, but yes sir, he can boogie love and ic:iiiance

iFeter Rossi 7 magic and adventure ‘> smut and innuenda I slapstick and knockabout 1 i GIBSQC-WI SECC, until Still 2i DEC. badu'ies and bounders 2‘ A Christmas Carol ]()k(.‘S and rapes 3 Falk'lki TOW” “a”. 331 27 39C celebs and soap stars .- ' . love and romance = .- » top tunes 5 EISSQOW'U‘O’n Theatre U'ml sat 1O smut and innuendo A miisrc a! ad‘.'ent:'ie wth a (tatterenc e, singalongs -1 ’L'” baddies and bounders ' t s we ]()l.'l Beth, Spat/ and Mr F’ ill a sweetie showers i Ccrinrniinicado plays out the celebs and soap stars Itizsty att:;,l "la'iti 2; ‘sai‘ta suit tnr (Happy Gang badge) guintessentiai Christmas story in top tunes 1 their (hi'striias party {1st it'eriiizi glitz‘, <l|amciui and in'ax.’ 1’ lYlilllllliihXI and inventive style j singalongs :il:;e-c ts anion: the juitk, they w'c:.'i get 'l."il hild'l‘nit a human fireplace and sweetie showers srci'e-trac keg and t-riti theiirseives on Fa»: ltc-d full of lively arid lun songs, (l‘lllllllfl cloc kl, movrng rapidly and glitz, glamour and p/a/x I weird and vw'vle'fua i iizrney to the this entevable and imatiinative show tirixlly tiir'in scene to scene Ralph ; hotton: oi' the sea, the Wild West and for younger i hildien uses costumes R'ac l‘ Hamish Mac bet/'i's TV ,lohn‘i is Low on 'it's behind you's, ltut high an the xoo and props to their full creative rare-7y :-if the stage, playing a more cary excitement and charm, Stuart potential, and is e;-:;,eit‘y per‘ormed by syrripatiietx anti Iess (rabbit Scrooge Paterson's latest Chitstinas s.‘"‘.'. ‘-‘r The .'l':i(li( ar‘tl [Lil't‘l‘ifli'é‘ -'- a 'iicidern day Rod, ,‘wine and Freddy than riiyrrrtal, ‘ioating incredulously Lyceum is a \tinner tor young 0:7": old, r-Tarrst': ’-. art-ti ix‘wi tcvlli'i.if -‘- iHelen Monaghan through “l‘s rtiemories, and the with a fantastic set and lots i:-‘ heart supporting cast are excellent stopping smoky explosions 'Kelly Aptei- JaCk ANd The BeanStalk . , _ Fdinburgli: King’s lheatre, until Sat 24 -#‘§‘{:\: , ,. Jdll

is riiiineyA-grahbzizg giant is making i"\.’-i‘.",’(i.'“"s fife a llilst‘l‘lfi torcing Jack. to w’i The t i'niiv ion-x, i.'l exchange fora ha“; if hear“ But these are no " ., and hey prein i' a hininstall: appears, whit ii leads to the g‘aiit's long- a'.'.siiteri :i‘i'rieiii‘pri'ice Max Boyce heads the cast as the lifl‘ iispectirtg neiit, wtli ,Allan 53'4"]:le st =ai.ng the shou‘.’ as the c heeky, c liirpy dame, Auntie ?,'.ay On the s: ary stakes, High Road's rmss [)avdson as Fieshc reep is suitably s‘imy

re-‘itii: arirl ad‘.'enture

slapstick and l.ri:,: kaboiit

i'L'rzes art'i iiipes

love and lt’).'l‘i<‘xl‘.t€’ ’2 smut and inniiericxi bacidies and bouriders J celebs and soap stars

top tunes

singalongs 9 sweetie showers glitz, glamour and p/riz‘z 3

A lorra laughs, glitzy costumes and lots of poptastic toons As Spice Girl Fever sweeps across pantolancl, Edinburgh Puppet Corripany's lite-sized creations

i A . are certainly one of many gems in this In the moo: cast of Jack And The Beanstalk at the King's Theatre. Edinburgh show (Helen Monaghanl

20 “lg/~78 Jan i998 THE l|3T59