drama & dance THEATRE

EDINBURGH DRAMA H 'i ADAM HOUSE THEATRE _ . Chambers Street. 650 8200 (after me be“ “399 Shows (ms “save I I I I

6.30pm). Ticketline: 220 4349. or Archie season www.crtzcouk/

Alexander on 447 6302

Toad 0f Toad Hall Stiii 28 Dec—Sun 4

Jan. Stiii 28 Dec. Thu 1. Sat 3. Sun 4 Jan

2.30pm; Mon 2‘). Tue 30 Dec. Fri 2. Sat 3 s I

Jan 7pm. £5 (id/£3). Toad. Mole. Rat and p n g 1 9 8

Badger mess about on the riverbank and

engage in all kinds of scary battles with

the evil weasels and stoats. in this theatre

adaptation of Kenneth Grahame‘s much-

Mother Goose Until Sat 3 Jan (not Sun ' " -

2| Dec. Christmas Day. Sun 28 Dec & Jesus, My Boy Tom COt‘tti stars as Joseph, ' ~ v ' _ -‘ - , .' I -. - '

New Year's Day). Performances at 10am; 3 simple carpenter caught up in the

2.30pm; 7.30pm. Call box office to check turmoil of Bibiical events m John Dowiets e u o e c

which times apply. £9 (£()/£5). Trad wistful solo corned See review pa 6

family paiito from the Bruntoii. with this ' y‘ ' g

fun-packed production starring Scottish 58- Glasgow O/dAthenaeum Theatre 8 -

actors Andrew Dalliiieyer as Squire The ice House Veteran writer/translatofi

Nasty and l.awrie McNicol as the dame. director Robert David MacDonald R I

cossies and a very ha ipy ending are . . , . . . e e

promised. and doubtli‘ss there will be no szens v a dram: tens“)? W'Eh'n a

shortage of golden eggs. See review. marriage, exacer a e y sexua tea ousy _

page 58. when the husband takes on a young JOhn Vanblugh 9 January _ man to help with his work. See preview, page 57. Glasgow: Citizens' Theatre.


Musselburgh. 665 2240. [Access 1.. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. W. Help: AA]

loved Winr/ In The Wil/mi's'. Loads of laughs. rock ii roll. amazing presents his fifteenth play at the

samurai] FESTIVAL THEATRE IS/Z‘) Nicolstili Street. 53‘) ()000.

[Access: l.. Facilities: we. ws. AS. H. The Turn Of The Screw Henry James's

(1T; Help: A] I spooky novella centres on a governess

La Fille Mal oardée Until Sat 217 Dec who is haunted by the ghosts of children I (not Suns. ( hii:tiiias Day oi Boxfiiiig when She takes a job m a country hOUse'

Day). 7.30pm. _.30pm mats Sat -0. Tue . . . ,

23. Wed :4 a sin 27 Dec. use—£30 Adapted and d'reaed by Cullen-9

«£4.50 {27). See Touring. regular Jon Pope. See prevrew, page 57.

Tosca Tue 30 Dec. Sat 3. Tue 6. Thu 8 & Glasgow: Citizens’ Theatre. ‘2‘” ‘1'“"17 711' '33)”; 1:?i1(f7‘i42'5()l A Christmas Carol Simply but inventiver issc; t' 't .‘ 51C. ,

u lL staged, Neil Bartletts adaptation of the

by Samuel Beckett 11 February 57 March Quartet

KING'S THEATRE sentimental Dickens classic is pumped )

2 l.cveii Street. 230 4349. 't't‘. [Access2 full of Christmas spirit and a good sense i ' . R. l.. Facilities: W(‘. [R (i. (‘. Help: A. of fun b the reliable Communicado See ' -

AA] Headsets for Infra Red System for rewew gage 59 Glasgow: Tron Theatre 1 2 I 7

the hard of hearing available from front

of house manager. Jack And The Beanstalk Until Sat 24 9.30am—5.30piii; from Mon 5 Jan The e

.laii iiioi Mons. (‘liristmas Day or New Festival Fringe Society. I80 High Street.

Year's Day) l’erforiiiaiices at l.30pm. 226 5138. l0aiii—6pm. . .

2pm. 3pm. 5.30pm. 7pm. C‘all box office The Bloody Chamber Mon 2‘) Dec—Sat | I 13 - 7 to check which times apply. 10 Jan. 29-30 Dec & l--- l0 Jaii llpm‘. 3i

£7.50— L‘ H.50 (£5.50- £1 LSO). Max Dec 9pm. £9 (£6). SOLD OUT l’NTll- , Royce is the celebrity who gets his magic MON 5 JAN. Grid Iron Theatre

beans playing lack in the King‘s annual Company returns to the eerie confines of

knees-tip of a family paiito. Boycie‘s the cavernous Mary King's Close with its

contribution is bolstered by the usual award-winning promenade production of

array of rent-a-paiito small screen and Angela Carter's modern fairytale. This is I

stage stars. including Ross Davidson. a rare chance to see the infamous close I n I d e Siren from (i/m/iururs. Allan Stewart and Where plague-ridden l7th century

Natalie Robb. See review. page 5‘). Edinburgh folks were walled tip and left '

A —~.--———»—_—————-..————-- to die. Take a friend to haiig onto. l’riri u/ I

MARY KING'S CLOSE [Edinburgh '3‘ Hrigriiunriv. See also i'n/rnn' c n F I e I Meet outside the (‘ity Chambers. Hiin I guide in centre pager.

Street. 'l‘ickets: tititil Fri 2 Jan l-Idiiiburgh‘s llogiiiaiiay Box Office. 2i

Market Street. 473 1998. Continued over page 1 1

The Dying Gaul

by Craig Lucas 19 March - 11 April

The Millionairess I I by Bernard Shaw 20 March - 11 April 3

£8/£2 0141 429 0022

(0th USHEF’

Bluebeard with a black heart: Grid Iron Theatre Company revives its production of Angela Carter‘s The Bloody Chamber at Mary King's Close

10 Dec 1991—8 Jar. 1998 THE llST61