Comedy is listed by date, then b city. Shows will be listed, providing t at details reach our offices at least ten days in advance of publication. Comedy listings compiled by Ellie Carr.



The Stand The its)” Ceilidh Hotise. Hunter Square. 220 I550. ‘) -l lpiii. live acts l'oi' £5 (£4). Weekly. Donna Krachan. The Man [it Pants and Silky are tonight's comedy delights at The Stand. Jane Mackay comperes and there‘s an open spot l‘or any wee soul who‘s brave enough.



The Joke BOX Mister P's Bar/Diner. 42 Wellineadow Street. Paisley. 56l 7| l7. l0pin—-2am. liree. A lull pint l'reehie night ol‘ comedy. every second Saturday. courtesy ol Belhaven Best ()l Comedy. ()ii tonight‘s hill: Gi'eenock stand-up Parrot. the seriously tinder-dressed (or this time (it year Man In Pants and comic poet Viv Gee.


Viv And Jill’s Comedy Capers Gilded Balloon. 233 Cowgate. 2266550. 8.30pm (doors 7.30pm). £5 (£4). Bi/arre cabaret from Many gals Viv Gee and Jill Peacock. in their last show (it l‘)‘)7. Gorge you sell on some l'estiye mince pies and egg niig. pliis a calorie-lilled entertainment line—up including voodoo magician Reg Anderson. master ol disguise Neil Shackleton. Glasgow prankster Hugh Reed and his ass- kicking hackitig group. the Velvet Underpants. There might even he a visit “'00) a iolly lat hloke with a white heard.

Glasgow ; The Comic Club Blackl'riais l'ndergroiind. A Blacklriars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5024. 0pm

(doors 8.30pm). £5 (£3.50) l'riendly litiiinytiian l)ave Johns tops the hill at the htisy local comedy club. with a helping hand tron) Gerry Grant and Silky. wlto we're reliath iiil‘oiiiied is a stand-up comedian. not a long-haired cat.

FOIS De ROlS Arches. Midland Street. 22l 400] ‘lpni. £5 Sce Glasgow Drama.


Christie's Comedy Cellar \\'.j. (‘Iirisue (y Sol). 27 5| West Port 'lilc‘kclsi 22() 0.5.50. 0.30pm (doors 8.30pm) £4. loose and ‘e\peiiiiienta|' are the tantalising words bandied about at (his new itialet'lal night where comedians come out w ith eyeiy- (hing lioni gems to clangeis. 'l‘onight's hr'as e ads entuieis are l)as e Johns. .-\heidonian Paddy Burns. Motherwell comic Mark Biatchpiece and resident coiiipere l)a\e Williams. Please note: this is the last comedy night at Christie's tiiitil the New Year. See Thu 8 .Ian (or details

BOXING DAY Edinburgh

Hogmanay Hootfest 'l‘he 'l'i'on Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550.

830 ll) 30pm £5 .\'o time (or l'estiye swallies (or local comedy promoters The Stand. as they embark on a live-(lay stand- iip (you do the talling (low in test to see you into the New Year with a smile on your lace The deal is one show each night at two city -centre \eiiues: each venue has its own compete. while the other acts leg it ht'l“ cell the l\\ t). llillt‘t'c‘s a (illilcl'ctll illic- tip every evening and the emphasis is on Scottish and other non-l.ondon-lxtsed comics. 'l‘onight's stand-up Santas are iaiitei Vladimir Mc'l‘ay isli. Canada's Craig Campbell. South Qiieeusleiry 's .lohn l‘lllll. Glasgow ‘s lltigli Reed and coinperc Jane Mackay See also lit/in/noe/i’s Hognianai gun/t III ( tar/e pages

Hogmanay Rootfest Canon's Gait. 232 Canongate. Royal Mile. 556 448l.

9.30—l | .30pm. £5. The same programme as above but with coiiipere Susan Morrison. See also Edinburgh is Hognranav guide in centre pages.



Cosy Comedy Cafe State Bar (downstairs) Holland Street. Charing Cross. 332 2l59. 8.30pm—midnight. £4. Fortnightly. Tonight at the laidback comedy club: impressionist Gerry Graiit. supported by Billy Bonkers.


Hogmanay Hootfest The Tron (‘eilidli House. Hunter Square. 220 l550. 8.30—l0.30pm. £5.Tonight: Greenock stand-up Parrot. Canadiart Craig Campbell. Borders bod Angus Cameron. lidinburgh's own Alan McQueen and compere Jane Mackay. See also lit/in/nogli Ts llognianav guide in (en/re pages”.

Hogmanay Hootfest Canon's Gait. 232 Canongate. Royal Mile. 5564481. ‘).30—l l.30pm. £5. As above. with Susan Morrison as compere. See also I;'t/ot/)iag/i Ts Hngllllllllll grin/e in centre pages:



The Comic Club Blacklriars Underground. Blackl'riars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9pm (doors open 8pm). £6 (includes a ‘Bell's Blast‘ whisky-based tipple of your choice). Weekly. Greenock stand-up Parrot takes top spot at the busy comedy club. with support from various tinl'eathered lriends.


Sail Upon The Loveboat The Bongo Club. l4 New Street. 5565204; 558 7604. l0pm*3am. £5. A musical/cabaret extra- vaganza with a bohemian llayout‘. featuring ‘Biiigo At The Bongo‘ with Sister Christa. and the ten-piece l.oveboat Big Band. who specialise in comical easy- listening duets. Plus. the Now Generation l)Js.

Hogmanay Hootfest The Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550. 8.30—l0.30pm. £5. ()n tonight's hill Martin Bigpig. star of Channel 4’s (ias. Canadian Craig Campbell. Bathgate's Bill Dewar. Newton Mearns‘s Jo Mackenzie and Jane Mackay as compete. See also lit/iii/iiirg/i Ts l/ognianai guide in (enlre pages.

Hogmanay Hootfest Canon‘s (Jan. 232 Canongate. Royal Mile. 556 448l.

930-4 l .30pm. £5. As above. with compere Stisaii Morrison. See also lit/in/mrg/i '.s Hogn/a/iai guide in centre




Fred MacAuIay Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 667 7776. 7.30pm (har (rom 6.30pm ). £9 (£7.50). Fred takes a night (ill from the starry worlds ot'TV and radio and returns to the dirty business ol‘ telling tokes‘. which fortunately he's pretty good at. What will Ally McCoist do without his llL‘\\‘-l.()tllltl chum'.’ See also Iii/in/mrt'li 's Hug/"(HUM gun/e Ill ( enlre pages.

Lee Hurst Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 20l9/667 7776. l0.30pm. £l2 (£9). The equally hirsute Mr Hurst follows his comedy huddy with a late-night (lose ol well-aimed gags to round on the evening. Part of Edinburgh '.s Hog/Hanoi. See also

t o/oar guide in ( enrre pages. I Hogmanay Hootfest The Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550.

830- l0.30pni. £5. ()n tonight's line-up at the live-(lay llotitl'est. John Gillick

(Glasgow \"elvet Rooms compere). Craig Campbell. lidinburgh‘s Brian Heniiigaii. l.either Kevin Spence arid coinpere Jane Mackay. See also Iz‘t/rIr/mrg/i 's Hognranai gait/e in ( eat/e pages.

Hogmanay Hootfest Canon's (km. 232 Canongate. Royal Mile. 556 4481. 9.30-l 1.30pm. £5. As above. but with Susan Morrison as compere. See also Iftlilt/mrg/t Ts Hogartrtrtr guide in ('enlre pages.

m Edinburgh

Bill Bailey Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 20l9/667 7776. l0.30pm £ l0 (£8). The heardy weirdy keyboard wizard returns to lidinburgh. with his stunning repertoire ol comedy ditties including ‘l'ltree llllni/ .lln'e Richard Clayderman-style and the “mint ll’lio theme tune as performed by a Belgian jal/ trio. Nursery rhymes may never sound the same again. See l‘i’otttlittes‘. page 2. Hogmanay Hootfest 'l‘lie Tron (‘eilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550.

830— l0.30pm. £5. ()ri tonight's hill at the Hootl‘est. (he badger-haired Kenny Harris. Craig Campbell. Allan Miller. Colin Ramone and compere Jane Mackay. Part of Edinburgh fs‘ Hogmanai.

Hogmanay Hootlest Canons Gait. 232 Caiioiigate. Royal Mile. 556 448].

9.30 H.30an £5. As above. but with compere Susan Morrison. See also lit/in/iiirg/i 's Hognranas guide in ( enri‘e pages.


The Stand The Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550. ‘) -l lpm. i'lH' acts l'or £5 (£4). Scotise-Geordie Ans il Springsteiii tops tonight‘s hill at the lively local comedy club. with support l'i'oni Mitch Benn. Alan McQueen. l’aul Graham and resident cotnpere Jane Mackay.

listings COMEDY


The Stand The Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550. ‘l—l lpm. Five acts (or £5 (£4). The liriday night comedy club kips over for a Saturday sesh. Anvil Springstein tops the hill. while Joort Broon and Jack Weatherall provide support and Jane Mackay is your capable host.

Viv 8t Jill's Cabaret Club Gilded Balloon Studio. 233 Cowgate. 226 6550. 8.30pm (doors open 8pm). £5 (£4). Dancing until 3am (or an extra £ l. Viv Gee. Jill Peacock and pals invite you to break New Year's resoltuions with a good laugh a their revamped weekly night. Tonight’s guest are Gordon Brunton. Sandy Nelson and The lmproverts. Plus a house haiid who ‘promise to pill the Glitter hack into Gary'.



The Comic Club Blacktriars Underground. Blackl‘i'iar's. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9pm (doors open 8pm). £6 (includes a ‘Bell's Blast' of your choice). Weekly. Kick 1998 oil with a hit (it a giggle in the company of various Comic Club l‘avourites.

THURSDAY 8 Edinburgh Christie's Comedy Cellar WJ. Christie & Sort. 27 3| West Port. Tickets: 226 6550. 9 30pm (doors 8,3(lptit). £4. The popular Thursday night comedy club returns to get your chuckle iiiuscles hack into shape. ()ti tonight‘s bill: political animal John l-‘lint. happy-go-lucky Joe lleeuan. Paul Graham and your host Gordon Brunton. The Stand Canons Gait. 232 Canongate. Royal Mile. 556 448l. ‘l llpin. At least tour acts (or £4 (£3). The local comedy cltih is back. with various bright-eyed and bushy -laile(| stand-ups including Kenny Harris. Colrii Ramoue. Allan Miller and Hugh Reed. Susan Morrison plays host.



AGAIN COMEDY FAN” The independent



10.30PM TICKETS: £10 (£8)

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