Fly 3

Glasgow: Fly Gallery until ,3th 2‘: Der

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[\mnnr; the l()ll('t’ s‘-.‘.reets, pen, mirrrt-r, male—tit) anti harilaes, a lill‘/ televisrt,-rt screen “It kers away Arr elderly woman is talkinr: Shulflrnn Hn her seat Stanrlrrrri wrth :lrfl:< ulty l.l\r’rar)prnri a :arrlrrian r<>un<l lrer shnulrlers A small speaker errrlterltlerl in the rm-gir writes“. l‘er liar turerl rrressarte lie a ‘.'.ltzs;:er 'llmrrrhril has \.'.rr>rl:e(l as 'l \zilr’"\.‘.r(T-llcz‘l \‘xrth l)(‘i‘l)l(‘ Stillerrnn trrum rlerrierttra anrl Al.'lterrrt~:=rk rlrsease ln /;/rr;.‘>/e, issues surrmmflrnr: identity rr‘ierrtr‘rn/ anrl (lzssulutrr‘rt are (*lr‘ttlli'flll‘,’ t‘~;:r\|.,re<l

erll'lll'.'r'l‘,' ,us‘. as st'r n':: yaral‘. Trim)“, untitled tic-'1 lt-r Bertrnnrrv: .'.‘:th 'l‘m Y. -i. Knr»' itnxxe You' and enrhrt': "rat: Siva-aid Be Lt)‘.~’~’l', lr:;r;; learls tine '.';er.'.‘er lt'lil‘itl a


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,‘).i'arr l-‘irr', rathy \VIIM’R artu Steve ll<~ll:'i'ts‘.'.r rt!) 'a waltzturr- fl; 31‘,il‘("~f'r-ilt}e‘.l snow ill th” Drlr‘rwtgx‘ flan-cry tr.



Discovering The Italian Baroque: The Denis Mahon Collection

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I’.i‘~?'ri‘\’.il": rte-wt" (lltl ll‘i‘ Bu'lrfilli‘ any ‘aw. Alter The mere ::-:-.v ate ‘(-i‘\ {Litres of the Rt""lr“v:'li 1', ’I'"' 81'” lib." {‘r"‘.\ .'."{'v'(’ a't } lat-4'. Iria'u I". rr‘elatir‘arr‘ra,

ll. \, t' <1. 1. st: -.~, llw. ’12': .t‘f‘x

cascading trrtm \l(,>'rl(l l1 rrrtatrttrrs and intro clm‘rnrrrrht sauc y trumps :;r palate-rt

hy lrl;!'linr‘v:rs rtrrils, they srirrrehri‘.‘. wulrln". cut the sarrte L l"(l(‘:".lhil: at- Rerraissanc e tin-uargrters

Famirrrrahiy urit'as'rimrta'rrlel r centuries, Sir Denis l.lah'>n, 'v’ter‘alernan

rrrl7er tc>r', reaped the l-erielra :al fallout atar'terl

(e'ler llll") Baruque )leS at relatineln,»

:ri the i936‘. ~.'/her‘. lze

cheap price, He has ~,rri;e arriasseri a Vast :<>lie< treri and the Baroque 'tharils to ac ademrc tomes arid a (let hire in meral uyerthres lilie l/lrrr Ruslure is tiny." fashronahl,’ fayrrurerl

Lur a (gitirrlariri's ml slet: hes t'wr a ser:es at lresmes are a feast Hf flesh, hlue slaes anrl a hrrst ur mytholortrt al

(warns-eat, pertarnrrru tn every

((h'l( ervahie allennry ()l '.rrtue (mint) Renr's The Rape Of Europa shots/s (rur \‘rc trm startally antl, ()l (nurse, beautifully, silhrrrrttinct tr) her late Less flarrrhnyan! is the wnrl; of (inert MN) St r Peter Pendent weeps antl lnnlzs l lieavertwarrls, while (suercirrr/s pert I and mi. (lia‘.‘.'rnr s ‘slli‘r‘fi.’ the man really i (crulrl (lr‘aw exquisitely lSusanna Beatnnnnt‘

Christmas No 1 Glasgow: lrrrlc>p<->rrcre:rt Studes Protect Rcsrti trr‘itr! Sun 21 Dec

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Discovering The Italian Baroque: a detail from The Fall of Phaeton by Johann Liss

66 THE lIST 19 Dec 199/ -8 Jan 1998

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It Can't Happen Here

Edinburgh: The New Street Exhibition Space until Sun 4 Jan .-

itself has gained respectability.

dressed up as mind expansion.

serial too, so let's hope the mag lasts.

the British comic world's derivative lack of identity. (Neil Cooper)

It's Goodnight From Me . . . Edinburgh: Cciiectrve (Ergiet'. Wed 21 Dec l()l‘.'l 8(‘(1’tl08riittltfliilla'n Rarrrsa',’ knot. a than: mi tut/t) ani-rrt tarr‘e's ll( lgle te'tanes That') \.'.hy they rieclarerl ilN‘il‘st‘l‘t’t’X (lear: 1::- lt's Gert/feign? Herr; rile, Am." r’f's Good/right Frtz‘rrr Hrrrr, (3r,><>r/Irrc;/rt, (jam/night, an alierretlly pusthurrit‘rus exhrhrtrnrt of their ((illecterl lililll)lllit;s and uhsessioris

But leak at the at ‘:.'rn:n(;ly act arrate etlrctres of the duo, l‘.’lll(] Ill state in a l‘.\'lll (nltrn Pay ynur respec ts ll you |;l,-.g antl ynu'll realise thev'te lalxerl rt Tlie,"‘.-;.* clone a Rt’QQlf? Perriri tr) frrrl‘l (rat what people say about them at their aural-n

The walls and flours ()l (wile. trve are plastered With (layrilr) A4 pnsters, (‘:3( ll hearing a sourtrlhite, a slogan, a provocation, rrr else l)(‘dllii() rrrraues rill the clyrtarrirc duo therrrselves 'It's Ali

P l {H e mi . . . . . lbeé Checdre at (6 (IR? banm CS. ; 6 \ __ Q ° K b— l _ l Windows of the world: comic strip by Mary Hutchison When American comics first hit these shores more than a quarter of a century ago. adolescent minds were opened by tales of pneumatic amazons and existentialist loners in daft costumes. An underground developed, from which the best talents graduated to 2000 AD, a surprisingly adult, all-Brit take on leftfield sci-fi. Recently, Americana has given way to more domestic settings, and even the heroes are more human these days, while the format This rough and ready exhibition of new Scottish comic strip art - the bulk of which appears in the more natural form of a freshly launched It Couldn’t Happen Here comic - is as easy on the eye as it is lacking in originality. All the wild, paranoiac obsessions of the characters’ forebears are on board; environmental sci-fi. conspiracy theories and scattergun gobbledygook are Very little of it works in this context, and if you’re into that sort of thing you’d be better off forking out a quid for the comic itself. Only Sean Wilson and Mary Hutchison's ’The Windows Of The World’ attempts to present the here, the now and the humdrum in a charmingly cohesive form. And it's a What's really surprising is how devoid of humour the whole thing is. All very worthy, and it's a novelty to see pages scaled up, but outside of the genre's real aficionados, the appeal is limited. it is indicative of the bulk of Hi‘ ii :"i:' ll '11,} ' ll ' i) l- .r‘imt " rm. “try . :.-r'r'*:. i/r until ' r z" '- ": '1 ' ‘t‘ :rn;: flan? .rti r:ere i-I :r‘. ,tfirt’I s."r, 'fil' ‘. 11"», trill‘r” llld". lull-“'1 1: present r‘::n;h.', "tart : ' '. ' . 'uritrt‘uu ’rllli 1.17. 't;'. set t-‘r a >t,'wltraf'-_ tl‘at nitrr‘ni‘, "it The i‘alb l.'. mi. 3' th szn'. 1., 'i i :alniret it'( turn i:t This rs the art mt talrrv: the piss, :2 .'.eil as lll‘.‘i-i«r‘r-.'f‘ as art It's all a 'a’l ‘mru: vt srrrrzrzer‘, at its warn N-m'er-t i' n, (nurse, 2"r.’i'l‘,/(’rll€' ‘.'.""'.‘ l" :i “it'd-'1, illill") the idea, tirarrirrr‘, -, l ill a: least you ran lauuh airnnr: .'.'::n 't ’2: tan war? «Neil (7 Mayer STAR RATINGS 7 Unmrssable Very good Worth a shot

Good Clean Ruhhrsh’ rrirrtht sum thinrrs up, thourth 'This is What Punk's All

Below average You've been warned