They're everywhere. They've kicked the tartan trimmings into touch and made it commercially and critically. From the Supernaturals pitching camp in the charts to Arab Strap making sense in black and white, this has been the year of the Scottish band. Wmds: Jonathan Trew

For years The Supernaturals were familiar faces in Glasgow and Edinburgh's pubs and venues. They are now becoming familiar vistors to the Top Forty. Their debut album It Doesn’t Matter Any More not only featured the coolest cover of the year in the form of a grinning chimp, but also went into the charts at Number Nine and has since sold a whopping 50,000 copies in the UK. They’ve just returned from touring Europe with Robbie Williams who was partial to running on stage with his todger flapping in the breeze. Here’s Ken Supernatural on 1997:

Travis: if golf is the new rock‘n'roll, they play a scratch game

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It‘s looking up for The Supernaturals

A year ago, four-piece Travis were practically unheard of outside of the Central Belt. As they embark on a short headlining tour before knocking off for Christmas, they can look back on twelve months in which they've had four Top Forty singles and their debut album Good Feeling reached the Top Ten. They've just finished their second support tour with Oasis and on the morning of The List's chat with Travis, bassist Dougie Payne has a hangover because he was out drinking pina coladas with Liam and Noel the night before.

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[lay/s play the Garage, Glasgow, Sun 21 [)ee Queen's Ila/l, ld/nlmrq/i, Mon 2.) [)e(

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