Jan. Mixed-media works by Karen Harris. Hell's Kitchen llntil Fri 2 Jan. Polaroid illustrations by Mary Hutchinson taken front tire Sent/(Hid ()ir Sum/(iv series.


(ta Dtindas Street. 557 4050. Mortal-rt 10am (rpm; Sat 10am ~1pm.

Christmas Exhibition 0f Prints Until Wed 24 Dec. Prints by various artists including Wilson. Cameron. Stiitor and Sirtclair.

EASTERN GENERAL HOSPITAL ()titpatients corridor aitd top of main coi‘iitloi'. Scaftcltl Street. 530 725‘).

Mon l-‘ri 9am» (rpm.

Breaking New Ground Until in Jail 1998. An exhibition ofcontetnporary art by establislted artists and recent graduates front art schools iit Coventry. lidinbtirgh. Dundee and Aberdeen. EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART l,atiriston Place. 221 (i000. Mon~Thti 10am 3pm; l‘i‘i 10am 5pm; Sat

10am 2pm.

Sara Radstone Ceramics 79-97 Wed

7 Tue 27 .lait. A look at Radstone's development as art artist over tlte past twenty years.

THE EDINBURGH GALLERY ISa Dundas Street. 557 5227. Mon—iii 11am 5pm; Sat 10am 1pm.

Christmas Exhibition t'nnt Wed 31 Dec. A large selection of small paintings. EDINBURGH NEW TOWN CONSERVATION CENTRE 13a Dttndas Street. 557 5222. Mon - liri 9am 1pm; 2 5pm. Sat 10am noon. 1997 Christmas Exhibition tJniil Mon 22 Dec. A selection of paintings on sale by the Scottish Sticlcty (if Architect Artists.

FRUITMARKET GALLERY 45 Market Street. 225 23S}. Mon- Sat

Angel delight: a work by Mary Hutchinson on show in Hell’s Kitchen at Cyberia

Dec. 11am—4pm).

The Christmas Exhibition tiniit Sat 17 .lart. A ritixed-niedia exhibition featuring the work of over 50 artists. marry of whom will also be creating decorations for the gallery's Chi'istiitas tree iit aid of the Scottish Breast Cancer Campaign. MALCOLM INNES GALLERY

4 Dtindas Street. 558 9544. Mon l‘ri

including Rembrandt. Degas arid Van (iogh.

Turner Watercolours Thu leat 3t Jail. The annual display of'l’tirnei' watercolours. bequeathed iii 1900 by Henry Vaughan. The works are only ever exhibited in January iii order to preserve the paintings. as the light is at its weakest aitd least destructive.

Discovering The Italian Baroque: The

listings ART


43—45 High Street. 556 957‘). Mon—Sat 10am-44.30pm.

Carmina Gadelica Until Wed 24 Dec. An exhibition of art inspired by St Coluinba arid Celtic spirituality by young people front the Outer Hebrides.

THE NEW STREET EXHIBITION SPACE (3-414 New Street. 556 5204. Wed—Fri |—~(tpm'. Sat & Strn 2me.

It Can’t Happen Here Until 4 Jan 1998. A selection ofcomic art with contributions front Andrew Willshaw. Calltim Mclvor. Jamie Grant. Mary Hutchinson and Chad McCail. See review.


75--7‘) Cumberland Street. 557 1020. Mon—~15ri 10am—-()pm; Sat 10am—4pm. On A Small Scale Until Wed 24 Dec. Over 300 works by gallery artists including contemporary British paintings and crafts.

Continuum Until Wed 24 Dec. Recent jewellery by Natalie Vardey.


21 St Leonards 1.ane. (>02 1612. Mort-Sat l()am»5pm; Stiit noon—4pm.

Gifts From The Orient Until Tue 23 Dec. A display of items available for purchase including small boxes. lanterns. table top cattdlesticks. rttgs. carpets arid temple lamp holders.


Patriothall Studios. off48 Hamilton Place. 225 128‘). Mon—Aliri noon—5pm; Sat Sun noon» (i mt.

Christmas Exhi ition Sat 20 62 Sun 21 Dec. A selling exhibition of arts aitd crafts. including jewellery. tapestry arid ceramics by various artists. PRINTMAKERS' WORKSHOP 23 Union Street. 557 247‘). Tue—Sat 10am ~()p111.

Prints £100 And Under Until Sat 2()

Denis Mahon Collection t'ntil 15 tel) 1998. A major collection of 17th aitd 18th

Dec. A wide range of prints by members of the stitdio.

10am-(rpm; Sat 10arn~ lprii.

10am (iptil'. Stiii noon 5pm. Christmas Exhibition Until Wed 24

Where The Rivers Flow tEntil Sat it)

Jan. A comprehensive survey of work front the past ten years. by one of the world‘s leading photographers. Thomas .loshua Cooper. Many of the river and sea pictures on display ltave not been exhibited tn the CR before arid include a new series. Scottish Rivers. I’iiri o/ :l/II/tlt’lil lie/it.

HANOVER FINE ARTS 22a l)tiittlas Street. 556213]. Mon l‘i‘i 10.30aiti (rpm; Sat 10am 5pm (open Strit 21 Dec. 1 5pmi.

Small Pictures For Christmas t’niil Sat .i .lan treopens 20 31 .lani. Over 150 works by over ()0 gallery artists including paintings. prints. ceramics. Indian and wooden boxes. sculpture. jewellery. cushions and textiles.


2S St Stephen Street. 22o 544‘). Mon l‘ri S 30am opm; Sat 10am 4pm. A new gallery for Stockbrtdge. showing the talents ofyottiig Scotttslt artists. Clockwork Monkey t'niit Wed 24 Dec. Ait exhibition of atttomata by (itiy Bishop and l'tilllClS (Ballop. JUDITH GLUE ()0 llrglt Street. 558 tsnn. .\1on Sat

9 30am opm; Sttii lll.5().ttll (rpm.

It’s A Heavenly Christmas t'niil Wed 7 Jan. A selling exhibition ot arts aitd crafts including glassware. ceiainics aitd paintings

KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 .\'oitlttimbei'land Street l.ane. 557 5454. Daily 11am 4.30pm.

Christmas At Kingfisher Until Tue 23 Dec Paintings. sculpture. jewellery and ceramics by various artists. with one third of gallery commission goings towards ieftirbishment of the viewing gallery at Ridiitg for The Disabled. The Drum. lidtnbtrrgh.

THE LEITH GALLERY ()5 The Shore. 553 5255. Tue l‘ri 1|am~opnr; Sat 11am 4pm (open Sun 18

Dec. Recent work by various artists featuring Rebecca Collins. John 1"organ. Jillian McDottgall aitd Alait Reed.


2‘) Marchmont Crescent. 22‘) 139‘). Wed Suit 11am—7pm.

Christmas Exhibition ttnnt Thu 8 Jan. A new gallery for Marchmont. specialising iii contemporary art. The current show irtclttdes work by Kate Kirby arid Richard Webb

MATTHEW Artcntract—tin{oil—titan?w

l'niversity of lidiiibtii'gh. Department of Architecture. 20 Chambers Street. (>50 2.106.

A Capital Site: Edinburgh's Calton Hill liiitil liri 19 Dec. Art exhibition looking at the importance of Calton Hill as a site for the Scottish Parliament

mam 'éAitEiiv (Brasserie Aitr'

Belford Road. 556 8921. Mon— Sat 10am 5piii1Siin 2 -5ptii.An impressive

5 collection of 20th century art. including

works by Picasso. Matisse. Moore. llockttey and Bellany. pltis a selectiott of Dada aitd Surrealist paintings.

Scottish Colourists From The Ritchie Collection l'ntil | 1 Jan 1998. Works on loan front the collection of Dr James Ritchie who began collecting in the late 1920s. l‘t‘illlll'L‘tl artists include Cadell. Peploe. l‘cl‘gltsstm. .\lc'l'aggart arid Hunter.

Correspondences: Scotland/Berlin l‘ntil 1 Feb 1998. Air exhibition of new contemporary art. where six artists from Berlin show work alongside six Scottish- based artists. The show is a collaboration with the Berlinrsche (.ialer‘ie aitd includes painting. sculpture. drawing. video installations. photography and video and light projections. See review.

century ltaliart paintings belonging to the eminent art historian. Denis Mahon. The exhibition iitclttdes masterpieces by (itrercino. (iuido Rent. Dotttenichino arid Annibale Carracci. See review. NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY

Queen Street. 556 8921 Mon— Sat

10am -5pm'. Sun 2 «5pm. A stunning collection of portraits of famous faces from the 16th century to present day. plus the national )hotography collection. Portraits Oi Excellence limit I l-‘eti I993. Photographic portraits of distittgiiislted scholars from the liniversity of lidinburgh. by l'ntvei‘sity photographers Tricia Malley and Ross (iillespie.

Stars Of Stage And Screen Sat 21)

Dec Stiit 2‘) Mar. A collection of portraits of famous Scottish faces including Sean Connery. Billy Connolly. l,tilti arid the gallery's recent acquisition. Johit Byrne‘s painting entitled Self l’orrruii In .11 l'.l()l1'(‘l'(’(/./(l(Al’l.

ROGUES' GALLERY St Stephen Street. 225 5558. Tue—Sat 1|.30arit—530 in.

Christmas Ex ibition Uittil Wed 24 Dec. Cartoons. prints. paintings aitd sculpture by variotrs artists.


lnverleitlt House. lnverleitlt Row. 552 7171. Tue‘Sun l0arn---3.30pm. £2.50 (£1.50).

In Visible Light Until 15 Feb 1998. A iotrring exhibition from the Museum of Modern Art iii ()xfoi'd, which looks at the multiple applications of photography from its earliest days to the present. Artists include Darwin. Mapplethorpe. Jo Spence. Diane Arbus. Cindy Sherman and the 1997 Turner Prize winner. (itllian Wearing. I’url of xi/Il/Ht'lll Ire/ll.

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NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 8921. Mott—Sat 10am—5pm; Stiii 2r—5pm. £4 (£2.50). A fine collection of works from the Renaissance to Post-lmpi'essionism.


An exhibition of applied arts by leading craftmakers in glass, jewellery, ceramics, silver, textiles €9’ automata.


Roger Billcliffe fine art

134 Blythswood Street Glasgow g2 4el

telephone 0141-332 4027 fax 0141—332 6573

19 Dec 1997-8 Jan 1998 THE U8T69