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Occupation: r’rorrrote" arrd DJ for bro bop/drum 'rr' bass rrrqbt Audro l’sypl‘a at tlre Sub C lub, Crlas(;<)\.'. label r'rarraoer ol Sor'ra Re<ords offshoot Psy-pl‘r rrrusr< Age: 20


Paul C antley (arrwe dressed rrr Selaarre ."eavy ‘.'.er<;lrt leyr's frorrr Nev. York, a Post \.'.'orle.'.rear' slrrr". trorv: l)r Jiyes :r‘. (rldS(]()‘.‘.' and Mo Mo Max N Ke baseball boots

After: We d'essed Paul C avxley rrr l)resel sl‘:.'t, (6‘) Underground, lrase's, (rldS(}()‘.‘.’t, se<orrd band leafs ,earrs, {‘ l 8 99 'Nr( ols C)rr(;rrrals, (r.<lSC;()‘.‘. ;, boots, (6‘) 99 'Sliellys, Crlasqoxz

What he thought: 'lt's not really my style the (ut \.‘.'as too trqbt arrd a bzt too (loser frttrrrq I prefer tlrrrrqs that {:1 me, but have (rot a brt of "oor" C orrzfor'! rs the key

‘ll‘e (olour‘ ol the levr's \.'.'as \.‘.'rorr(; l‘iey 'ooked oyer dyed arrd l urasrz't keen or: file slérrt as l'rrr rrot a bro fa". ot' [)resel Idorr’t o‘.'.rr any proper slioes, so \.'.'earrrr(; t“e boots ‘\.‘.'as a or: o‘ a rtoyelty tlrey rr‘ade rrte leel 8ft tall If I say." rr‘ryse t orr the street rr‘. tlrrs l'd tlrrrrk "he's off to rm» lrrrtr‘.el"'

Occupation: DJs at Brnoer C)uee"_ Club r'.le'(ado, ldrrtbu'o", and tlrrouolrout tlre UK C Iub prorr‘oter arrd rerord (ornpar‘y boss

Age: 2‘1

Before: C r'aro (a'r‘e d'essed -r‘ a Stussy rm ket 3&50, C ar‘ada, C alv" Kier". s'r‘ 't, SOC), C a"ada, b‘ar Tn l<“."s,'ear‘.s">x1C),Car‘adaarrd’Wm Arr Max 3219, C arrada

After: \'.’e dressed C 'aro r". a bad leatlte' l»a< ket, {28, laral‘. {roasers £12 ‘3‘),Cltr'stra'1lhorsbrrt, {/0 all how N:< o's Orrqrrtals, 8

C lrarxellor Street,Crasoox'.,Ol-1l 33/ 6994 Soe< a? tlra't‘m to Yvorrrre

What he thought: 'l'rr‘ (rurte surprrsed a( tually ldorr’t usuaF‘y use se<orrd-ltaod sl‘ops but tioo'rts ourte (ool not that l’rr: do "r; to start sbooorrro serorrd 'rar‘d' ’Srme I went to C arrada, lye oo‘. really rrrto Stussy lbouol‘t loads of rt out there be<ause rt's so fabulously (bear) I'm also really loyal to iabels i'Ke rt' I'r'r rrto Ourrr or Prada o" Dorrr‘a Kara”, l"l buy rt urrrduely for ages

19 {)e( 199/ 8 ,a'r‘.998 THE “ST 75