76 THE lIST 19 DH 1997

8 Jan 1998

Name Ronnie. 31mm

Age 33

Work Looks after the indws' touch) (it

lunmi, Gk Sk.()\'."

Home 3l(‘:8(.1)\.'.'

nesx mung about ciu'us TN Staffi' Norst thing about ciubs TW‘ '7' 'r“.("“,

Last rewrd bought SOPJt‘IllH‘O by :~

the next time you step into Clubland to dance your face ol‘fr take a look at those around you. These are the people who make Scottish dubbing possible.

' 9;: : Jlm Byers and Rory Weller

9 ‘U‘u t. Uav‘ld Mcmtyl‘e

Nalhe '

Age «VLC

Work R<‘-'»'(i(‘;:1 'if (at "‘x-:‘ 3 ' kazszx)‘;

Home 5:233:21)?

Best thing about :iubs "‘4 i): :-'

Worst thing about :iubs

Last i’eCurd bought ")3? «

Rimwfvu' 7min '>" f-:~

Last record bought .‘im. 1; ’r

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