Name ( tart; \‘y’ood

Age 2/

Work Pr'orrroter' for Soieftrsrort a'td Ir: Derr‘rarrd Retor'drrrqs

Home E‘drr‘oturrr‘

Best thing about clubs The mUSK and the peopie, rt they're both (rtratrty

Worst thing about clubs The rrrtrsrt and the peopte rf they're hot (rtralrty

Last record bought Sensory Prodtrt trons' '(rhetto Musrt'

open 9am-3am from 18th December-3rd Januarg chrtstmas dag 7pm-3am

boxtng dag 12pm 3am

new years dag 12pm~3am

GHRETH SOMMERVILLE pLags chrLstmas eve & everg rrLdag [ntomtc oabg/rrtptonite North]


pLags Hogmanag & everg saturdag [InternatLonaL JDJ/Trtptonrte worth} JOURNEYS BY DJ

festtve specLaL on 1/1/98

regutar appearances throughout December from scott Grown, KUdU Lounge 5 Ltve nustc from a random cotterttve

iguana cafe 5 bar 41 LothLan street, edLnburgh t.0131 220 4288

78 THELIST '1} 3e: ‘99/ 8 “398

Name Veirha Henderson

Age 28

Work Head door ste‘.'.‘ar'd at La Belle Arrdele, Edrrrinrr‘qh Best thing about clubs The atrrrosphere Worst thing about clubs The trouble- makers hetatrse they HJIH the atrr‘rospher‘e Last record bought Best Arrt/rerrrs /n The Wt )r‘r'd [‘ ver/

Name Krr‘strh Mat Kay Age 22

Work Photography student and bar \‘x’Ot‘kOt' at The (far‘xa'ash, tidrnhtrr'qh

Home [idrrthtrr‘qh

Best thing about clubs Socralrsrnq and the

Worst thing about clubs Smhhy rrrter'rors arrd r'trhhrsh DJs

Last record bought Srrrkrhd' by The Aloof

;, rm ."" Name Krrrrr Howrsorr Age 19 Work Hyer qrr'l arrd drre( tor of her own (orrrparry, Flyrnq Hrqh Drstrrbrrtrorr Home Edrrrinrr‘qh Best thing about clubs (rorrrq to Taste hetatrsel (arr always guarantee that I'll meet someone L-trrow there and the atrrrospher‘e's always good too Plus | get rr‘. for free.

Worst thing about clubs The torlets rrr most plates - ex<ept the Horteytomt)