H house L latin

G garage Ra rap

F funk .Ijungle/drum S soul ’n’ bass

HH hip hop Ga gay venue T techno 88 big

I indie beat/trip hop R rock Tr trance

D disco/70s E 80s

C commercial


Number of bars Dance floors Sound System

Cost of a pint of draught of lager on Saturdays

Cost of a bottle of water Air conditioning Seating

Number of female toilet cubicles

Cost of cloakroom per item

sat» erg/ya mast:

Door policy



H, G, F, S, NH

23 Royal lixchange Square. OH] 221 7080.

Capacity 200/one room.

Entry on Saturdays £8.

9? 1. \9 l. W 5k (kept to the dance floor). i £2.40. Tr? £1.30. Finely tuned. Raised section of booths and tables.


III. Dressy. unless you‘re in a band or can be bothered persuading the stewards to let you in.

A zoo/c I.

Tends to appeal to an older. style- conscious set who are drawn by the venue‘s vaguely exclusive nature. It‘s small and sumptuously decorated with the long. modernist bar being the central focus. rather than the dance floor. Nothing too ambitious on the music side. with an anthem and classics playlist.


H, G, I. F, S, I

25—37 Queen Street. 204 3l89. Capacity 990/five rootns. Entry on Saturdays £8.


fil 28k. Extremely impressive.

\9 3.



the ammfi 30 mid

80 THE LIST ‘.9 Dec 1997 8180 1998

istings section tor djs

and street. 9

0 l »'l l " «4100 "l asttovv

It came from outer space: Boogie Mo Dynamo

i £2. IF? £1.50.

New air conditioning recently installed.

Booths by dance floor. benches and tables in bar areas.

:5? 25.

Iii Weekends tend towards smart. weekdays are more casual.

A 9()0/£ t.

This mammoth venue has been tweaking the club equation to keep it fresh. Saturday is the busy. dress-up night. opting for housey resident DJs rather than guests. Fridays have turned around in the last few months with the ('olours crew running their Spectrum night of hard house. featuring regular guest slots. Thursdays continue with the huge (‘op student night and Sundays get camped up by Shirley's Temple. Recently. the club has been trying to up the credibility factor with full-on drum 'n' bass nights and more big name Dls. signalling that its owners realise they can't _jttst trade on a club that looks pretty.

l l

in neon


H, G, T

\Iitllattttl Stl‘ccl toll ,l.nt.;itt‘.t Slt'cct i. Ill 9730.

capacity (fill't‘um looms. l_'5tt'ii\c

Entry on Saturdays tls :Io ulcpcntls

‘? I’IIl\ \tiII tIIIIIl\\ ltll' \lLIc' ltl

northern .ncltcs.

‘3' 1—3.

@I I’I'onlolt‘ts all In [I c l'!‘._'. lml Ill liottsc I\ well \t'l\ it‘t'tl.

i Lilli. met“). ()Itht ltils tlit' ictl on the dance IlHHl.

\\\ (g I'i\lc'll\l\t‘ \x'IlIlIl:_' Ill I!1\l ult'll.


ck ct. I)t'\|‘!l.' n granola” n tills nl‘ quickly

I“? Dcpcntls on lire night. lint g;i..';.tll_. quite open minded Ill" Itmst neurons scarcli ol .inj. (ilisgoxa \t'lltlt'.