NJ, 6.1, D

Address: Mitchell Street. 248 7377. Capacity I I27.

Entry on Saturdays: £8.

‘2 5. ‘e‘ 2.

31‘ 7k. New system coming.

i £2.20. Ti? er. K Newly litted.

Extensive chill otit areas. r5? r2. A 7srr/t‘i.

gt Smart casual.

.\lel\'a_\. (‘oliii 'l‘exeiidale and Ste\eii .\le('ieei_\ playing hard. cutting edge house to a responsive regular crowd l.i\ei'pool‘s ('i'earii host a night once a month bringing the world's top names to the club and Radio ( )tie is stopping oll here alter its llogriiaiia} ltioadeast l'ioiii (ieorge Square. The main room is where the l'ull»ori action takes place. hut the hack room. wrth its more intimate dance llooi‘. ol‘l‘ers a laid hack. hurls} t‘l‘llt‘ll. 'l‘liursdays are packed \\ itli students and Sundays are grxeii oxer‘ to the Shs Brother‘s. \\ ho go lor it w illi a lltttl\t‘\ weekend eloset .



52H Sauehiehall Street. i131?“

i Capacity .141). I .140. 1 -~ ~- Entr n as When it reopened iii the lCSlH’e season last i H - E? Y 0 saturdays - . l ‘3

year. Tin Pan was promising a credible ' Capacity I I I VIIIWC “mm _ offering of underground residents and a K Am, . Entry on Samrdays U return to the days when it was the city's v' III.

i t: ll? t'i ll)

seminal dance venue. Nurnhersweren't g plru “In” M I m “I i k? a Q... w \\ Well designed

quite tip to expectations in this large. industrial looking club. so lately it has gone sgk i £2.60. rt? LISn. 7 it} Relaxed; random search with +\ l‘tl‘t‘) lounge area to ll'ttlll or" club metal detector. \ (rets yer} liol on hus_\ nights.

for a mix ol‘ names from the hardcore scene 8 I I A “XI/U In t s sotrrsop.

padded benches.

plus a commercial playlist. Joe Deacon. Billy Reid and Bass Generator take over the main space on a Saturday nights for a hard sound. attracting quite a large regular

crowd. Mondays and Tuesdays are gay . _ z nights which hayc huill up a stead}- [l'ilSh UpCllL‘ti .\l\ llltllllilS ilgt). Upt‘l‘illlllg SL‘Pill'Hlt‘ Ch'” “m “loll” sllld reputation playing hill-on dance. : on the site that used to he Rhapsody and 5 Ptldtlt‘tl hs‘lls‘hs‘ I R The siiiai ier side or casual. l creating new spaces by splitting tip the c g I warehouse ol a iriaiiii'ooaii into two new FE? Its'. Os ljlltl/L‘l, t .\ \mleh (rub [rm “mm “M” math.“ urc“;‘- wuikcmi“ 3")“ H “W! 1‘ I‘m-'91." 3 \\ lll'lt‘lllellll‘t‘l as Joe l’iipaia//i's_ hut H, G, C. I, S, F l p“"°-‘~‘”mill Wm“! Chl’lmng Tm-‘h “Y” i m Stuart dress. e\tetisi\e search. looks nothing like it. The club is aptl\ '97 pm Stu-Cr, 573 3372. other Venues tor the iiiairisti'earii music named \\ IIII LCWINW IN. “I “MI WK“ Capacity 58 “three rooms. ! policy l" S1 l-‘C'm'i‘llf “Fllxh Plum" r The Tunnel is undoubtedly Seoilaritl‘s throughout hour the intimate lower rooirr Entry on Saturdays £7. 'Student nights are ltresdays and In.“ hmkmg. IIIIN \IIIISII'CIUII. I'M. ' \\ itli small dariee tloor. through into the “y I .3 3 ; Iihllrffhys- “"‘h "‘9 ll’rlncl hung "‘9 flagship tor" the Big Beat ow iiers iii the main l‘titilll w here the pi iiieipal dariee -- -- I llSlLl. g process ol opemngi clubs Ill I.olidoii_ tteltolt takes place. met looked it}' a large 9! l‘k Sydney and the Middle liast. liven har area. The dance lloot in the larger ' ' r _ 5 though the venue is huge and the crowd room has been e\teirded grxiirg rt less iii a i £1 m m l 3 dressed-up. the music polte)‘ riianages to black hole l'eel and is also used lot " ' LI ' H' G’ .C' I' S' I stay the t'lL'lll side ol eredihle with L'ollleth mettls. 5 “4 M'Wl‘c” 5“'°°‘- 3‘” W)” resident iirs Michael Killtie. Scott '


Chrismlas & New Year Programme


Open Wednesday 24 December 1997 Closed Thursday 25th December Xmas Day Open Friday 26th December As Normal

Open Saturday 27th December As Normal

Open Sunday 28th December As Normal

New Year

Open Wednesday 31st Dec 1997 Hogmanay! Piper and live band “MAKOSSA”

Closed Thursday 1st January 1998 New Year’s Day

Open Friday 2nd January 1998 As Normal

Open Saturday 3rd January 1998 As Normal

Open Sunday 4th January 1998 As Normal


(Next door to Candid.) 0131 229 0469 10pm-4am Late Bar Open to All Please Come Early f

COMMISSION FUR PAt‘iar toirar UV :‘

84 THE [IN 19 Dec 1997 8 Jan 1998