l)_\'ct"s (‘lit\L'. (.(WVgilit‘. 225 3332. D, C

Capacity no

Entry on Saturdays H

h? l. ‘a' l. g! 5k.:\tnple,

i £3.l(). its


So good ll gets positively cold on a quiet night.

[CE The bar and the dance floor areas

have plenty ol tables and chairs. with alcoves in the liar area.

ti? 5.

iii Be cool. say the management.

A. zoo/t l.

The Attic lt\cs a double lite. It acts as one ot‘ the capital‘s most important live music venues. playing host to the indie/rock scene. but is also a club \enue. best known tor its retro-disco nights like l.e l‘reak (Saturday st and lilashliack (Fridays). lt underwent a lairly comprehensixe retit in early 1097 and its lacilitit s. particularly the hat and toilets. have been significantly upgraded. (ienerally a tutespot tor the slightly maturer cluhher \oineone perhaps more interested in a l‘un night out than a serious dance.

l l t l l l l


J, ".12. "H

l l Hastie‘s Close. ol'l‘Guthrie Street and the Cowgate. 225 7536.

Capacity 450.

Entry on Saturdays £5 (£4).

E? 2, ‘3. I. W ltik. Bowel-quaking.

i £|.8(). RU.

\ Hotter than hell on a busy night.

Plenty of tables and chairs are scattered around the raised her by the bars. The hallway doubles as a chillout area on busy nights.


it} Polite but firm. Random - and extremely thorough -~ searches are commonplace.

at) ~1‘Jti/5ilp.

La Belle houses a number of diverse nights. The most popular are Manga. monthly on Fridays. for the harder end of the drum ‘n‘ bass spectrum: Big Beat. also monthly on Fridays. for dance lloor

jazz; Hanky l’anky. fortnightly on

Saturdays. for shameless. student- orientated chart cheese. and Under Yer llat. monthly on Saturdays. for a topsy- turvy. mish mash ol'styles ranging from rock to techno. La Belle is never going to win any prizes for its decor (concrete floors and walls) but it deserves to he visited on the strength oi its commitment to music. It also promotes live music on a regular basis. CONiINUFD OVER PACE



wh e re ‘.’l T H E We are just opposite the suspension 3 I bridge, less than 2 minutes walk from T StEnoch tube] bus stations. 5 minutes H N O T E -

walk from Central Station

Tiaa l3th Note's new (2|an Is now opcst‘i at 260 Clyde street. and hosts some of the best local djs and clubs aver-y weekend. Admisslova is free before I lpcwa avwd a twaere 3 thereafter. Look out for :


taking in both floors of the l3th Note every Friday, this dj collective provide roots. reggae and dub sounds on the ground floor, with hip hop, beats and breaks & drum 8: bass in the basement

pee? Fir:

satu rd ays


Paul and Steven Watt take a floor each for their mixed grooves - combining soul, jazz. funk amd latin sounds.

first contact


the thirteenth note. 260 Clyde sreec. O l 4 l .22 I .04 l 4. open 8pm- 3am daily. admission free before I lp.m. £3 thereafter at weekends. (I admission to upstairs bar after I Ipm (sun-thttrs)


US/Euro Imports, UK-House, Garage, Swing, Soul,


Jungle, Techno, Hip-Hop, White labels/Promos, Mix Tapes, CD’s, Merchandise, Ticket Agent & Daily Deliveries.

Second Hand Records Bought and Sold Worldwide Mail Order Service Available All Specialist Orders Welcome

Open d> Mon - Sat 10.30 - 5.30 Thur 10.30 - 6.00


53 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 188 Tel: 0131 226 2242 Fax: 0131 220 5221

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