D, EL, F, MN, I, 1,12, R, 5, TH, w, BB

[4 New Street. 556 5204 (office); 558 7604 (club).

Capacity 340.

Entry on Saturdays £3435 (depending Ull L'VCliU.


9f 2k—5k. Different promoters hire in their own equipment.

‘9' t.

i No draught lager. bottles only.

if? £t.

4“ No. although there are air vents. lg Tables and chairs in the main room

and a few in the small bar area as you enter.


iii lintry determined by attitude only.

A No cloakroom.

The Bongo Club is a relatively new addition to Edinburgh‘s club scene. An intriguing wee place. it sits above the New Street bus depot. just off the High Street. halfway along towards The Venue. Up the narrow staircase. you'll find a small bar area tended by friendly. down to earth staff. To your right is the main space. often enlivened with drapes and projections. The set-up is fairly minimal but offers a relaxed. homely. bohemian feel. The music varies wildly. attracting a suitably diverse clientele. Worth a visit. especially for an alternative to the usual. glitzy ‘house' clubs.


D, F, HH, J, )2, 88, L, NS, Ra, R, 5, TH, W, H

Mansfield Place Church. corner of East London Street and Broughton Street. 557 8003.

Capacity 320.

Entry on Saturdays £6 (£5).

‘5’ l. 9.9 t.

9! 3k. Caters well the large main room. 3 £2. Ti? £t.

4* Effective,

g The main room is surrounded by a multitude of seating areas -~ alcoves at dance floor level. or the tables and chairs on the raised area. In the bar. it's mainly standing room only


iii The management say they only admit ‘civilrsed people'.

& 200+l50p.

Cafe Graffiti has been operating as a club and live music venue for about a year. gaining extensive popularity. The predominantly twenty/thirtysomething clientele flocks religiously to the venue for its laidback. friendly atmosphere. lts flagship night - Saturday‘s Lizzard Lounge -- is particularly successful. with its blend of live music and Dling which focuses on music with a soul. jazz. funk. hip hop and Latin edge. One of the most exciting club venues in town. with one drawback its early 2am close.


D, C

West Tollcross. 228 3252. Capacity 900.

Entry on Saturdays £5.

it? 2. 3! 8k. Decent sound.

3 £2.


7?? £1.30.

88 THE UST 19 Dec 1997 - 8 Jan 1998

K‘ Effective.

Ample seating areas around the dance floor.

r? 20.

iii Over 25s and smart dress (nojeans or trainers) at weekends. Students only on Wednesdays.

2\ 900+/5tip.

The Cavendish is best known for attracting a maturer clientele favouring retro pop over cutting-edge dance. Fridays and Saturdays in particular are best avoided if you fall into the latter category ofclubber. Shark. on Wednesdays. is a mecca for students who come in droves to sample its manic atmosphere and cheap drink prices.


Ga, D, H, T

23 Greenside Place. 556 9331. Capacity 300 in the club. 500 overall. Entry on Saturdays t-‘ree.

b? 2. 9.3 t.

W Pretty punchy for such a small space. i £2. if? u.

K Reasonable.

E3.) No seats downstairs (unless you count the podiums). Plenty up in the bar.

15? 2 up. 2 down. (5 200+/ 50p.

’1‘} Because this is a gay bar and club. the management aim to keep the straight element to a minimum to avoid offending their regular clientele.

C.C.'s is split between two floors. When you walk in from the street. you enter the bar area of this gay institution. Head downstairs and you'll discover a small. intimate club space playing a wide range of music. from camp disco to harder house. seven nights a week. The busiest nights apart from weekends are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

CENTURY 2000‘ '.

C, H

3| l.othian Road. 22‘) 7670. Capacity 1000.

Entry on Saturdays £6 (discounts available).


3: ‘Size isn't -.mportant.' say the management. (it is when you're

small'i. ll? £1.30

i £2.20. Cotttl‘uter-run (‘otrifot'table


s.“ lots of places to stt spread met three levels. including the balcony area overlooking the dance lloot

r5? 0 (R

Id} ()vet' lfs's only. Dress is srtratt casual only no trainers or ripped denims. \N'cdncsday 's student night is more t'clased.

» (stun/Slip.

Century is a classic esample of a city centre ‘discotheque'. popular w ith a more mainstream crowd. Students are well catered for with Hort/ontal on Wednesdays offering the usual cheap booze. Century has also hosted occasional one-offclub events with guests like Tony l)e Vrt and .-\llistatt' Whitehead. although these seem to be rare. The venue runs a free membership scheme. currently with over 7000 members.


I, E, EL, C

40—42 Grindlay Street. ()2). 7086 Capacity 400.

Entry on Saturdays £4.

L? t 9.9 I. 3i 3k. 7 £2. fi?‘)0p.

T‘ A distinct lack. Can get rather sweaty.

Seating areas in the bar. around the


dance floor and on the strtall stage. 8 3.

Pl ‘No dress restrictions. no drunks.’ say the management.

A 300+I50p.

The Citrus Club is small. friendly and hugely popular. particularly with its loyal. student-based crowd. The main nights are 'l‘easage (Saturdays) for its indie. Planet Earth (Fridays) for its 80s retro and Girl Meets Boy (Wednesdaysl for its cheesy listening. A few years ago. The Citrus gained a reputation as one of Edinburgh's most important ‘house' club venues. but sadly for dance fans -— those days are long gone.


I, H, 88, NH

233 Cowgztte. 225 “8“.

Capacity 450.

Entry on Saturdays Lit L‘s (depending on event).

\9 s

‘3. a

3: 4k in the main area downstairs. 2k

upstairs. Ti? £1.25.

i £2.10. Yes downstairs. no upstairs. @ Plenty of places to park your bunt downstairs and a few tables in the upstairs room.


('5 2tl()+/£l (2 Items per lranget'l

lg fight but polite. No specific dress restrictions.

The (iallery has struggled slightly to establish itself on the capital's club scene. although its fortunes appear to be picking tip - particularly on the student scene. lts best nights include Madcliester tfortmghtly l-ridaysl. a perentally popular night of baggy Mane classics. atrd Vibrant (fortnightly Saturdays). a new progressive house affair featuring l)ls from Zoology. The Tunnel and Sublime.


S, F, 12, HH, 1, H, G

36 Blair Street. 330 418 l.

Capacity 400.

Entry on Saturdays L's £10 tdqiending Ull t‘\ CH”.

3J- l2k lit the maitr room constantly betttg upgraded and one of the best ttt l‘Idinburgh. Hack room reasoiurbly

well served. Ti? £ | .30.

i £3.40.

K Good in the back room. excellent towards the front of the main toottt. Poor to positively awful in the main bar area.

“a Comfortable seating in the lounge area of the second bar and in the rear passageway between the two dance floors. Some promoters put estra seating tn the back room. Bar stools tn the main bar area

if? 5, iii "Tight but fair.’ say the management.

Generally friendly and efficient door staff.

A sow/50p.

The Honeycomb is rightfully regarded as Edinburgh's premier club space. Purpose- built two years ago. it boasts strong interior design and strong club trtghts. Dip down the entrance stairs and discover the tnain bar. carved in the shape of a musical note. To the left. past the steps to